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Finding locations of old Photos - Lublin, Lodz, or Pabianice?

gjene 14 | 204
30 Dec 2014 #1
I have 2 photos that are at least 60 or 70 years old and tied in to the family somehow. Only problem is, the locations and year they were taken were never written on the back. I am not sure if the locations of the photos would be in Lublin, Lodz, or Pabianice. My family has ties to those locations as well as Warsaw, Gostynin and Wegrow. The last 2 I know the photos are not from them since I was there and had a quite a good look around in those locations. The older relatives in the family don't recognize the photos either since they were very young when they left Poland just after the war so they wouldn't remember.

Looker - | 1,134
3 Jan 2015 #2
I tried to find something but with no luck..

Maybe give them a shot? Someone's said that they have 50% success rate when it comes to recognizing places.
jon357 74 | 22,275
3 Jan 2015 #3
The first picture is in Puławy. The structure was called the Brama Mostowa (Bridge Gate). Not too far from Lublin. Some good pictures (it doesn't now exist) on

If you're interested, it was built during the First World War by the Austrians but didn't survive the second war. There were some plans to rebuild it, but nothing has come of them.

milawi - | 60
4 Jan 2015 #4
And I think the well is in Kazimierz Dolny

OP gjene 14 | 204
4 Jan 2015 #5
Great thanks. My grandparents would have know where the photos were taken, but they have died over 30 years ago. My 2 aunts don't know and at least I can let them know. Like I said in my main post with the photos while I could not pin either photo down to a specific location because there was nothing written on the back of them or even the year the photo was taken. I could only surmise the supposed locations based on the connections my family had to those locations. Such as Pabianice is where my great grandparents are buried and Gostynin was where they were born. Lublin was where my mother was born and Wegrow was where my grandfather was baptised and some family still live. As for Lodz, had some family living there until the first world war since I have a post card that was sent to them in 1909.
jon357 74 | 22,275
4 Jan 2015 #6

Not much to photograph nowadays except maybe the castle and a couple of buildings in the town centre. There may have been more there pre-1945. A nice place though.

  • Zamek Pabianicki
pawian 223 | 24,567
21 Jul 2020 #7
The first picture is in Puławy. it was built during the First World War by the Austrians but didn't survive the second war.

Yes, I immediately thought it wasn`t Polish architecture, with those peculiar towers.

Wow, you know a lot of old structures, even those which ceased to exist. Respect - that was hard, I would never guess it. :)

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