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Would Russians try to kill my family in 1944-1945 when they came to Poland?

27 Aug 2015 #1
I am curious as to what happened, sometime in-between '44 and '45, my family relocated (from Galicia) to German-occupied Poland. When the Russians came, they shot my grandfather's brother in the foot: they tried killing my other family members as-well.

Why did my family relocate and why did the Russians try to kill them? Volksdeutsche perhaps?
28 Aug 2015 #2
Not enough information. Were they really Volksdeutche? Ethnicity? Social class? Were they in the anti-Soviet/anti-Nazi resistance? Many members of the Polish resistance were killed or imprisoned by the Soviets.

Robberies and rapes by the Soviets were also not uncommon. Could be a result of robbery or rape gone wrong - a father defends his daughter from a Red army rapist and gets killed.

Your family was probably from the territories of pre-war Poland that are now in Ukraine. They were resettled or fled.
jon357 67 | 16,836
28 Aug 2015 #3
Golden is right. Were they just resistant to the Soviets, perhaps refusing to go along with the Russians' demands; were they hostile in other ways? It was a very brutal time.

We would need a lot more information, however as I say, a very difficult time.
28 Aug 2015 #4
They were ethnically Belarusian.

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