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Language students in Reading, UK, any groups/classes I can join? Set a group up?

Tinga 1 | 1
13 Mar 2014 #1
Hi all, I'm a native English speaker who has been studying Polish for over two years. I recently moved to Reading from further north and have struggled to find many Polish people or Polish-speaking people to meet with. I would love to join some sort of group or group classes to continue my studies as I am slowly losing my ability to speak Polish! Does anybody know anywhere I can go, or is anyone interested in holding classes or meetings? We could teach each other our native languages (I know there are a few non-English Polish speakers in the area). It seems a shame as I made so many Polish friends in the north, and now I'm finding it hard to converse with anyone.

InWroclaw 89 | 1,914
13 Mar 2014 #2
Does anybody know anywhere I can go

Yes, Slough. It's about 30 mins away by car.

Perhaps also try:
15 Mar 2014 #3
Polish Social Club
81 London Road
RG1 5BY Reading
0118 958 2288
17 Feb 2022 #4

Polish lessons in Reading, UK

Hi does anyone know if there is anywhere I can take Polish lessons in Reading or nearby?
Lyzko 42 | 9,083
17 Feb 2022 #5
Actually, a friend of ours who plans on visiting Warsaw
over the next several months or so, swears by Duo lingua!
Alien 19 | 3,747
18 Feb 2022 #6
Krakow go to Dyrdymałki, you will become lesson in reading and writing for free.😀🤭
18 Feb 2022 #7
I also love Duolingo. I have reached about a B2 level in Polish, and it's mostly just from using Duo every day.

I also do weekly conversions online via Preply. I can send a referral link if you want a discount to try a lesson on there. There are quite a few Polish Language tutors on that platform.
Lyzko 42 | 9,083
18 Feb 2022 #8
Indeed there are, BuckeyeInPoland, indeed there are!
Reading knowledge of any language is to my mind the third phase in the traditional four-skill process: listening, speaking, READING, and writing:-)

As I suggested to the person who originated the current thread, joining a beginner's book club, either virtual or face-to-face, can also be a valuable tool in acquiring reading knowledge in the target language.

Home / UK, Ireland / Language students in Reading, UK, any groups/classes I can join? Set a group up?
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