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How a Slovak poet described Poland four centuries ago

Polonius3 990 | 12,349
14 May 2017 #1
Daniel Krman (1663-1740), a Slovak writer and poet who chronicled his travels to neighbouring lands, penned this bit of verse about Poland:

"Clarum regnum Polonorum
est coelum nobilorum,
paradisus Judeorum,
purgatorium plebeiorum
et infernus rusticorum."

(The glorious kingdom of the Poles
is a nobleman's heaven
a Jew's paradise
a plebeian's purgatory
and a peasant's hell).'

Bieganski 17 | 888
14 May 2017 #2
And some latter-day Soviets what to return to that exact same order (sans the noblemen) and take it to a global scale. And all under the pretense of "equality" and "progress" of course.

Just look at the world today (even the posts on here) and how these agitators decry their actions and identity being spoken about publicly.
Bristols - | 13
15 May 2017 #3
Most here are chavs and not noble
23 Nov 2020 #4

Polish map from 1552

Interesting, so Slovakia is much younger than its neighbors Poland and Hungary. One could also claim Ukraine and Belarus are White Rus' heirs.

Poland 1552
Mr Grunwald 33 | 2,200
23 Nov 2020 #5
That's quite old news...
doesn't change the fact the Slovakians aren't interested in being under Poland or Hungary
24 Nov 2020 #6
It would have been great though. Both Polish and Hungarian cities and towns look better than Slovak ones.

Koszice would be much greener if it was Polish owned (Slovaks and Czechs hate planting trees).

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