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Pawloski - Polish military genealogy information needed

3 Feb 2017 #1
Hi, i am trying to find out more information regarding the military picture that I have attached. I'd like to know what year, war, military service, etc.

It says it is my great great grandfather, Wincenty Pawloski. All I know is he was born in Poland in 1862 and he immigrated to New Castle Pennsylvania around the late 1890s. I appreciate any information you can provide.

3 Feb 2017 #2
Is it this Vincenty Pawloski?

You might be able to find additional information about him (i.e., exact birth date and place) at

Just create a free account and see what they come up with.

Ship's manifests of early immigrant ships may be found at
30 Aug 2023 #3
Hi all, my great-grandfather (bottom left in photo) served in the Polish army sometime after WW1. Is there any experts that could give me any information from the photo?

Potentially rank or unit?

Thanks in advance.

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