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How different would WW2 turned out if Poland accepted Hitler's offer

German George
15 Dec 2015 #181
I think like Hitler. Polelock are better than other Slavic people Polelock have a higher value to the survival of the white race in this day and age Polelock may not be a smart but their head is not up there ass as with the average German today some idea of perfection over engineering things that are not allowed to live my uncle in law has a Motorhome that he hardly uses and thinkks it will live forever so he won't let me use it that is an example of German mentality
Roger5 1 | 1,458
15 Dec 2015 #182
Your uncle is a wise man not to allow you to operate machinery. If you are representative of the Master Race, perhaps its demise is inevitable.
gregy741 4 | 1,204
15 Dec 2015 #183
At the time of Hitler's offer, Poland faced 3 options

D) surrender and dont get involved in this Czechs did.
fok it..drop weapons,give germans sandwiches on way and point them east wishing alot of fun ...get popcorn ready.
Crow 146 | 9,122
15 Dec 2015 #184
If Poland didn`t oppose to Hitler (not with him, nor against him):

* Casualties in lives of ethnic Poles in WWII would be less but, Poland would have greater casualties inflicted by Soviets, at the end of WWII and even later

* Poland wouldn`t lose its Jewish population
* After WWII, Poland would face partition. Internal antagonisms in Poland, among Poles themselves, would create two strong factions. One would suggest solidarity with Russians (Soviets) over Slavic connection and, on the other side, other faction would force resistance to communism. Even if wasn`t directly involved in WWII, let`s say by some miracle, all the time would Polish society face this dilemma- Slavic solidarity with Russians or/and fight against them due to communism and historical animosity.

* ultimately, two Polish states would be formed, comparable to Western and Eastern Germany.
* Western Poland would be stricty monitored by western Europe and would be among founding states of EU
* Eastern Poland would unite with Western Poland and united Polish state formed, same way as it was case with Germany
* Considering old and newer history and having in mind truly strong Jewish element (for sure more then 4 millions) in that new Polish state anti Russian feelings would be much stronger then in today`s Polish state. In fact, Poland would absolutely belong to western Europe. If we say that today`s Poland have chance to resist to assimilation by western Europe (if nothings change dramatically) maximally about 100 years, that hypothetical Poland (of which we talk here) would have less then 50 years of capacity to resist to assimilation by western Europe and, with it to stop to be considered as Slavic.

* In our time, considering global today`s mega trends, most probably that would rift within Polish society arise to the maximum (as i mentioned- over division Western/Eastern Poland/strong Jewish element) and it is quite possible that would, as consequence, Poland face another partition but this time not on two but on at least three or four states. Two main territories would be Polish (Western and Eastern Poland) then, one territory would be declared to be Jewish European state and Silesia would secede (only eventually Silesia wouldn`t secede from Western Poland due to strong support of western Europe and USA to Western Polish state).

* i wouldn`t exclude possibility of Civil War within Western Poland, when would assimilated Poles tries to deal with still stubborn Slavic Poles that remained living in Western Poland. As result, Slavic Poles would be forced to go to Eastern Poland as refugees and eventually final border between Western/Eastern Poland would be formed.

* As a result, all what would (in this hypothetical scenario, 50 years in future) become part of Western Poland, Jewish European state and (?) Silesia, would entirely lose any connection with belonging to Slavic world. Only Eastern Poland would remain Slavic. Actually, with time would Eastern Poland remain only named as Poland (so, that hypothetical Polish state would be smaller then it is today in our reality). Rest would acquire some other name, to even with it cut all ties with its Slavic past.

* But, as i contemplate, what is interesting, that hypothetical Poland (what remain of Poles) would eventually (due to historical experience) have bigger capacity to initiate formation of Intermarium, then it is case with today`s Poland (from our reality).

* Intermarium would be created
Stupid 'Murican
15 Feb 2016 #185
Pierogi: "Why wasn't USA held accountable for ....... their death camps of 1.5 Million Germans who were starved to death?"

lol, where did you get this fantasy?
TheOther 5 | 3,758
16 Feb 2016 #186
where did you get this fantasy?

Maybe he read about the Morgenthau Plan?
10 Feb 2017 #188
Pretty interesting scenario. I am not sure and i don't want to offend. But so many posts here are so Marxist in nature. all these Marxist associated schools of thought divided into social sciences. Sociology, based on control philosophy doctrines of their own creations. Getting everyone to run in circles to lose ones own thoughts. Trying to destroy our minds and ideas, that's what communism is and that's what everyone lives under right now.Capitalism is the other side of the same coin.

If Poland didn`t oppose to Hitler (not with him, nor against him)

In 1939. Hitler Would have either ordered the greatest military in Europe to march right through Belgium into France with the ferocity never before seen on this earth.(Btw this is exactly what France did) Or in which case the second scenario is if Polska accepted to Hitlers offer of " Dajcie mi Polską piechotę, a zdobęde cały świat" then the Polish Cavalry would be leading the Wehrmacht into Moskwa.

