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Do black women date Polish guys in Ireland ?

26 May 2015 #1
Soon im moving to Dublin and i wanna try something new. Does black girls in Ireland date Polish guys? Do u know any stories, advices smth?
Wulkan - | 3,243
26 May 2015 #2
If you fancy black women you shouldn't have any problems with that.
gregy741 5 | 1,251
26 May 2015 #3
i rarely see black girls dating white boys to be least in England..thats actually phenomen that otherwise is so more common...i mean white girl and black boy.

and Polish man are not very "prestigious catch" to put it lightly
me Polish myself...
Wulkan - | 3,243
27 May 2015 #4
and Polish man are not very "prestigious catch" to put it lightly

Well, if every Polish man was as attractive as you, Poland would be no longer on the map because all the women would just get away from there.

The reason why there are not so many white men with black women is that black women are not very attractive on average, even if you spot a good looking one the chance that she isn't a big mouth with the mood swing is pretty small. Those are surely not types of women that Polish men look after, I myslef know only one Polish guy with the black chick but there surely are more. Getting a black girlfriend is an easy task in my opinion but getting an attractive one is not, there are not many of them so the competition is high.
25 Feb 2016 #5
Racist Vulcan, Wulkan, whatever yuh damn name is, black women are like Gold dust! They are the most beautiful and attractive people on the face of this earth!! Vulcan Wulkan, if you ever get to date one, you would be most fortunate indeed! Hold dat!
blackbeauty7 - | 1
28 Jul 2016 #6
am a black woman and that last comment was really true nice,thnx:)
Golden truth
31 Jul 2016 #7
Some black women like polish guys but just be bold and confidence if you have to approach a black woman. straight and to the point. ...With a black woman. ..when they say No I am not interested don't judge by her words but her actions will she means it...In most cases they don't want you to have the impression that they are easy to get...that is their pride...get ready for a lite hide and seek game...but at the end endurance is the key...If you are serious the black woman believe you keep on pressing on to get her...good luck
piknadusza - | 1
6 Apr 2017 #8
I as a black Woman in Ireland,I can say there is a lot of black Women attracted to polish men but feel the are hard to approach,and I am one of them,I just admire them from a far
nothanks - | 640
6 Apr 2017 #9
i mean white girl and black boy

Western women aren't the wisest bunch

If Hollywood started glamorizing sexual intercourse with your pet - white women would fall in line
pawian 204 | 21,118
20 Mar 2020 #10
I can say there is a lot of black Women attracted to polish men but feel the are hard to approach

Coz they don`t know yet how to deal with black women. Give them some time.

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