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Things to do in Krakow and questions

mochadot18 17 | 245
11 Aug 2022 #1
Okay so I'm in krakow for the next week.
Are there any festivals that you know of with like handmade art and stuff going on in krakow or surrounding towns and cities?
Where is the best place to buy some polish pottery (my mom.collects it)
Where would locals buy amber? Are the prices in the square in krakow a rip off or are they fair?
Anyone know of any rock shops for buying rocks for jewelry that aren't already set and drilled??

Thank you!
PolAmKrakow 2 | 1,991
11 Aug 2022 #2
Slawkowska street has a few great pottery shops, just off the square. There is a food festival in the square now, and another beginning on Maly Rynek as well. Locals would not be buying amber anywhere within the city. If they were buying it, they would look outside the city.
11 Aug 2022 #3
Yes just filled up on some pierogi, I took a pic but it's too big a file to upload but any chance you would happen to know what these bread looking things they are selling there also? The signs say pucok, oscypek. Is it bread?

And do you know of any towns in particular for amber?
Thank you!
PolAmKrakow 2 | 1,991
11 Aug 2022 #4
Ozcypek is a goats cheese, excellent when grilled wrapped in bacon. Highly recommend. Pucok is just large piece of Oscypek. I would look for amber at small shops outside of rynek, or go to maybe Katowice which is an hour away and not so touristy.
Alien 12 | 2,770
12 Aug 2022 #5
There is everything in Krakow, just walk around the city and you will find what you want.
Wadowice, a beautiful city of the Pope.
Katowice, a shopping frenzy for every woman, e.g. in Centrum Silesia.

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