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Polish military uniforms - collar markings

G (undercover)
17 Apr 2018 #31
looks like narrow cording on a black collar?

He's a private, most likely a drafted soldier. The cording - that's what everyone had back then. There were 2 (infantry & cavalry) military regiments in Włocławek before WW2.
moshedelstein - | 3
17 Dec 2020 #33
Hi all, looking for some help in identifying the position and rank of my grandfather who appears to have served in the polish army sometime after ww1. Thanks!

pawian 176 | 14,299
18 Dec 2020 #34
He looks like an uhlan from 1930s. Check this site:
Ironside 50 | 10,933
18 Dec 2020 #35
and rank of my grandfather

Hard to see anything on that picture. Not much about his position. His rank is somewhat tricky to guess.
I would say - second lieutenant.
Ironside 50 | 10,933
19 Dec 2020 #36
second lieutenant.

or a private.
moshedelstein - | 3
19 Dec 2020 #37
Thank you pawian and Ironside! You definitely helped.

I would say - second lieutenant

I wonder what makes you guess that.

Hopefully the following question doesn't deviate from the topic of the forum: Would you know if there's a central archive in Poland where you can find a list of recruits from that period?
Ironside 50 | 10,933
19 Dec 2020 #38
I wonder what makes you guess that.

Makings on a collar were different for officers, That would mean he was an officer. On the other hand there is no/or is not visible/ indication of his rank on his hat. (there should be two, on a shoulder board/each arm/ and one on a hat) I just don't remember if that ( insignia on a hat)was the requirement for the time period.

You see that photograph is not of the highest quality.
So, IF I'm right about the collar, IF we disregard his hat. Plus there is something barley visible on his shoulder board, It could be a single star (an indication of a rank) or it could be a number of his regiment. So many IFs.

On the other hand if we disregard his collar markings (maybe I don't remember correctly which is which)- he was a private..
Hence I said it was a guess.
moshedelstein - | 3
20 Dec 2020 #39
Thank you. I do appreciate your response.

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