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Poland must get back Lwow, Wilno and Brest back

Vlad1234 16 | 757
20 Jul 2020 #241
That state never existed as state of Ukrainian people or nation.

It depends on what to understand under "state of Ukraine". If it is some state with capital city or center of power in Kiev, it already happened in the past. Kiev was a center of power in 10-14-th centuries until Lithuanians captured it. It was a center of power again for a few years or decades in 17-th century after anti-Polish uprising. There were attempts to proclaim independent Ukraine in 1918 with capital in Kiev. During times of USSR Ukraine was officially a REPUBLIC with constitutional right to separate and proclaim independence at will.
Vlad1234 16 | 757
20 Jul 2020 #242
"All this led to the October Revolution in Petrograd, which quickly spread all over the empire. The Kiev Uprising in November 1917 led to the defeat of Russian imperial forces in the capital. Soon after, the Central Rada took power in Kiev, while in late December 1917 the Bolsheviks set up a rival Ukrainian republic in the eastern city of Kharkov (Ukrainian: Kharkiv) - initially also called the "Ukrainian People's Republic".[1] Hostilities against the Central Rada government in Kiev began immediately. Under these circumstances, the Rada declared Ukrainian independence on January 22, 1918 and broke ties with Russia."
Vlad1234 16 | 757
20 Jul 2020 #243
882 CE Capital of Kyivan Rus' relocates to Kyiv from Novgorod.
Vlad1234 16 | 757
20 Jul 2020 #244

No copy-paste.
call1n 2 | 138
20 Jul 2020 #245
Not a troll. I really believe in Ukraine, Poland and Lithuania being the center of Europe. Jeffery Epstein, Anthony Weiner, Harvey Wienstien = Your friends, the Jews.

They are all connected to the British Royalty. They completely misrepresenting the European. It is no secret to me, that the German royalty are in hiding and that the EU is planning to be a pan Germanic State. There is no difference Nazi Germany = British Empire.

For the record I am referring to the Ukrainian Genocide being done by a Jewish majority in the communist party of Russia. The 1932-1933 famine.

Leon Trotsky = Michael Bronstien from the Bronx, NY. The early day communist were all Jews. It is no secret that they were the main perpetrators of the Ukrainian genocide.
Mr Grunwald 30 | 2,001
20 Jul 2020 #246
1. You seem to not have a clue how the British monarchy works, if you did... You wouldn't care much of their connections.

2. Every state tries to increase it's importance and influence, thinking that Germany is alone in this and the largest threat is pure folly

3. What does the genocide have to do with the topic at hand?
call1n 2 | 138
21 Jul 2020 #247
Our heritage is our hate.
Poland should get together with Lithuania as a new Lithuanian Polish Commonwealth and that should get together with a polanified Ukraine.
German and UK are both ROTTEN. USSR also has a dark past and they are lying in so many ways (JEWS), but what Pan Germanism will say is even worse than communism.
Vlad1234 16 | 757
21 Jul 2020 #248
a polanified Ukraine

How it will happen? Do you have any plan?
call1n 2 | 138
21 Jul 2020 #249
I am just going to keep posting on Polish Forums. If Poland recognizes the Ukrainian genocide being Jewish it is a start. The trick is not to support the EU or Germany as well.
21 Jul 2020 #250
Poland can import "white flight" Swedes and host them in Eastern Poland.
dolnoslask 6 | 3,085
21 Jul 2020 #251
Swedes are of no use to Poland , they have too many expectations and would wish to alter their host nation to be like the cesspit that they came from , just like the Brits come to think of it .

But anyway back on topic , if there were reparations or land to be given back to my family I would refuse it for sure.

Poland and I personally are better off with Wroclaw and Dolnoslask, I once watched a Ukrainian video of where my father came from , It's Banoj Banjo land now that's for sure.
pawian 176 | 15,323
21 Jul 2020 #252
Poland can import "white flight" Swedes and host them in Eastern Poland.

No, thanks, Poles already did it in the past, with catastrophic effects for Poland, similar to WW2 effect.
call1n 2 | 138
21 Jul 2020 #253
Poland can import "white flight" Swedes and host them in Eastern Poland.

I think Poland, Lithuania, and Sweden should go into the middle east and attempt to repair what this faggot insult to the anglo-saxon, Bush, and Blair and their terrorist attack on America on September 11, 2001.

