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Are Polish men shy and take things slow?

cms 9 | 1253
6 May 2015 #91
Its not respectful to text you - he should call you ! Tell him that if you have a date with him ! Mind you i know a lot of younger people use text not call.

You still have a chance next Monday - play it cool and dont seem desperate :)
6 May 2015 #92
I don't find that acceptable behaviour.

It's entirely unacceptable. By the time of meeting one could have expected the lady in question to have put on make-up and clothes, done her hair and most probably be on her way to the meeting point. To not show up is unacceptable and to cancel by text message all but unforgivable.
6 May 2015 #93
Only two explenations:

1. He does not find you attarctive (even for a quickie)
2. He likes men
Shizuka 10 | 44
6 May 2015 #94
Thanks for many comments,I am so grateful for all of you.Thank you all for making time to write these.

Yes I also thought he should have CALL earlier if he get freaked out or changed his mind.He didn't say sorry to me in text,even when we met at work.

I can say he's young,but was not
Well-mannered.I guess he's not so interested as I am in him.
Anyway if he changes his mind again for next Monday,I will no longer waste my energy :) I don't want to make same mistake that I did in past.

Thank you all again,I feel so supportive from everyone who commented for my post.
Serdecznie Dziękuję:)
f stop 24 | 2493
7 May 2015 #95
Have you considered that a relationship with a boss might cost him his job? This might be a very difficult situation for him. In most companies, one half of the couple should not be in charge of the other half. Often, one person has to be moved to another department, but if a position in another department is not available, or is not a good fit, one person might have to leave.
majkel - | 60
7 May 2015 #96
Same here.

I think that this might be the biggest reason of his hesitation.
Those things are impossible to hide and if anythings doesn't go know how it works.
Also his colleagues could give him hard time.
Shizuka 10 | 44
7 May 2015 #97
After I read all opinion here,I changed mind,and canceled next monday plan.
Like some people mentioned,his attitude was not accetable,and he didnt say sorry at all,didnt have any respect to me.
Even I texted him to cancel,he didnt reply,so this is how he is,and I am glad I saved my time.

Thank you for everyone,I much appriciated :)
7 May 2015 #98
Sorry to be abrupt! What about the guy being simply not interested and scarred to say so as some girls think they are the greatest and nobody may resist them? Why should he be interested? His attitude is kind of childish but he has the right not to be interested. Without being gay; the girl may not be his type, he may also have views on someone else ....
Shizuka 10 | 44
7 May 2015 #99
It's totally ok he's not interested.
Things I annoyed was his attitude.That's the reason I canceled.
Well maybe I am not attractive enough for him ;( too shame though,is ok.
cms 9 | 1253
7 May 2015 #100
I think maybe he is not mature enough for you - you sound too sensible and he is still growing up. Plenty more guys available I'm sure :)
7 May 2015 #101
After I read all opinion here,I changed mind,and canceled next monday plan.

Good work that woman!
Shizuka 10 | 44
7 May 2015 #102
Thanks for Harry and cms
Yes he's young,still kinda childish on his mind-but thank to your opinions,I could save myself in some way.
I hope I will have some decent one ;)
7 May 2015 #103
Come on Shizuka this guy is 21 and you shouldn't expect him to act like a grown man plus he has really bad manners.I am sure you can do better than that.If you wanna decent one come to Chicago i will be happy to take you on a date.
7 May 2015 #104
I hope I will have some decent one ;)

The way to find them is to stop looking.
In the meantime, get yourself along to U Fotografa on ul Rybna and try a few things better than 21-year old men.
8 May 2015 #105
Why making up scenarios??? The guy may not be interested in the girl and full stop. The girl may be great, beautiful and everything but may not be his type and that's all. Why should the guy accept to go out with someone that he is not interested in? Do you'll do????? He may also have someone else.

Why pages of comments for something that should be so obvious? ;)
Shizuka 10 | 44
8 May 2015 #106
Haha it's funny to see this thread is going longer than I expected.
Some people got me wrong,but I don't care at all :)

Thanks,Harry.I will try!
8 May 2015 #107
Sorry, but your title is not too smart ;). Polish men (and women) are the same as they are in your country (and elsewhere). Some are shy and some are not, some are quick and some are slow. Being Polish does NOT imply people are shy and slow or the other way round. How can you judge a whole social group on ONE example? The boy is not interested in you (it does not mean you are lousy but you are not his type), or has a girl friend, or is gay, or is not mature enough to plan a relationship and that's all and personally, I don' see the point in opening a thread for such childish consideration. Just be aware that Poles are just people and not different from others!
majkel - | 60
8 May 2015 #108
Gosc, still on your quest heh? ;)

Anyway, this is not Shizuka's thread, it has been merged many times.
8 May 2015 #109
@Majkel: sorry but such threads "Polish women/men are/not so or so..." show genuine stupidity. Poles are not a unique "race" ;);)
Shizuka 10 | 44
8 May 2015 #110
I just wanted others opinion,if you think it's childish,just leave us alone ;)
8 May 2015 #111
@shizuka! Since nobody knows neither the boy nor you, what do you expect us to say? But don't worry, we have had worse, style "if a Polish boy/girl scratches their nose, what does it mean?" I am serious, just check in old threads....
Riasu - | 2
8 May 2015 #112
Don't be such a weirdo Gosc. She politely asked for any advices from us. It's fun to guess what may happen, how one can behave and there is nothing wrong with that.

Shizuka i think that other day you will meet your special one. Good Luck.

Ps. Don't Hurry
Veles - | 200
10 May 2015 #113
Hello. I just wanted to say, that you should be aware that people at the age of this guy are more likely irresponsible and they do not know what they want from life. Also they may be unexperienced or simply have a girlfriend or are in love with someone. There are many options. However the biggest problem, as you Shizuka have said, is being unable to show the truth. And no one knows what is the truth here. I don't know, he's scared to much to say what is going on?
f stop 24 | 2493
10 May 2015 #114
Don't hit on the guys you're supervising. It may be considered sexual harassment.
Welshmum16 - | 1
14 Oct 2015 #115
Merged: Are polish guys quite reserved when it comes to women as in asking them if they want to go for coffee etc

Are polish guys quite reserved when it comes to women as in asking them if they want to go for coffee etc
I know must British guys ask women within a few day or if they want to go out for a drink etc
cms 9 | 1253
14 Oct 2015 #116
Generally I would say they are quite forward.

However if you ask them that is also quite accepted in Polish society.
Alien 22 | 5195
17 Jun 2024 #117
However if you ask them that is also quite accepted in Polish society

The question naturally arises: how does the woman inviting you for coffee present herself?
pawian 221 | 24216
17 Jun 2024 #118
However if you ask them that is also quite accepted in Polish society.

Today. But decades ago in my high school days I was gravely amazed when a female friend of my classmate whom I had met at a party earlier unexpectedly called me to say: I am calling to tell you that you are inviting me to the cinema. We were going out for 6 months later on.

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