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Differences between Poland and Russia

Ironside 53 | 12,424
26 Nov 2013 #31
How else can you explain Poland stretching from the Black Sea to the Baltic Sea?

and a good diplomacy
26 Nov 2013 #32

We were talking about history classes in school, RUR.

This was actually a serious question, because in western Europe, we don't learn much about other countries than Germany, UK, France and the US

TheOtherBritish Empire dominated the world for a very long time and almost any other nation outside its realm was ... well ... not really important

I'm talking about these statements, TheOther.

Over the centuries, Polish mathematicians have influenced the course of history. Copernicus used
mathematics to buttress his revolutionary heliocentric theory. Four hundred years later, Marian
Rejewski - subsequently assisted by fellow mathematician-cryptologists Jerzy Różycki and Henryk
Zygalski - in December 1932 first broke the German Enigma machine cipher, thus laying the
foundations for British World War II reading of Enigma ciphers ("Ultra"). After the war,
Stanisław Ulam showed Edward Teller how to construct a practicable hydrogen bomb

I'm talkative today. Drinking vodka , you know, not much, not much just a drop

Hehehehe...... It seems to me that the teachers of history in the West drink a lot...............
Jadowniki 1 | 24
30 Dec 2014 #33
While poland and russia have a common ethnic origin due to our slavic ancestry, no two countries could be more different

1-Polish launguage is west slavic, Russian is east slavic. They are similar, yet very different. Ukrainian is closer to Polish.

2- Poland is Catholic and Russia is Orthodox

3- Separate histories. While Poland had early contacts with the keivan rus of ukraine, contacts with moscow and russia properating were not extensive until later history due to the Mongol domination.

4-Devolped under different cultural spheres

5-Russia is a autocratic society of no freedom, Poland was based on freedom (at least for the szlachta)

6- Russian exeptence to unjust domination being push overs. Polish tendency to demand more freedoms and independence.

7- Poland was a great commonwealth that at one time dominated russia and kept it in check.

8- Russia was closed of to the west, Poland welcomed the west

9- Constant warfare and conflicting interests between the countries.

10-Russian domination over poland during the 1800 and 1900s created polish hostility ro russia

10- Different cultural preferences, russians tend to be very eastern in mindset, polE's are more european.

11- General polish hostility to communism (while not 100%) and general russian exeptance of communism

We Poles and the russians are just two different peoples and different sovereign nations. We have similarities as well we are slavs, share some of the same food and drinks, some cultural traits shared words and some common enemies. At the same time, the differences in culture, history and mentality (even ethnic composition ) is much greater than similarities.
Vlad1234 17 | 894
2 Jun 2015 #34
8- Russia was closed of to the west, Poland welcomed the west
10- Different cultural preferences, russians tend to be very eastern in mindset, polE's are more european.
11- General polish hostility to communism (while not 100%) and general russian exeptance of communism

Peter the I, Catherine the Great, Enlightment, hundreds of thousands of German, French, Italian and Western European settlers, engineers, architects, generals, nobles welcomed in Russia, granted with privilegies, correspondence of Russian Tsars with Voltaire, abolishment of death penalty by Catherine II in 18-th (!) century, abolishment of serfdom in 1861 (in Poland only in 1863), French as the first knowledge of Russian court and perfect knowledge of French, German, English etc. by Russian emperors and nobles, Citizenship war, White movement, dissident movement, M. Gorbachev, perestroika, Yeltsin etc...
Jadowniki 1 | 24
24 Jun 2015 #35
Yes Vlad, there are historical exceptions, but in general Russia has been under harsh autocratic rule for hundreds of years.
You cite Catherine the great as an enlightened ruler, and I tend to think the opposite. Catherine enslaved many various people's and conquered their countries. The most notable of them the poles. Thousands of poles , Ukrainians( and Russians as well )were sent to Siberia by these so called enlightened European czars . Putting a timber wolf in sheep's clothing does not make it a sheep.

While serfdom was abolished in Russia, the state of the russian peasant barley improved. Russian peasants were kept uneducated, in their social classes and still had to endure terrible hardships.

Much of the westernization of Russia you are talking about was confined to large cities and nobility. The effects of the 'Tartar' yoke still did not wash away from its society just because the nobility learned to speak French and started to wear powdered wigs.

As for communism, noticed I said general russian acceptance for communism. I should have made myself a bit clearer.
I believe many Russians secretly disliked communism but were kept in check by fear.
Because Russians have lived for so long under the rule of oppressive internal and external forces they have learned how to silently bear the pain and oppression and hold in their emotions. This got worse under the decades of communism when if you would utter one word against the regime you would be sent to gulag for 10 years. Thus, Russians have learned how to bear the load of oppression by accepting it and rarely revolting.

This is different in Poland were we have a general aversion to central authority and autocracy. Not only poles resisted Russia, Germany and others during our long history, but also had the unfortunate habit of fighting amongst ourselves during peace time. This is very evident in the times of the Commonwealth when the szlachta would occasionally go against the monarch if they thought there rights would be taken away.

One must also remember that some of the first cracks in the communist system originated in Poland with solidarność.

Vlad, as a pole, I have nothing against Russians, I have a few russian friends. There are some aspects of russian culture I find likable. Your music is amazing:). I am not grateful of the treatment they gave us poles but I have come to realize that Russians were even more oppressed by there dictators than we were.
Kashub1410 6 | 690
19 Oct 2022 #36

Differences between Poland and Russia

Found an interesting video:

So I am like... Hey! What kind of differences do you know about between Poland and Russia?
mafketis 37 | 10,866
19 Oct 2022 #37
In today's episode of "How dysfunctional and rotten is russia?"

Apparently if you pay the FSB three thousand dollars ($3000) they'll prepare a file for you showing that they're repressing you and you can use that to apply for asylum abroad.

what a ridiculous excuse for a country....
Crow 155 | 9,025
19 Oct 2022 #38
We live at a times of wonders. I clearly can feel energies clash above humanity. Good vs evil.

You shall all see! Before the end of this crisis, Poles and Russians will walk side by side. Its the final countdown.

The greater evil threatening whole of the Slavic ie Sarmatian realm. And then also the entire world.
Miloslaw 19 | 4,904
19 Oct 2022 #39
You shall all see! Before the end of this crisis, Poles and Russians will walk side by side

You are truly without any grasp of reality.

The idea that Poles and Russians would walk side by side died in WW2.
It has become even less likely since and Russia's invasion of Ukraine was the final nail in the coffin.

Poles and Russians will never walk side by side.
marion kanawha 3 | 93
23 Oct 2022 #40
This is my opinion, for whatever it's worth. My "two cents" worth, so to speak.

The original poster of this thread is nothing but an instigator --- a troll.

This thread should have been trashed.
Alien 20 | 4,954
23 Oct 2022 #41
@marion kanawha
40 posts in 9 years is not too much.
pawian 222 | 24,365
23 Oct 2022 #42
This thread should have been trashed.

If you are overracting to such a harmless thread, I fear what you will say to a serious one like Poland`s aid to Ukraine. :):):).
Miloslaw 19 | 4,904
23 Oct 2022 #43
This thread should have been trashed.


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