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Would Russians try to kill my family in 1944-1945 when they came to Poland?

27 Aug 2015 #1
I am curious as to what happened, sometime in-between '44 and '45, my family relocated (from Galicia) to German-occupied Poland. When the Russians came, they shot my grandfather's brother in the foot: they tried killing my other family members as-well.

Why did my family relocate and why did the Russians try to kill them? Volksdeutsche perhaps?
28 Aug 2015 #2
Not enough information. Were they really Volksdeutche? Ethnicity? Social class? Were they in the anti-Soviet/anti-Nazi resistance? Many members of the Polish resistance were killed or imprisoned by the Soviets.

Robberies and rapes by the Soviets were also not uncommon. Could be a result of robbery or rape gone wrong - a father defends his daughter from a Red army rapist and gets killed.

Your family was probably from the territories of pre-war Poland that are now in Ukraine. They were resettled or fled.
jon357 72 | 20,989
28 Aug 2015 #3
Golden is right. Were they just resistant to the Soviets, perhaps refusing to go along with the Russians' demands; were they hostile in other ways? It was a very brutal time.

We would need a lot more information, however as I say, a very difficult time.
28 Aug 2015 #4
They were ethnically Belarusian.
Alien 18 | 4,058
8 Jun 2023 #5
ethnically Belarusian.

That certainly wasn't why they shot your grandfather's brother in the foot. Most likely they were just drunk, maybe they also wanted to rob them. They behaved no differently in Butscha last year.

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