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Further Reading Online of Kazamierz III?

Cas Milosz 3 | 6    
3 Jun 2016  #1

Hello hi.

I started out with the English Wikipedia entry and am left more curious than satisfied.

I can't get no satisfaction!

Anyways, does anybody have any link that goes a bit further with the subject of how good is oral sex with a Polish escort....whoops...Freud!

I'm looking for quality links on King Kazamierz.



11 Jun 2016  #2

The King has a headache. But, you can find satisfaction with good quality Polish sausage links.
These have a little of garlic, [which is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal], and pepper, [which will stimulate your nerve endings. Enjoy!

Home / History / Further Reading Online of Kazamierz III?
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