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What do Polish girls think about dating Asian guys?

SzwedwPolsce 11 | 1,595
28 Nov 2009 #31
By the way, why a Polish girl would prefer some creepy Vietnamese shoe-seller to a handsome Pole is beyond me.

People have different taste. It's a well-known fact.
3 Jun 2010 #32
I can see you are afraid of what others might judge you multiracial datings. Asians in US only comprise 2 percent of the might say I see them all the time this is because they are concentrated in large metropolitan areas like NY or NJ or boston etc.

Regarding the polish girls dating asians, its not they are not into asian guys its that polish women and asians are both very limited and rare to see on street so even small percentage as together. however your sound has a bit of racial overtone. I hope its not what you meant.

I am a Korean guy and have dated Polish women( not teens I mean real women over age 25 working at the hospital in NJ) they are most beautiful and very well educated and courteous person I have ever seen. Their family oriented values are very much sync with Asian culture as well. so Its not that they dont want to go out with asians its so rare to find them. even rarer then all asians combined think about it. it goes same with asians dating white women in general.
10 Jul 2010 #33
As a Polish female, I would prefer to have children that carry my genetic pool rather than a shallow cesspool of mixed society. It is best to be deeply connected with ones partner, than to have a variety of barriers within a marriage. Colour of the skin would be just a small indication of the wider difference between those people, both socio-cultural and psychological. If our phenotype differs, would not our psychology differ too? Doesn't this mean that the connection between a Polish woman and (for example) a Japanese man would need to cross many more ravines, than one between a Polish woman and a similarly qualified and cultured Polish man?

Polish and Irish combination, since culturally similar, is also much more attractive a proposition than a Polish and Nigerian one.

Polish women prefer Polish men in order to have Polish children and continuity of traditions, culture and Polish society. Of course there would be women born in Poland who would entertain the idea of bridging cultures, traditions etc... foregoing the nuances of culture, traditions and psyche, in favour of a groom from Asia ... the children will be confused as to their background and will have a more shallow psychology than their parents.

Like it or not, after a few generations in a country and land, we become connected and rooted to that land. Mixing uproots people, where they loose their sense of belonging to the earth and this could lead to further destruction of the environment, by extention.

If you are Asian, do everyone a favour and stay away from Polish girls. If you are Polish, try to marry another Polish person. It is the only white nation on earth that is not heavily infiltrated by genes from other genepools. It may be that the genepool is evolving and so in the future Polish people may be quite unique in the world. Not better, just different. Let us celebrate life and the wonder of life is in the difference. Mixing leads to erasure of differences and eventually it will lead to the end of life, certainly to the end of diversity within the Human family group.

Each to their own.

However, there will be a small percentage that will infuse genes into other genepools. Poland has infused a great deal of genes into numerous genepools all over the world.

As a Polish woman I prefer a Polish man as a partner to have a normal (normal to me) family life, with normal (normal to me) children. For a Polish woman, normality is Polish, which would consist (simplistically speaking) of a husband who is a Polish man, with Polish children, living in Poland.
Tyssia - | 1
10 Jul 2010 #34
Thank you Ewa for your post. As a Polish woman, living in Poland, I totally agree with you.
SzwedwPolsce 11 | 1,595
10 Jul 2010 #35
The only conclusion we can make, is that everyone has the right to choose what he/she wants. And different people have different preferences.


When I read your post I get the feeling you live in the US. Am I right?
southern 75 | 7,096
11 Jul 2010 #36
For a Polish woman, normality is Polish

I agree.
jarnowa 4 | 499
11 Jul 2010 #37
Ewa wrote very wise words. This should be a lesson to some moralistic whiners on this forum that nothing's wrong to be against a multiracial society.
A J 4 | 1,088
11 Jul 2010 #38
Each to their own.

Exactly. The people who have interracial relationships make up about 11% of the world's population, and their choice should be respected, just as your choice should be respected. No one else can tell you who to marry.

Ewa wrote very wise words.

She expressed how she feels without venting her hatred of that which is different. I can respect that. So if you want to be wise, you should try to acknowledge that not everyone feels, thinks and behaves the same way.

This should be a lesson to some moralistic whiners on this forum that nothing's wrong to be against a multiracial society.

Oh, but it's totally wrong to hate people simply because of what they are. I believe that everyone should be able to make their own choices in life, regardless of what other people may think of it.

