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Polish language classes in Chicago or surrounding area?

7 Jul 2009 #31
Does anyone know of any classes in the Woodridge/ Downers Grove/ Westmont area?
8 Feb 2010 #32
I believe they offer them as non-credit classes at College of Dupage in Glen Ellyn. Look on their website under classes for non-credit enrollment.
iwonaiwona - | 1
19 Jun 2010 #33
I recommend Oakton College (Des Plaines) - know personally the teacher and she is great! They offer Polish 101 and Polish 102 this Fall, I believe, but they may be some advanced courses opened, too.

Another option am I :D
I teach at Lewis University (in the Fall we offer First Year Polish 1 and 2, and Polish for native speakers - those who need to work on their reading/writing/grammar skills)

I also organize private classes; effective, concrete, and fun!! Mostly privately but I love groups, too - if I only have enough people to organize that. Designed towards what you really need and are interested in:)

Contact me if interested:
7 Jul 2011 #34
Since it's been quite a while since a response on this thread:

I am looking for Polish courses hopefully starting Fall 2011 (Mid-End of August)

I found courses at Moraine Valley and Oakton, however, those are offered Monday and Tuesday nights and I need something on Thursday (or a weekend)!

I am looking for ANYWHERE in the Chicago area that offers classes, but I know I would not do well with an online course. I have looked at some of the other colleges listed in this thread with no luck - perhaps they are no longer offering classes due to low enrollment or just don't have any this fall semester.

Any help would be much appreciated!
Polish Tutor - | 80
7 Jul 2011 #35
I can help you with your Polish. If you are interested just email me for more details:
12 Jul 2011 #36
Hey, I could help you out with Polish language as well. I am a native speaker, living in Naperville area. If you are interested you can contact me via e-mail : eva.pol21@gmail
29 Jul 2011 #37

Hi, How did you find those courses at Morraine Valley? Can you possibly post a link? I've been searching through their website and can't find anything. Thanks.
olka11 1 | 3
3 Aug 2011 #38
[Moved from]: Teaching Polish language in Chicago

Does anyone know where can I find a job as a teacher of polish language in Chicago?
pgtx 30 | 3,156
3 Aug 2011 #39
job as a teacher of Polish language

let's start from using capital letters...shall we...
iza5750 - | 1
28 Nov 2011 #40
Looking for Polish lessons for a teen in the South Suburbs? Does anyone know who to contact?
17 Jan 2012 #41
Hello, everyone :) I'm very friendly Polish boy. I'am native speaker and I completed Polish University... I would like improve my English (especially my pronunciation). We can help each other. In exchange I can give you regular Polish lesson via Skype (for free of course). If you are intrested contact with me:
7 Sep 2012 #42
Are you still teaching Polish?
11 Oct 2014 #43
Moraine Valley College in Palos Hills, Illinois has evening courses in Polish.
30 Apr 2021 #44
Hi, you can try calling the Justice/Bridgeview school districts. There is a large polish community and one of the languages always needed for para-professionals is Polish - the other is Arabic. Indian Springs school District number is (708) 496-8700

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