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Learn about the nuances of relationships with Polish men or women. Dating tips and marriage advice. No ads! (page 3)

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Polish traditions and customs in a relationship - payments  2
What are the good places to meet decent woman motivated to establishing a family in Ustka area?
English guy marrying Polish Fiancee - how expensive is a wedding in Poland?
Hispanic girl Polish guy
9 - Was it written in the Book for nought? : Therefore a man shall leave his father and...

LoveBeautyful_souls - 29 Dec 2015 pawian - 18 Feb 2020
What should I do against racist family from Poland? (I am Turkish)
Looking for a Wedding-ceremony hall in Wroclaw?
Portuguese Boy with a Polish Girl - she is more conservative than others. How to approach her?
Do Polish girls like to marry a man from Lebanon ???  2
39 - Dear mcrpolak Yes i know a Polish girl , and it seems the way you answer is such...

LoveLebanon_male - 23 Oct 2015 Lebanon_male - 28 Oct 2015
Asking a Polish man to marry me...
Latin American girl & Polish man - what is better: to get married in Poland or in the UK?
Help, I need advice about long distance relationship with Polish guy in Poland
Need info on Polish female sports anchor - Karolina Szostak
3 - This is gonna sound dumb but do know the rugby players name?...

LovePolishMexDude - 19 Sep 2015 PolishMexDude - 19 Sep 2015
I'm a Polish girl (my boyfriend is British) and I'm proud  2
Could you marry a Polish girl whose sister is prostitute?!
7 - Only answer awesome drug-fuelled THREESOME!!!!...

LoveAhmedAly - 18 Aug 2015 smurf - 18 Aug 2015
How official and important are engagements in Poland?
Do Polish men think that Polish girls are materialistic and demanding ?  2
37 - Damn....Polish mentality. I AM SO PROUD OF OUR ASIAN WOMEN :D...

LoveMiroslav - 31 Jul 2015 ufo973 - 16 Nov 2015
Wedding witnesses in Rzeszow, Poland
24 - thank you, he has family here but i don't, so for me it was better to get strangers as...

Lovebeaumont2015 - 25 Jul 2015 beaumont2015 - 7 Sep 2015
Polish - Pakistani relationship. How it works in reality? Are Pakistanis a good men?  2  3
Want kind of Present my Polish girlfriend's Mom would appreciate?
Polish women and fertility
Acceptable age difference for a couple in Poland.
My wedding gift - what to do now? The estimated value of a gift for a bride in Poland.
Confused with my former co-worker - absolutely stunning Polish woman
Birthday gift idea for my Polish boyfriend
What kind of words a girl from Poland might say to show possible love interest?
My Polish girlfriend is pregnant by cheating on me and wants this baby without my permission. Please help.  2
My Love Story: my 'good' family vs her 'bad' family in Poland
× Polish girlfriend told me we cant have sex because I'm not religious  2
On a date with a Polish guy, but no more approach since then. What does this mean?
My wife is Polish and it's difficult for her to open up and talk about her feelings
Are Polish men cold? What do they like?
25 - Polish men are old fashioned in relationships but that's a very nice change...

Lovetriedandtested - 26 Apr 2015 Dreamergirl - 5 Jul 2016
Are Polish men chauvinistic?  2
In your opinion, what do Polish men think of slightly larger women?
18 - Curvy from food or injections?...

LoveRedrobin1989 - 16 Apr 2015 Novichok - 20 Nov 2020
Brazilian-Polish couple in London - not getting married for permanent visas
Polish from UK want to get married in Poland. Can the paperwork be arranged from here? marriage preparation?
I feel like me and my Polish boyfriend dont have much of a love relationship. is this normal
Civil Cermony Details in Poland - music, vows?
Surplus of single women in Poland?
23 - So, to return to the original question: If there is a surplus of ladies living in the major urban...

LoveFeldeinsamkeit - 8 Feb 2015 Feldeinsamkeit - 10 Feb 2015
My Pole bf is flirting with an old friend from high school
My boyfriend from Poland - cannot contact him
Wedding in Szczecin recommendations. How long before must the documents be provided to the registry office?
Addressing your Polish in-laws or boy/girlfriend's parents?  2
Black girls in Poland - websites, or places where I can find them?
Learning a language solely for your partner
What to get my Polish girlfriend for her birthday / 6 months?
Am I wasting my time with this Polish guy ?
Do Polish girls lose their virginity later than most
"going to dinner with my sis..." - approaching a Polish girl, help needed  2
In what context should I take being told, "I like you very much" said by Polish guy?
I have met a nice Polish man on Facebook - he is not nearly as direct as I am
Would Polish people mind dating someone from Mexico?
So I am told Polish men are a chivalrous bunch?  2
49 - Who is you? Not me. Oh you have monopoly on those or what?...

LoveTouristgirl - 29 Sep 2014 Ironside - 9 Sep 2017
Do Polish Men frown upon women who do not have a higher education?
Are women from Poland scared of good looking guys?  2
Left Poland when young, did I leave half my heart?
7 - I feel the same way I know what you mean, It is like a part of...

LoveDominika81 - 8 Sep 2014 Szalawa - 9 Sep 2014
Does anyone know of a good marriage counsellor/therapist in Poznan or Wroclaw area?
Need advice on a Polish guy friend i got with
Does color or where you come from really matter for Polish people?
Recommendations for live wedding bands in different cities in Poland.  2
36 - jurekband .pl based in gdansk...

Lovetchurton - 16 Aug 2014 Richthecat - 25 Jun 2020
Not-married couple with a daughter in does it works if they split up?

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