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Polish men are complete doormats (especially after they get married)

terri 1 | 1,634
26 Dec 2018 #121
That may be so, but everyone (men and women) knows which side their bread is buttered on. Women chase a man until he catches them in order to have a family and therefore security for life. A man needs someone to look after him. When you walk down the street in Poland you will see for yourself how couples speak to each other. It's all about self-survival and what would the neighbours say. Recently a married man, a family friend told me that he would give up everything just to have a wife who loved him and not see him as a cash-cow.
Ironside 48 | 9,900
26 Dec 2018 #122
It is a nature of mankind regardless of the nationality or a race.
Why not have it both ways? You can be practical and realistic and at the same time there could a real love and care involved. Sure thee some nasty exception but is not a brainier. Are you telling me that your hubby could be a bum from the street and you would just love him for his lovely eyes? nah!

You either are not married, divorced or you just like to look at everything with a skewed and somewhat unrealistic perspective.
terri 1 | 1,634
26 Dec 2018 #123
Everyone is entitled to their own view on things.
26 Dec 2018 #124
but you shouldn't judge Russia or Russians or Ukrainian women when the Polish ones are way worse n every way. thats the point I think is their hypocricity. and no not all are like that some enjoy sex just like me and want it not all have to count how much money you've spend on their cab rates or food or drinks ahead of time like leeches. just because the polak females do this doesn't make it ok or normal or any better than a male sexual harasser who doesn't know how to take a hint or a no.

my family for instance arent like this at all. my aunt is a pharmacist and most of her husbands and boyfriends were making way less and she did not count on men to buy her drinks even as a student every time she went out with friends. polak females are mostly like this but bot all and there are better ones abroad including Ukrainian.

"Everyone is entitled to their own view on things."

yet i wasn't on this forum and was repeatedly told by another female I think rozumie ic I cant express my opinions here because according to her this inst the right forum for it.

"A man needs someone to look after him."

not me I just need great sex once in a while its the nature of man or testosterone sex is a natural want or need.

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