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Pawloski - Polish military genealogy information needed

jxing 1 | -
3 Feb 2017 #1
Hi, i am trying to find out more information regarding the military picture that I have attached. I'd like to know what year, war, military service, etc.

It says it is my great great grandfather, Wincenty Pawloski. All I know is he was born in Poland in 1862 and he immigrated to New Castle Pennsylvania around the late 1890s. I appreciate any information you can provide.

TheOther 6 | 3,692
3 Feb 2017 #2
Is it this Vincenty Pawloski?

You might be able to find additional information about him (i.e., exact birth date and place) at

Just create a free account and see what they come up with.

Ship's manifests of early immigrant ships may be found at

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