Im not sure how many people here are actually polish but it seems like no one really knows about our Polska. "Naród wspaniały, tylko ludzie k**wy" - Józef Piłsudski. Has anyone even read about our heros? The war we were dragged into by the lies and special interest of those who have taken control of all our countries as of now. Do people Know that Poland was attacked from 4 fronts? Germany, Prussia, Czecho-Słowacja and Russia. And our boys Still held of for a month (unlike the French) if it wasn't for the complete incompetence of our Marshal Rydz-Śmigły the September Campaign would have gone on for maybe another month because of our incredible soldiers, officers, generals and our people. My greatgrandad fighting in the Battle of the Bzura as an Artillery captain. The only reason im here today is because he lead several regiments, including his own to German POW instead of Bolshevik. I'm proud to have heard his stories passed down to me.

As for history how it played out. Even Sir Hugh Downing, Commander of the RAF during the Battle of Britain said "Had it not been for the magnificent material contributed by the Polish squadrons and their unsurpassed gallantry. I hesitate to say that the outcome of the battle would have been the same".

As a thank you, even during the London Victory Celebrations of 1946 . Every nation fighting against the Germans was invited. But not us Polaks. Yeah, our Polish Fighter Squadron 303 was invited. But they refused to participate. Because there is something that you can't buy and you can't create. I TĄ RZECZĄ JEST HONOR!

History is not as it seems, it is of course written by the victor. And Europe lost.

The truth fears no investigation.

Rich Mazur 4 | 3,309
6 Jun 2019 #189
This is going to be very unpopular here but I don't give a sh**:

"Normandy" landing with its 4000 dead on day one, was the biggest bullsh** ever and a colossal waste of men and money.

If the US abstained, Germany would continue controlling Western Europe and make it a lot better than what it became. Eventually, just like the USSR, Germany would evolve and let go, having made Europe peaceful, prosperous and all white. Instead, the US intervened and created a tumor that is hostile to it and cancerous.

Now that the cancer has metastasized, we are witnessing the strangest show of all: the best and most accomplished race dying and smiling - both at the same time.
johnny reb 28 | 5,322
6 Jun 2019 #190
"Normandy" landing with its 4000 dead on day one, was the biggest bullsh** ever and a colossal waste of men and money.

And if the truth be known......well I will tell it here and now.
President Dwight (Ike) Eisenhower used Normandy as a diversion knowing full well that our G.I.'s would be sitting ducks and be slaughtered.
Oh yes, he knowingly used/sacrificed our boys as cannon fodder for the diversion.
Ike had to draw the Germans to the coast to spread their lines thin to be able to carryout the real attack.
Google it and read about this yourself.
Somehow this always gets forgotten in our history books.
Crow 146 | 9,122
6 Jun 2019 #191
How different would WW2 turned out if Poland accepted Hitler's offer

Let us speculate imagining that whole WWII wasn`t organized by US and western European bankers or let us speculate exactly having that reality in mind.

** Acceptance of Poland would arrange things against Soviet Union so utterly that would Hitler win the war.

** Then Germany and USA would split Europe on their zones of control (Britain and British colonies would belong to USA)

** Slavic world would be exterminated, assimilated and destroyed. Poland would cease to exist and never would be restored. Russia would never rise again. Slavic countries wouldn`t exist.

** Apartheid and slavery would still exist and would be seen as solution for future (remaining Slavs would be only acceptable slaves).

** China would be by Germany and US destroyed in genocide.

** Black Africans would be exterminated.

** Entire world would live in eternal Bi-Polar world where USA and Germany rule.

** Ultimately, world would end in WWIII nuclear war between USA and Germany, if progressive Germans fails to appear on horizon. If they appear that would change the world into Uni-Polar world where USA dominates and US government would be world government. Meaning, Multi-Polar wouldn`t happen.
Lyzko 29 | 7,278
6 Jun 2019 #192
We learned, sadly too late, yet nevertheless eventually, (everybody except Neville Chamberlain!) that you can't negotiate with Nazis!
Any offers from Hitler would most assuredly not have ended in anybody's favor, save the Fuehrer's.

Pretty much a foregone conclusion.
pawian 176 | 14,299
6 Jun 2019 #193
Eventually, just like the USSR, Germany would evolve and let go, having made Europe peaceful, prosperous and all white

Don`t be silly. All white and non Slavic. You emigrated in 1960s. If Germans had continued their occupation of Poland till then, you either would have been long dead or have lived in the Ural region.
Miloslaw 8 | 3,198
6 Jun 2019 #194
Don`t be silly. All white and non Slavic

At last I find one of your posts that I can agree with.
It's been a long wait....... time to open a bottle of Miloslaw :-)
pawian 176 | 14,299
6 Jun 2019 #195
Remember, one swallow doesn`t make a summer.
Miloslaw 8 | 3,198
6 Jun 2019 #196
And I see no summer coming from you.
Just wet and windy........ :-)
Lyzko 29 | 7,278
6 Jun 2019 #197
The lure of cheap labor's a darned powerful aphrodisiac for unscrupulous bosses, Rich!
The US, round about the 1870's or so, having several successful military victories behind her, could
handily have attempted to transfer certain funds to the then poor continent of Europe and help
revitalize, indeed, build up, their sluggish economies. But we didn't for a number of reason, continental
skirmishes being in fact the least of them.

