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Will corona kill my plans? Travel to Poland

23 Apr 2020 #1
Hey there - I hope you all are well and healthy! I have a trip planned for later this year, late September into early Octpber. I'm planning to travel to France & Poland, from the US. What are we thinking? Should I start thinking of canceling this trip? Or still too early to panic? I'm not normally indecisive, but hoping for a consensus opinion to help make my decision. I really, really want to take this trip. Thanks for your help!
23 Apr 2020 #2
Should I start thinking of canceling this trip?

Yes. It's highly unlikely such a trip would be possible.
24 Apr 2020 #3
As Jon says, better to cancel. There's no way of knowing what the situation will be in September. Even if restrictions are lifted, they can be reimposed again at any time if the virus starts to spread again. You might make it to Poland but it won't be much fun if everything is closed and you're stuck in a hotel in quarantine. If you're coming to Europe from America, that's a trip of a lifetime for many and you want to enjoy it. Better to move your trip to next year.
24 Apr 2020 #4
Actually, in my book, countries like Poland (like my own country in its current form that develop) are now more attractive then countries with seas solely. Poland`s mountains are full of negative ions that rising level of body immunity what is very important in time of Corona.
25 Apr 2020 #5
The peak of the first wave is most likely to be in the middle of the summer in Poland, probably late June time
26 Apr 2020 #6
Actually, in most of Europe.
26 Apr 2020 #7
The peak of the first wave is most likely to be in the middle of the summer in Poland

Really, Mr/Ms 'Real' Pole?? You don't seem to follow the Polish news. According to the Minister for Health, Szumowski, speaking yesterday, the peak will be in the Autumn anytime between September and November. Of course he's talking rubbish as usual, but it's official rubbish. Were did you get your information from?
30 Apr 2020 #8
Those of you who stuck abroad, or need travel to Poland, check this out:


Due to the continuing coronavirus crisis, Lufthansa must still cancel an increased amount of flights.

Search timetable - contains all flights until 31 May.

Cargo pants
1 May 2020 #9
I also read that but seems its not true.The ACW sent me this
LOT Polish Airlines has advised the Embassy that they will run one more charter flight from Warsaw to Chicago on Sunday, May 3,at 4:40PM. This flight is confirmed and may be your last option for a direct flight from Poland to the United States before commercial flights resume. Tickets for this flight will be booked directly with LOT. If you would like to purchase a ticket for this flight, please fill out this form for EACH traveler (including small children). This is a new form specifically for this flight. Please fill out the form, even if you have previously filled out a different form, and ensure that all information is entered correctly, especially your contact information. By providing this information to us, you consent to our providing it to LOT Airlines for the purpose of facilitating your return to the United States. The Embassy will confirm your eligibility and forward your information to LOT. LOT will contact you by phone or e-mail to book your ticket. You must diligently monitor both your incoming calls and e-mail messages in order to book a seat on this flight. The airline may call at any time, including early morning or late evening, in order to arrange booking. This is not a U.S. government operated or funded flight. Availability and cancellations are controlled by LOT. At this time, the United States government has no plans to charter an evacuation flight out of Poland.

Looking at Warsaw Airport website Arrivals/Departures,they are still operating.In fact they had a flight from Chicago and one going back this afternoon.
1 May 2020 #10
Just booked a group flight round trip for 23 people on LOT for end of July and first week of August. Don't buy into the paranoia about travel. Poland will be open, and it is pretty easy to see its one of the safest places to travel to. Once the election is over, probably on John Paul II birthday May 17, another miracle will happen and everything will be declared safe. (insert eyes rolling here)
Cargo pants
1 May 2020 #11
I even plan to stay here longer until it clears in States.Wife sending me parcels of things I need,hopefully getting one today or Monday.

What I am upset is that 2nd quarter property taxes over there are due as usual 1st of May with 11 day extension without interest like the past and some towns websites dont accept payments from out of country.Freaking CRIMINALS.
1 May 2020 #12
it is pretty easy to see its one of the safest places to travel to

The figures being released for infection here are not believed to be accurate PolAm. Who knows what the true rate of infection is. But they will have to ease off a bit on the border restrictions at some point.
1 May 2020 #13
@Cargo pants
Can't you just transfer money?
What does she have to send you?
Cargo pants
1 May 2020 #14
Can't you just transfer money?

I never thought of that,I will call them and ask,but for now I told wife to sign my signature and mail the checks

What does she have to send you?

Food usually:) like Dinty moore beef stew(I dont buy beef in Poland),Bacon,Jimmy dean sausage links,Splenda packets,Pasteurized processed cheddar cheese,Nyquil,Jamaican beef patties,twinkies etc and this time my running shoes as I forgot mine in Warsaw.LOL it reminds of the times when she use to send packages in 90s to her relatives here except now its not branded clothes.
2 May 2020 #15
@Cargo pants
Get some fresh food - will do you more good.
Cargo pants
2 May 2020 #16
Oh! I didnt know that:) Thank you for the advice,I will do that.
2 May 2020 #17
Oh! I didnt know that:)

Yeah, lay off that Indian food.... it will leave more for me...... ;-)

Back to the topic, please
4 May 2020 #18
Who said no homor in polishforums? "Poland`s mountains are full of negative ions".... .

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