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Polish language classes in Chicago or surrounding area?

2 Dec 2006 #1
Does anyone know where I can find Polish language classes in the Chicago burbs or in Chicago itself???
2 Dec 2006 #2 - The School of General Anders; you'll find a phone on the website.
OP brandy919r
2 Dec 2006 #3
thanks, but I can't read a word of it. I need to know if they teach adults, when, etc. Can I email them in English and get a response?
2 Dec 2006 #4
6723 West Devon Ave.
Chicago, IL 60631

Dyrektor Szkoły - Wanda Penar
tel. 847-298-7349

Prezeska - Maria Ciastoń
tel. 847-823-1291


If they teach Polish in Chicago, I assume they understand English and can talk in English. I don't work there so I don't know what they offer, but they surely teach foreigners the Polish language and should be able to answer your questions.
OP brandy919r
3 Dec 2006 #5
Dec 3, 06 [11:26] - Attached on merging:
Polish classes in Elgin, Il

Does anyone have info on Saturday Polish classes in Elgin, Il or surrounding area?????
Kochana_Babcia 2 | 70
6 Dec 2006 #6
At one time Northern University in DeKalb had Polish classes. Elgin is not that far away from DeKalb. You can check out the university website and see if they still offer Polish classes.
12 Dec 2006 #7
Hi, do you know where I can take Polish classes in Chicago?

Yes, you are right. I opened the page but I can understand some words only. I guess they should speak English, too, right?

I have just called them and they don't have bilingual classes, only Polish.
16 Dec 2006 #8
do you know of polski classes in the miami area?
1 Jan 2007 #9
Does anyone know where I can find Polish language classes in the Chicago burbs or in Chicago itself???

Hey brandy919r,

If you are looking for Polish classes in the Chicago burbs, try College of Dupage in Glen Ellyn. Here is a link to their course catalogue:

Hope that helps!

:) Czarli
4 Feb 2007 #10
I also live in Elgin and would be interested in taking some classes. If you hear of anything please let me know.

Elgin IL

I do believe there are some classes held on Saturday somewhere in Palatine.

19 Feb 2007 #11
In Schaumburg, the Czeslaw Milosz school (taught at the high school) has adult Polish classes:

www (dot)

(847) 969 1825
basiaa 3 | 13
24 Sep 2007 #12
Topic attached on merging:
Chicago Polish Classes?

Does anyone know of any Polish language classes given in the Chicago area that I could check out?
sledz 23 | 2,250
25 Sep 2007 #13
Belmont at Long

Go into the dance studio on the corner, they teach Polish
27 Sep 2007 #14
Lyons Township High School offers it in their adult evening education program. Moraine Valley Community College also offers it in their non-credit program.
basiaa 3 | 13
2 Oct 2007 #15
i'll check it out.
thank you!
Nowy Sacz
1 Jan 2008 #16
Basia: There are many Polish Language Schools in the metro Chicago area....You just need to indicate whether you are looking for schools for adults, teens, or children. I suspect you are looking for adult classes....I have friends who teach Polish at Lyons Township HS and Wright College. There is much mor information I can sent to anyone interested.

Dr. C
7 Jan 2008 #17
Just to let you know....this is from experience. I live near Elgin.
Palatine offers bilingual classes. They are pretty good because it is a well established school that has been around for decades. They meet at Palatine High School. Schaumburg/Milosz advertise that they offer bilingual but they do not. There is a school in Wauconda I believe they offer bilingual. The schools are very hard to find because not many kids/people enroll. Other than that, not many places offer the bilingual. There is a program in Lincoln Park/Lakeview called Discovery Center that offers Beginning Polish. Wright College would probably be best for adults.

As far as Dekalb, my sister lives in Dekalb and the polish program there closed down because of lack of enrollment.
Sub30 - | 1
10 Mar 2008 #18
Thread attached on merging:

Hi I would like to know if anyone has any information of adult polish classes in the chicago land area. I have heard that lynos township offers classes and would like some info on that also, a phone number to contact someone or anything of that matter
grethomory 1 | 155
17 Jul 2008 #19
Hi my friends,

I as well want to take Polish classes. I live off of Austin and Belmont. Does anyone know where I could take them? I made a deal with my Polish buddy...he is going to take classes to speak better English and I figured since I am around Polish guys and girls all the time, I would take Polish classes.

Any help would be appreciated.

26 Sep 2008 #20
This link should be helpful...
It's an index of Polish schools in Chicago and surrounding areas:
chitown777 - | 2
13 Jan 2009 #21
FYI - I just found out that Oakton Community College has Polish I and Polish II classes, and they're starting soon! (

^^ I just signed up for the class. If you live in-district (which I do) then it is only $84/credit hour = $336. Not bad for a college level foreign language class.
17 Apr 2009 #22
Hi! If anybody of you is still looking for Polish classes I would be happy to help! I'm Polish native with MA in teaching foreign languages and many years of experience! I teach in person or online (even better), individuals and groups and live in Chicago area (northwest suburbs). Professional, effective, all materials included, very competitive prices!

The first online trial lesson is FREE!!!

Please, visit my website: or contact me for more info!
4 May 2009 #23
How much time (hours) one needs to put to learn conversational Polish? I dont know any other european language other than English.
plk123 8 | 4,142
4 May 2009 #24
How much time (hours) one needs to put to learn conversational Polish?

4 May 2009 #25
How much time (hours) one needs to put to learn conversational Polish?


:) That's encouraging. anyways I am going to start...
6 May 2009 #26
does any one know if is any classes in Des Plaines area?

grethomory 1 | 155
14 May 2009 #27
They teach Polish Classes at Wright College right off of Nagle and Montrose. I am thinking about taking some of them.
northrop 1 | 30
14 May 2009 #28
a seriously admire all people who try to learn polish. i probably couldn't do it.
kksunil 1 | 33
16 May 2009 #29
Yes northrop - for last 2 weeks i am just learning the pronunciations of the alphabets ... i get so much tired in the process - it is very stressful... it is so so so difficult...
31 May 2009 #30
Hi :) if somebody wants to learn Polish. I recommend the website where you can get lesson with native speaker from Poland. There is offer in very, very good price. It is about 10 EUR for 1 lesson. So, it is not expensive. I checked and I recommend :):) it is

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