You say you get angry when you see a black guy with a Polish girl, but you're a Belgian, so you're not Slavic yourself, and you haven't been raised on Polish culture either. You have no right to complain about what some girls choose to do with other foreigners. The fact that offends you speaks volumes already. You should try to remember that you're just as much a foreigner with a different culture and background as any other foreigner in Poland.

I have no problems with opinions, but I do have problems with hypocrits who can't accept or tolerate other people, simply because of who or what they are. But you obviously don't seem to get that.

If you are Asian, do everyone a favour and stay away from Polish girls.

My niece is half Chinese and half Dutch. She's a beautiful young lady and has a succesful career at Tommy Hilfiger. My cousin is half Chinese and half Dutch aswell, and he's engaged to a Polish girl who likes him. He wasn't the one who approached her, it was her who approached him. (I was there, we were on a Holiday in Greece.) He should stay away from her because she likes him, and he likes her? I will kindly tell you to do yourself a favour and stop concerning yourself with whatever other people choose to do, because they're adults, and they have as much of a right to live as you have. (Regardless of what you think of it.)

jarnowa 4 | 499
11 Jul 2010 #39
This thread is not about me and not about blacks, so i can't answer you. But for now i can say that you are a hypocrite yourself if you say that you don't judge people on who they are. Of course you do. Everyone does.
A J 4 | 1,088
11 Jul 2010 #40
This thread is not about me and not about blacks, so i can't answer you.

Ofcourse, now it's about Asians, so what's the difference? You're still whining about foreigners, while you're obviously a foreigner yourself! Anyway, I've made a thread for you, and I'm sure you've noticed it already, so you could show some balls and reply to all of that to the best of your ability, instead of running away every time someone asks you a simple question. I'm actually trying to do you a favour by telling you all these things, but I guess you're too pissed off to see that.

Miguel Colombia - | 351
11 Jul 2010 #41
For Jarno it's not about foreigners, but about non-white humans.
jonni 16 | 2,485
11 Jul 2010 #42
rather than a shallow cesspool of mixed society.

Doesn't take them long - in this case less than a line.
18 Jul 2010 #43
Just go for it :)
Many polish girls likes Asians.
Don't be so shy. Maybe she's waiting for you to make a move :)
Good luck.
ningyou_lv 1 | 27
18 Oct 2010 #44
How do polish girls think about dating asian (Yellow) guys?

I'm Polish girl and I find myself really attracted to asian guys: japanese, korean, chinese, thai, filipino more that to white guys (in fact white guys don't attract me at all, they can be good buddies but nothing more)

So how about other asian people like japanese, korean, chinese, thai

I lv them lv them to pieces and only them ^^ XD <hihi>
imamanas1 - | 2
25 Oct 2010 #45
i said im also thinking the same as u r thinking so lets discuss things hope and talk about this world and that world.... im an indian.............what do u think ? im on business...
jablko - | 106
25 Oct 2010 #46
polish girls fancy indian guys
not sure about chinese or koreans but im sure you could find some polish girls that would like them
DarrenM 1 | 77
25 Oct 2010 #47
As an Englishman I grew up with ever increasing numbers of Asians who have been present in the UK for the best part of 40 years, it's still unusual although not impossible to find a white girl with an Indian/Asian.

More unusual to find a white English girl with a Pakistani for the obvious reason that they must become subservient (Ohhh controversial) and adopt the muslim faith.

Quite often the British Indian girls are a match for the British English girls in terms of looks and so the Indian guys don't feel the need to pursue girls from a different ethnic background.

Same can't be said for the Indian girls I work with, who come straight from India, they are bearded monsters and don't take care of their appearance like the British Indian girls.

In the main the British English girls that do go with the Indian guys are usually with the Indian guys that have a bit of money.
FlaglessPole 4 | 669
25 Oct 2010 #48
How do polish girls think about dating Asian (Yellow) guys?

First they discard the purple ones. It is not a skin color bias rather a genuine concern for a possible offspring of such a union to suffer from skin discoloration (basically anything non-white hence the purple fitting the bill). Next they drink some coffee. As you probably know caffeine is very conducive to thinking about dating Asian guys, even the pink ones.
26 Oct 2010 #49
I'm asian (from Vietnam) and I know that polish guys don't want foreigner to compete with them about Polish girls

Polish girls are very beautiful but I don't know so much about their personality yet =) In my case, I don't have any problems at all to talk with polish girls. They are social and I love it :-) And I think it can depend if a polish girl loves an asian guy or not. Depend on the guy: Good looking? social? His personality? And maybe also if he has some kind of future / power / good position in life / money and so on.