It reminds me, donars oak tree.
Tell me, has Poland lost its sense of belief in Oak Trees, or has parochial education completely taken over?
Mr Grunwald 30 | 2,001
22 Jul 2020 #254
You seem pretty obsessed with people that has semitic heritage, if I didn't know any better I would be under the impression that you need it to explain some tough situation you are going through instead of dealing with it.
call1n 2 | 138
22 Jul 2020 #255
semitic heritage

Cutting down someones sacred tree in the name that you are right and they are wrong has the same connotation as circumcision.
Moses ended circumcision and his people were freed from Egypt to go live in the wilderness.
Jesus could not have been born into perfection if he had to be circumcised by the Jews who defiled Moses.
You just tell me why cutting down sacred Oak trees in Poland is a necessity for salvation but circumcision is indifferent.

If you can answer that, I will tell you what Polish really means. It has nothing to do with artificial boundaries. Our heritage is our hate, and our race is our nation.
dolnoslask 6 | 3,085
22 Jul 2020 #256
Our heritage is our hate

Quite the opposite young man , its all about our struggle for survival and the very survival our identity as a Polish people, it was a struggle to even keep our language alive at one time.
Crow 146 | 9,292
22 Jul 2020 #257
It will go to Poland. Guaranted. Things develop nicely against Germany and satelites like banderists and uatashe.

Angela and Ursula are so crazy. Pray Poles for their good health.
call1n 2 | 138
29 Jul 2020 #258
Pray Poles for their good health.

Things are going to get very crazy very soon.
Crow 146 | 9,292
29 Jul 2020 #259
You heard that EU preparing ultimatum to my country? I say its alright. Why pretend? We know what is EU. A thing very far from normalcy. And we know how finished Austro-Hungarian ultimatum to my country. Parallelism is obvious.

Now, when THEY move, Poland should enter tripartite talks with Ukrainians and Russians about real borders of Ukrainian ethnic state and all the rest goes to Poland and Russia. And then make sure that Germany don`t have influence even in Ukraine.

And people! Hey people! I hope you people don`t have all your money savings in eurs. You can`t be that moronic.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,714
29 Jul 2020 #260
Yeah that's a pretty ****** thing Crow. It's too bad though that Serbia didn't take care of the Kosovo problem right away when they had the chance.
Crow 146 | 9,292
30 Jul 2020 #261
Many interests in working here. Battle lost does not mean lost war. True nature of EU is already exposed and fall is inevitable.
Mr Grunwald 30 | 2,001
31 Jul 2020 #262
Sacred tree? Dęb?
You a pagan or something? Trees are meant to give us fruits, not religion...

Also, hate leads one a downward spiral. Only those who can't handle love, harden their hearts as to not be "manipulated" or influenced by feelings. Either one owns or others.

But without feelings, you won't be able to communicate with your body. Which only ruins you, drop by drop until you have such a hole in yourself that only unquestionable love can heal it
call1n 2 | 138
31 Jul 2020 #263
You a pagan or something? Trees are meant to give us fruits, not religion...

There are two trees. Some say one is love and one is hate.
Oak trees are not considered sacred by the Polish anymore?
You have had up to your neck in parochial education.
You call that love, and the other one hate?
Mr Grunwald 30 | 2,001
31 Jul 2020 #264
Religion is for love&faith (which is why Poland is mostly catholic) and a safe haven from political persecution (love)

The hatred part is more governed by the state, but It's more about violence, Not hatred.

And when nature hates Poland, then Poland has floods ;)

Thankfully Poland doesn't have much of natural disasters.

Nature is considered as gift from God, in which mankind is tasked with preserving. So in a way it is sacred, but never more sacred then the one brought us all this gift
call1n 2 | 138
31 Jul 2020 #265
So in a way it is sacred, but never more sacred then the one brought us all this gift

Our heritage is our hate
our race is our nation
pride is our loyalty
our honor is our truth

Back to the topic:
Why get so flustered over material boundaries?
If you know the truth about the sacred tree...
How can you forget?
Vlad1234 16 | 757
5 Sep 2020 #266
pawian 176 | 15,323
5 Sep 2020 #267
Our heritage is our hate

What is it? SS motto?

Jarosław "Rzeszów

And? What is your opinion about them coz you wrote nothing else.

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