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Polish men are complete doormats (especially after they get married)

terri 1 | 1,665
26 Dec 2018 #121
That may be so, but everyone (men and women) knows which side their bread is buttered on. Women chase a man until he catches them in order to have a family and therefore security for life. A man needs someone to look after him. When you walk down the street in Poland you will see for yourself how couples speak to each other. It's all about self-survival and what would the neighbours say. Recently a married man, a family friend told me that he would give up everything just to have a wife who loved him and not see him as a cash-cow.
Ironside 50 | 10,907
26 Dec 2018 #122
It is a nature of mankind regardless of the nationality or a race.
Why not have it both ways? You can be practical and realistic and at the same time there could a real love and care involved. Sure thee some nasty exception but is not a brainier. Are you telling me that your hubby could be a bum from the street and you would just love him for his lovely eyes? nah!

You either are not married, divorced or you just like to look at everything with a skewed and somewhat unrealistic perspective.
terri 1 | 1,665
26 Dec 2018 #123
Everyone is entitled to their own view on things.
26 Dec 2018 #124
but you shouldn't judge Russia or Russians or Ukrainian women when the Polish ones are way worse n every way. thats the point I think is their hypocricity. and no not all are like that some enjoy sex just like me and want it not all have to count how much money you've spend on their cab rates or food or drinks ahead of time like leeches. just because the polak females do this doesn't make it ok or normal or any better than a male sexual harasser who doesn't know how to take a hint or a no.

my family for instance arent like this at all. my aunt is a pharmacist and most of her husbands and boyfriends were making way less and she did not count on men to buy her drinks even as a student every time she went out with friends. polak females are mostly like this but bot all and there are better ones abroad including Ukrainian.

"Everyone is entitled to their own view on things."

yet i wasn't on this forum and was repeatedly told by another female I think rozumie ic I cant express my opinions here because according to her this inst the right forum for it.

"A man needs someone to look after him."

not me I just need great sex once in a while its the nature of man or testosterone sex is a natural want or need.
24 Jan 2020 #125
Alright, I know how long ago the last message was posted here but something bothers me about what has been written here.

I am a woman born in America who was raised that you let men do the chasing until you catch them because men did not like being chased by women. Possibly because a man viewed a woman who was chasing him as possibly being after his money and if he was the one doing the chasing then he was at liberty to stop chasing her the minute he decided she had no actual romantic interest in him. In turn, if she asked him to leave her alone, then he was supposed to respect her wishes and stop pursuing her. After all, some men are gold diggers and worse.

I realize that historically the man leaving her alone does not always happen in some countries, which can sometimes result in a chase involving a sack and a struggle which really isn't funny and is actually rather creepy. If your country allows you to own a firearm, then I would recommend that you get a concealed firearm license and acquire something you can fit inside your purse. Sacks aren't bullet proof and most men should feel more inclined to behave more like a gentleman when you choose to carry a firearm. There is a reason why a firearm is called the great equalizer. A lady should never give her purse to a man to hold or carry so you do not need to worry about handing the item containing your firearm over to them. Mace and stun guns might also be alternatives in more restrictive areas. If your purse is too heavy, then take some stuff out of it until you can carry it all day long without having to ask someone else to carry it for you. Once you can carry the weight with little to no effort, then add a little more. You are a lady, not a pack mule and they are not a pack mule either.

"Susan says, 'Don't get afraid, get angry." The Hogfather by Sir Terry Pratchet

Polish men are doormats?

I would say that not all of them A few married Polish men who did not get the glass of Vodka at their wedding but the glass of water instead, who actually believe in adhering to the custom...would possibly give their wife the dominant role in the marriage versus the man who got the glass of Vodka at the wedding. I believe there is also something about the bride covering the groom's shoe with her skirt while they are exchanging marriage vows that custom wise is supposed to grant her the position of dominance in the marriage? (Please correct me if I am wrong).

If you are talking about a girlfriend and boyfriend relationship, neither of you should be treating each other like you are married to one another. It is far more important to practice self control than control someone else. Self leadership should be more important to you than controlling someone else. Making wise decisions about how you spend your time and money and doing responsible things before fun things is part of being an adult. Grown people can take care of themselves for the most part unless they have some kind of debilitating illness or handicap. If you say that one of the sexes can not live without the other or take care of themselves without having the other sex around, then it is insulting and I do not think we need to go there. This whole topic was not started in order to begin a battle of the sexes.

Marriage is for adults and it is hard. You choose not to live just for yourself anymore. You merge your dreams, your lifestyles, your friends, your hobbies, your finances, ect. There is no 'this is mine' and 'this is your's' in marriage. It is supposed to be like a symbiotic relationship where you share responsibility for the decisions you make so that one spouse can not blame the other for all the 'problems' whenever a mistake is made because the both of you made the choices together. You do not need to go to Poland to date or marry a man of Polish descent. Polish men live other places in the world like the United States too. If you do not like a very conservative minded man, then you probably do not want to try to pursue one and try to change him to be more like an American man or a man from the UK. What about Polish men born in Poland makes you so curious?

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