Instead, America found it more useful to employ either cheap 'coolie' labor aka 'railroad Chinese', eventually
a steady stream of illiterate or semi-literate Europeans to this country to eventually perform the labor which
native born US citizens would probably not do, thus saving money, allowing the big bosses, ranchers etc.
to become mega-wealthy off the "wet" backs (pun intendedLOL) of those new arrivals through Ellis Island,
willing to work until they dropped dead in order to supposedly have a random shot at living better than
they could have ever imagined back in the Old Country:-)

Them's the facts, kiddo, harsh as indeed they are so wake up and smell the coffee!
call1n 2 | 138
24 Jul 2020 #198
Poland eventually took Hitler's offer, it is called the European Union, aka pan-germanism.
Crow 146 | 9,122
24 Jul 2020 #199

Good comment. Thanks for shering such a valuable thoughts.
Vlad1234 16 | 754
24 Jul 2020 #200
B) Join Germany

In this case Poland would be defeated together with Japan and Germany in 1945 and its territory could become smaller than now as Stalin wouldn't be as generous by granting Poland with Silesia, East Prussia etc. Instead he could take these or other Polish territories for USSR.
Spike31 2 | 2,110
24 Jul 2020 #201
Poland eventually took Hitler's offer, it is called the European Union, aka pan-germanism.

And they call me one of the biggest EU-sceptics on forums ;-)
Mr Grunwald 29 | 2,014
24 Jul 2020 #202
Stalin didn't add those territories to Poland cause of Poland side during ww2...
It was to create a rift and solid ground for division between Poland and Germany, so that Poland would stay in his sphere of influence in fear of losing said territories to the west.

But I would agree that Stalin would had wanted Poland inside the Soviet Union if Poland was part of the axis, just like when Poland was viewed as being on the side of the "capitalists" in 1939, grabbing all possible territories from it before Germany took all

That's all what the 3xTak campaign was all about
Vlad1234 16 | 754
24 Jul 2020 #203
Estimate the size of the former German territories that Poland received after WWII.
Do you think Stalin would permit Poland to get them if Poland would fight against USSR together with Germans? Rather he would take them wholly for USSR like he did to Kaliningrad region and settle them with USSR citizens. He could also annex Chelm region of Poland where Ruthenians constituted majority of population in USSR favor. As a result Poland could be 1/3 smaller by now.
Mr Grunwald 29 | 2,014
25 Jul 2020 #204
I am not questioning Stalins&influence and power He had during the negotiations in Teheran&Jalta

Anyone can see that from reading about basic information about the Soviet Union during ww2.

I am saying he was clever and intelligent but, used it mainly for his own gain and power without thinking of the consequences of the future of any nations under his rule, be it Georgian, Polish, Russian or Ukrainian.

His legacy and drawing of borders in 1939, 1943 and 1945 paved way for how central&eastern Europe and balkans look today. Are you satisfied it's results? I am most certainly not
Vlad1234 16 | 754
25 Jul 2020 #205
I am most certainly not

What according to you would be a justful borders?
call1n 2 | 138
26 Jul 2020 #206
Justful boarders is our race. Polish Blood and belief. Poland should get together with Lithuania and make the Ukrainians speak Polish. That should be the center of gravity for a new identity in Europe.!.
mafketis 24 | 9,383
26 Jul 2020 #207
Poland should get together with Lithuania and make the Ukrainians speak Polish

Why on Earth would Lithuanians (who have their own issues with Poland) want to do that? It's just nuts....
Vlad1234 16 | 754
26 Jul 2020 #208
and make the Ukrainians speak Polish.

What is the point?
call1n 2 | 138
27 Jul 2020 #209
Poland should solve the identity crisis to be the center of gravity in Europe. The current trajectory aims at it being Germany and the UK. That is Poland taking Hitler's offer.
Vlad1234 16 | 754
27 Jul 2020 #210
Poland should get together with Lithuania

I afraid that the only country who could agree on close political, economic, administrative union with Poland and perhaps recognition of potential Polish leadership is Ukraine. Neither Lithuania, Czech, Slovakia or Hungary will look at such possibility seriously. Possibly Belarus, Serbia, Bulgaria may get interested but they either don't border with Poland or too different politically or have small ground for economic cooperation.

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