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What do Polish girls think about dating Asian guys?

nothanks - | 640
28 Mar 2017 #121
This forum as well as other Polish outlets are my only escape from the Pro-Ethnic and Pro-Race Mixing themes in Western outlets. Disagree and you will be met with banning. I like that Polish forums are on the other hand open to discussion. But again if I wanted to discuss the glory of Asian men I wouldn't come here......
Wulkan - | 3,243
29 Mar 2017 #122
Toughest guy I've ever met in Poland had a beard, had arms made of granite and could kick so fast that it was a blur.

He's also faster than a train, jumps 5 meters high and he can kill two men with one fart.
kaz200972 2 | 229
29 Mar 2017 #123
Ultimately girls will just date who they like, ethnicity doesn't usually come into it when you're young.
Sometimes it's never an issue.
Ironside 51 | 11,310
29 Mar 2017 #124
I have just lost in the ether a lengthy response to your post Paulina. I'm not going to do it again. Shame it was quite a detailed answer.

@Paulina "So already as a kid you thought of Polish women as objects for sale?"
I was a kid and I wanted to impress girls in the class. It was funny. You have no sense of humor - boomer!

By the way you're wrong. I don't care whom girls I have never seen are dating. I doubt that either Wulkan or Begainski care. My detailed post that got lost explained to you that you got it wrong.

I don't read posts in this tread. Topic is so dumb that it beggar belief that mods and admin left it as it is. I posted here because I'm reading Bieganiski's posts - his English is original and good, on this forum only Des surpassed him.

By the way could you post some topless pictures of women. Equality and all. I don't need all those guys pictures - yuck! Women all the way.
nothanks - | 640
29 Mar 2017 #125
Ultimately girls will just date who they like, ethnicity doesn't usually come into it when you're young.

Correct. As birth rates drop and broken homes increase - heritage is increasingly less important to Westerners. If you are unsure about children (which many of my Western friends were growing up) then why would ethnicity be all that important?

My personal issue is how people in interracial relationships will then feel forced to support if not even speak out for "progressive ideals". But as I told my family member: you made this decision and need to live with it, don't expect your family or community to integrate to your rare (which interracial still is) personal decision.

This is also why Poles must keep a strict standard for whom is considered Polish and whom is not. Once you start integrating to accommodate peoples radical actions - you lose self worth. Poles must always understand that if you go out of race you won't be greeted with open arms
nothanks - | 640
29 Mar 2017 #126
I also wouldn't ignore the role of media. In current day Western media the straight white male is the butt of the joke 9 times outta 10. Girls are encouraged to rebel against their "out dated" White fathers. Having mixed children is "new and exciting". Never having dated out of race is packaged as racist

This is illustrated in how leftist girls are FAR MORE likely to date/marry out of race. They were brainwashed

This commercial was a big statement during the Super Bowl seen by hundreds of millions Americans]https
Crnogorac3 2 | 820
29 Mar 2017 #127
This is illustrated in how leftist girls are FAR MORE likely to date/marry out of race. They were brainwashed

I lived in Poland for long enough and had the "honor" to meet some of these people, but they were mostly either various junkie morons or some Polish women that watched too much of "Sex and the City" and similar projects of brainwashing, they think that the sick and degenerative worldview and way of life that this judeo-yankee trash propagates is correct. As a rule, these were all Tusk voters or voters of PO, and therefore, renegades-dropouts of the human (and certainly Polish) genus.
efraim91 - | 3
27 Apr 2017 #128
try Filipino men... complements polish girl's white skin
pandapoland - | 1
9 Jun 2017 #129

Is it possible for a Chinese guy to find a Polish girl here?

I like Polish girls so much, and I don't know why but just feel that they are so different from other western girls. But I'm not living in Poland, so how can I find a Polish girl who also like China?
Lyzko 40 | 8,739
9 Jun 2017 #130
If you want to impress them right from the start, learn at least a bare minimum of Polish! Doubt any know Chinese, though the more educated will probably know some German and might be conversationally fluent:-)

Powodzenia! Viel Glueck!
Ella30 - | 11
2 Feb 2018 #131
It is hard to generalize, each Polish girl has her own preference. A lot will depend on the girl's experience with Asian guys, or the experience her close friends and family have had with Asian men. But generally I think Polish women are open to dating Asian guys.
David555 1 | 19
3 Feb 2018 #132
I was hoping Polish women wont breed with Africans Pakistanis Turkish etc. Here where I live they do push their buggies with black babies inside.

Wonder what their families say about it back in Poland
Mr M
17 Oct 2018 #133
Hello all.
I'm asian and been living in Poland for 7 years.
I must agree and say that most polish girls or white girls don't really want to date asian men..

The real question is why?

Number one, its not really about the race itself, its much more about the appearance of the general asian men (mostly chinese, vietnamese). Many of these men unfortunately are not attractive for any women. Due to varies things, such as style, phyical features etc.

But.. if you are a handsome asian man with great smile, good phyical appearance. Then you have every possibility to attract polish girls like any "white" guy.

According to what I have seen, most asian guys don't look good in terms of being a handsome man in Poland or the west. Many could look more handsome by putting a lot of effort to do so but most asian guys don't and look "average" without any mindset of carry themself as handsome men.

If a polish guy look handsome (phyical, style, body language etc) lets say a 8-9 of 10. He would beat all the asian guy who look average at 3-5 of 10, in terms to attract polish females.

How ever, if the asian guy has the same handsome value at 8-9 of 10. He would beat most polish average guys at 5-7 of 10. He would even compete in equal level of the handsome polish men. Now its more about who you are and if you can connect with girls. There is basically no advantages at this point for any of the guys, polish or asian.

I'm a really good looking asian and many polish girls found me very attractive and likes to date me. But some of my asian friends don't stand a chance here and its not because they are asian, they are just not handsome and attractive enough.

I hope all this makes sense.
23 Apr 2022 #134
To be fair, many comments here do really be sounding like Hitler. Even when a polish woman already said her opinions, they still wouldn't stop.

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