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Are Polish men shy and take things slow?

Seanus 15 | 19668
19 Apr 2010 #61
You make it sound like I am tracking them :( :( ;)

They tend to be more direct than others.
petite88 - | 7
29 Apr 2010 #63
Now my interest in Polish men intensified...
skysoulmate 13 | 1270
29 Apr 2010 #64
is it true that polish men are really shy and like to take things really slow?

I hate to generalize because we're all different, however some of us are. I certainly know that I am. After my divorce I got to see a counselor, or a few of them, and to my surprise I was told by all of them that I'm very shy... Divorce didn't have anything to do with it but to "heal" you sort of have to figure out who you are and I was surprised how cluless I actually was - I viewed myself as pretty outgoing but was way off...

Polish guys are great! My boyfriend is the best person, he is my pole. I have never met so warm soul, so great heart, like him. (I'm not polish girl and I dont live in Poland, so I think i can say something on this subject).

Dear spring,

Not sure if you're being facetious here but if you're serious would you please spread the word on this thread? There's lots of spanking and public castrations going on there, you could be our friend... ;)

Are Polish men romantic and caring or... "plain"?
Seanus 15 | 19668
29 Apr 2010 #65
Some are and some aren't. Some do and some don't.

It just depends on the person but they tend to be more forthright. Then again, it depends who you are comparing them to.
petite88 - | 7
29 Apr 2010 #66
from my experience polish men are not shy.. they are definitely funny and good drunks.

yes, i agree with you. the one i met is a funny guy. i can easily relate to his jokes and stories. shy? i don't think he is.
ningyou_lv 1 | 27
18 Oct 2010 #67
is it true that polish men are really shy and like to take things really slow?

well i've heard the same things about asian guys being shy and so on... i'm a polish girl and what i think is that shyness depends on personality really, some are shy, some are more open and some are pushy, you get it everywhere....

from what i observed is that it's always easier to interact with people from ur own country, i mean lets face it the language barrier (not in all cases) and this kind of things and more over (this is important fact to remember if u wanna date polish guy but ur not polish or just generally have an interracial relationship) 'the guy' may seem shy but the real reason is probably that he has no idea how to interact with girl of different nationality then his. let's say he only dated polish girls (this is only an example).

moreover I think that conversation and being friendly is the key to anyone heart; i mean come on if ur good friend already than that's half of a success.

Anyway this kind of things are really hard. as a girl who likes this asian guy i can ask u the same question: is he shy or how will i know that he likes me?
chiqui869 - | 5
19 Oct 2010 #68
I have to agree Polish guys are great.... I have fallen for this guy and he is SOOO amazing in every way... a little shy, still blushes when I hit on him and talk naughty, but I think is cute. We got into a bout, and haven't been talking for a while, but he's talking again. I love him and will wait for how ever long it takes for him to come out of the shell again. and if it doesn't work out... I guess I will be posting here to find me another one.

He has been the most romantic, tender, sweet, caring guy I have ever met.... I do feel like a princess with the way he treats me.

To you Poles on the site, those critisizing are just jealous we find you irresistably sexy... oh and the accent! don't even get me started..... :D
peter_olsztyn 6 | 1082
20 Oct 2010 #69
To you Poles on the site, those critisizing are just jealous we find you irresistably sexy

Of course we are.

and if it doesn't work out... I guess I will be posting here to find me another one

What is your annual net income? :)
chiqui869 - | 5
20 Oct 2010 #70
Is it all about the money?!! Let's have some fun.... I'm not rich, but I support myself. Don't want or need a man for that, what I do, I do it because I like it and because I want to;) $ shouldn't be a factor :-P

I rather be a nympho than a harlot;)
A J 4 | 1075
21 Oct 2010 #71
Damn right.

chiqui869 - | 5
21 Oct 2010 #72
You better believe it! I know I smile out of satisfaction, not greed ;)
7 Feb 2015 #73
Merged: Are polish men very shy and difficult to express themselves?

I travel to Poland quite often due to my work and for the last few months there has been lets say a connection a bit more than just friends with one of my polish colleagues. i have travelled back to poland as a personal trip and stayed at my colleagues/friends house where i met his family and we all had dinner etc. this has happened a couple of times. also we had a few moments of ending up hanging and kissing but everytime we start a conversation of what we should do going forward and what we really want from this he is getting very unconfortable and he is struggling to talk of how he feels. he keeps saying that he needs time as it is difficult for him to express himself. i of course respect that and he knows that, i would never force anything. But i just wanted to ask if it is that normal for polish men to be that shy and reserved? is it normal that he invited me and stayed at his parents house (he lives with them) and i have dinner with the whole family each time i visit poland. he is 29 and i am 31. i just wanted an opinion or just share experience. thank you
1172ftj 6 | 17
7 Feb 2015 #74
It could be because you visit Poland ever so often. If I were in his shoes it would be difficult to make a full commitment for someone you can not exactly be with when you want to.

Polish people are very hospitable as well so I would not say there is anything significant to being invited to your colleagues home. I am quite reserved and shy myself mainly due to the fact I am still a young man. (22) I also do not like talking about my personal feelings and grew up in the West.

Maybe just give it time and see what happens. All the best! :)
7 Feb 2015 #75
Thank you for your reply :) as you said only time will show if things will change or not. i was only wondering if this difficulty in talking about personal feelings was cultural or was mainly me causing the discomfort. Nevertheless polish culture is beautiful and people are so warm,friendly and indeed hospitable.
Shizuka 10 | 44
30 Apr 2015 #76
Merged: To be in love or not to be? He is so shy. Polish guy - Asian girl.

