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Need Help Identifying This Uniform

dawnan 1 | 2
15 Aug 2016 #1
I have been stuck on this uniform for years.I have looked through military uniform books and online, but haven't seen another uniform like this. The man seated was my great-great grandfather. This photo was taken around 1904-1905. For starters, this uniform doesn't have the zig-zag trim on the collar that I have seen in so many photos of Polish military men. Is it even a Polish uniform? He was from the Russian occupied area of Poland. I also find it interesting that he is holding the jacket closed as though it doesn't fit. If that's the case, that tells me that he was no longer in the military when the photo was taken. In looking at everyone in the photo, it looks to me as though they had means.

Any help is appreciated. I hate assuming everything.

Veles - | 164
15 Aug 2016 #2
On a question whether it is a Polish uniform or not, you have answered yourself - Russia occupied Poland. If there is no Polish army, there is no Polish uniform.
OP dawnan 1 | 2
15 Aug 2016 #3
It doesn't look like any Russian military uniform either, hence the question.
gregy741 4 | 1,204
15 Aug 2016 #4
isnt tis 19 century russian cape? smthing like this top left here:
Veles - | 164
15 Aug 2016 #5
It doesn't look like any Russian military uniform either,

Why not? By the way, are you 100% sure it is military uniform?
TheOther 5 | 3,762
15 Aug 2016 #6
are you 100% sure it is military uniform?

Funny that you mention that. My first thought was that the image depicts a postman.
OP dawnan 1 | 2
15 Aug 2016 #7
Veles--No, I am NOT certain it is a military uniform. I was told he HAD been in the military, but I was also told that we come from French Royalty, and that one of my great greats was a farrier for a Czar. I have yet to prove any of these things. That's why I posted it on this site.
Veles - | 164
16 Aug 2016 #8
I was told he HAD been in the military

Back then every man was in a military - good old times.
Bartkowiak 5 | 114
22 Sep 2016 #9
Merged: What uniform is he wearing?

What uniform is he wearing?

Veles - | 164
24 Nov 2016 #10
I'd be guessing this man wears a uniform of the Border Protection Corps (Korpus Ochrony Pogranicza). Are you able to say in which year this photo was taken?
jhnzg - | 1
4 Mar 2018 #11

What period is this uniform?

I have a relative in what is supposed to be a Polish military uniform. Can anyone determine what period it's from? My assumption is WWI or WWII. Also, is he a soldier or an officer? The image is the front of a postcard. The back includes what I think is his name, but it's not the name we associate with this relative. Can anyone translate it into English?

Ironside 49 | 10,678
4 Mar 2018 #12
Dude it is in English.
Above that there is Motszy which could be a surname - unlike but possible as it would be a very strange and unique surname. It could be badly spelled mlodszy i.e younger, junior.

so it could read:
Younger Wladyslaw ( a name read like Vladislav) or Wladislaw Junior.
His uniform it is uniform the Polish Army dating 1918-1922. Cavalry uniform of an officer (but the last one is a guess, an educated guess)
TheOther 5 | 3,762
7 Mar 2018 #13
My assumption is WWI

Assume again... :)
jolexy - | 1
1 Feb 2019 #14

Military Uniform

Hi -

Found this photo in an old family album and am hoping someone can help confirm it is a Polish military uniform, when this uniform would've been worn and any details about the markings/lines on the collar of the uniform.

Would appreciate any help.

pawian 175 | 13,553
25 May 2019 #15
any details

Those markings suggest the uniform of interwar period: 1918-1939.

See it here:

Particular kinds of troops had different markings, e,.g, artillery used green. The markings in the picture are darker than the uniform, so we can presume they are black, it may suggest sappers, among others.

Ironside 49 | 10,678
26 May 2019 #16
it is a Polish military uniform,

It is - standard 1920-1936.

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