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Lobau, West Prussia. Is this now Lubawa in Poland, or Lobau in Germany?

lightalma 7 | 13
9 Jan 2014 #1
I have a marriage in Berlin Germany 1884 and the birthplace of the bridge says Lobau West Prussia. The genealogist that found this certificate told me that is now Lubawa Poland. However, someone else told me it was Lobau Saxony. How can I be sure?

Any help would be appreciated. Or any history online that could help me learn more or photos of that time in mid 1880s.
Thanks so much
TheOther 6 | 3,692
9 Jan 2014 #2
If the marriage certificate says Löbau, Westpreussen, then...

in the 1860's: Löbau, Königreich Preussen
in 1884: Löbau, Provinz Westpreussen, Deutsches Reich
in 2014: Lubawa, Poland
4 Dec 2015 #3
It is not in Poland it is in Saxony.
TheOther 6 | 3,692
5 Dec 2015 #4
There's a Löbau in Saxony, but the OP was talking about Löbau/ West Prussia, which is now Lubawa, Poland.,+Poland/@53.5006447,19.7199005,13z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x471d6ccfda397b25:0x672b1df01ee466f7
17 Jan 2017 #5
The above definitions are correct. Until 1871 Loebau was part of the Koenigreich (Kingdom) of Prussia. The province was called Westpreussen. After that date Loebau remained part of the province but the latter became part of the German Kaiserreich newly formed in 1871. My great grandmother, Pauline Silbersterin, was born in Loebau on 20.10.1821. She married my great grandfather Salomon Seelig Hirsch (Harris) from neighboring Neumark. Same great grandfather changed his name in 1849/50 to Landshut. I hebraized my birth name from Landshut to Aviner in 1950.

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Asher Silver
31 Jan 2021 #6
My great-great grandfather, Simon Davis quoted his birthplace as Loebau, West Prussia. Its still not clear whether this is near Lodz in Poland, or in Saxony.
Alien 4 | 435
25 Nov 2021 #7
Asher, Löbau in West Prussia is not Löbau in Saxony. Saxony is not Prussia.

Home / History / Lobau, West Prussia. Is this now Lubawa in Poland, or Lobau in Germany?
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