I am kinda embarassed to talk about it here.
Girls just want to be listened-my friend said to me,which is true,,that's why I am writing..

First of all,I work in some city in Poland,and getting attracted to a guy at work.Technically speaking I am his boss(I am an Asian btw).

I like talking with him,I secretly wish if he would ask me out.But I guess he wouldn't,because he is too shy,even though I wrote I like talking with this guy,but he never talks to us(me and other staffs)first.So we always have to talk to him to make him talk.But once he starts talking,he makes funny jokes a lot,always I laugh until I cry or having pain in my stomach.

I work in small city,there are some Asian girls who study at some universities,but never seen any Polish guy-Asian girl couple.If he would'nt ask me out,I would love to...but I don't think it is good idea,because it is small city,someone we know could find us and could be harmful for work...I think he also likes me,but I have no idea how I should deal with this situation,like stepping forward or giving him up.

Poles here stare at me so hard,so if I walk with him,they will might look at us harder lol.
somehow,I have noone to talk about this,so I posted here.
I like him,I want to know more about him..I am 29(but he said I look like 22,yey!),he is I too old for him? lol

Thank you for reading,would be happy if you leave any comment.:)
cms 9 | 1253
1 May 2015 #77
shizuka there are probably 2 things holding this guy back - that you are older and that you are his boss. So he will not make the first move. Ask him for a coffee after work, then after half an hour leave and tell him that you would like to spend more time with him again - he will sure get the message that you like him.

Good luck !
Shizuka 10 | 44
2 May 2015 #78
To cms
Thank you for your advice.Today I wanted to ask,and had good chance,but I was too scary to ask...Because I think it is too challenging for me,I've never had date with a guy from work,even had a coffee...

Is it not embarasing to walk with asian girl for polish guys? I think I don't have confident myself,because polish girls are much taller than me,more beautiful than,they have better propotion than mine...

How can I have guts to ask to him...Help me :/
Wulkan - | 3137
2 May 2015 #79
Is it not embarasing to walk with asian girl for polish guys? I think I don't have confident myself,because polish girls are much taller than me,more beautiful than,they have better propotion than mine...

You seem to have some serious self-esteem issues
Shizuka 10 | 44
3 May 2015 #81
I think I have-but somehow I will try next time I see him.

I will try,I want to be clear how he feels.
cms 9 | 1253
3 May 2015 #82
he will not be embarrassed walking with an Asian - probably it will be cool for him ! And being with someone older would be even cooler - he will be proud of that :) so yes get over those self esteem !
Shizuka 10 | 44
4 May 2015 #83
I asked him for dinner,he accepted.We are having dinner together tonight.It took me 2 hours to ask him,even we were talking..I was almost about to give up,because was too scared if he turned my offer down..

Somehow,I did it,I am proud of mysel...even for small thing :)

Thank for people that gave me advices.
Marsupial - | 871
5 May 2015 #84
Good girl! Tell us how it went.
inafmousgeek - | 5
5 May 2015 #85
Despite the opinions that most of the Poles are plumbers or carpenters we know how to treat a woman and most of those who come here and take low paid jobs are often very well educated with plans and ambitions to make our life better and be valuable member of the community.

Obviously there are some exceptions to that but most of the Poles know that woman needs to be respected, and if we have a deep feelings towards woman we will treat them like princesses.

In that case we never rush for anything to let woman know that we respect her big time, that we can be trusted, that we are secured and she can be safe with us. That we are willing to give more that we expect to get in return. We are not selfish.

It is very nice to read the forum about British woman falling in love with Polish guy but in my opinion it is very rare and I would say that most of British girls not into Polish guys at all.
befranklin 1 | 41
5 May 2015 #86
Wow, Shizuka I sure hope that it works out for you. I'm sure it doesn't matter Polish guy, English guy, American guy, being with a cute female happens to be fun for any guy unless he's gay or crazy. I'm sure he finds you attractive. It's neat to see innocent romance once in a while, not like the stuff on TV in any form.
Shizuka 10 | 44
6 May 2015 #87
Hi everyone.
Sorry to announce this,we didn't go dinner.
I will explain the reason.
On this monday,he had work,I was on dayoff.So I passed by his workplace on purpose-to ask him.
When I asked him,he said ok,we could meet up at 20.He said he would call.
But when the time was 20,he texted me,"he didnt want to go tonight,because preparing(shower,changing clothes I guess)took some time,and if we go to dinner,we cant enough time to eat,so wants to have another day"

According to him,he's gonna have dayoff on same day with mine,and we will have dinner or will be next monday(11 May)

It's just dinner,why he needs to change clothes anyway?
I was kinda shocked he changed his mind.(well we still have plan though)
Guys(Girls too ofc),give me any comments :)

Sorry,if my English is not enough to make you understand how it went.

Roger5 1 | 1432
6 May 2015 #88
But when the time was 20,he texted me

I don't find that acceptable behaviour.
He sounds terrified. The age and status differences don't help, either. I feel sorry for you, but you might have to be satisfied with having him as just a colleague. There are plenty more fish in the sea.
Looker - | 1129
6 May 2015 #89
Well, maybe he is really short of clothes, and best of them was not clean, who knows (of course it works against him too). He felt not prepared enough to meet with you and not to be ashamed. Nevertheless I hope he apologized you decently for this delay? If not, then maybe he is not worth all the effort. Now he should seek a contact with you if he cares.

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