Yeah, he can be smart too, that's a good advantage.

Myself, I'm 180, good looking? not the most hottest of the hottest but not the most ugly either, but I have never had any problems to get close to them.

The next step is more difficult, to get even more closer. Than you will need some damn good personality.
A J 4 | 1,088
26 Oct 2010 #50
Johnsson, as in Don? Nah, just keep your wits about you! Humour them, surprise them, flatter them, be a gentleman, but don't be a total wuss, because a lot of Polish girls actually like a bit of a bad boy, so don't be afraid to be naughty sometimes, but don't be an *sshole! Oh, and kissing off with dad might not always work out for you! Polish girls (Surprise!) are basically like any other girl, so being a hopeless romantic won't help you either, except for when you have a lot of money, because if you have that, a lot of girls will most likely endure all of the hardships, and force themselves to put up with whatever undesirable behaviour you might display! (And don't take a word of what I just wrote too seriously!)

ningyou_lv 1 | 27
27 Oct 2010 #51
Polish girls actually like a bit of a bad boy

yup that's so true :) we lv bad boys ^^ but u hv to romantic sometimes, i mean u hv 2 show a girl that u care about her :)
7 Feb 2011 #52

Am indian. When i was in uk during my university study period, i dated a very attractive polish girl. She is so nice, very polite, cute, awesome.... hey its been more than 3 years, still i am thinking about her. Her name is agata. Though we never planned to marry n settle... we were juz going around.. makin it... wow wow wow.. its all fun n beautiful memory. I love my polish girl a lot. If i ever get a chance will surely spend many many dollars to meet her in poland. I respect polish guys aswell, as they dont mind indian dating polish girls. Whenever i think about polish girl, i can see my agata in front. Oh my god, did god made them so beautiful???????????????????????????? they are gorgeoussss in earth. I never met anyone like them so far... guess i wont. Luv ya polishhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Lodz_The_Boat 32 | 1,535
7 Feb 2011 #53
You were her pet while she was in UK right? :D ...

I wonder how her boyfriend back in Poland would feel if he would know this! ... Some women are worthless. Had she been a serious person she would stick with one man. Infact I'm sure she cheated on her boyfriend back home ...
10 Feb 2011 #54
I'm Thai man from Thailand my ex girlfriend was Polish girl from Gdynia we met when i worked on the cruise lines...she always said "kurwa" to me and given funny name "Losiu" to me.
11 Feb 2011 #55
I'm polish,
and my honest opinion is-
I wouldn't date an Asian, especially Indians. I can be friends with them but in no way would i be attracted to them.
^ My whole family and all the Polish people i know feel the same way.

Since Indians are being brought up above. If i had to choose between Asian or Indian; I'd choose Asian.

I'm attracted to European guys though.
Italian, French, Dutch, Hungarian, Greek, etc.

(I'm not trying to be offensive)
Lodz_The_Boat 32 | 1,535
11 Feb 2011 #56
(I'm not trying to be offensive)

I don't know how offensive you have tried not to be ... but this thing I found very foolish from you:

^ My whole family and all the Polish people i know feel the same way.

Are you really so stupid about "all the Polish people"? ... or is it another one of your sincere attempts. Trust me, with this attitude, you will have a very difficult life ahead. It seems that you don't know what it sincerity. You can like an Italian or a British, it is perfectly fine, but not the way you described it. It is called blindness, and blind people get hit more times then those who can see.
24 Mar 2011 #57
I'm a polish girl and am absolutely in love with asian guys. I think their physical appearance is gorgeous, from the hair, eyes, complexion, and cheek bones. Their calm, mysterious, and friendly appearance is a plus. I actually am dating an asian guy now for a very long time and wouldn't like it any other way. I'm not attracted to Polish guys on the other hand because I hate their personalities and many of them lack any physical attractiveness.
grubas 12 | 1,390
24 Mar 2011 #58
Move to Asia or UK.
24 Mar 2011 #59
same here! I am, I guess its safe to say, only attracted to asian guys (korean, japanese, chines, thai, cambodian). White guys dont really attract me. I think the only problem with Asian guys is they dont approach you. Trust me you should, more white girls like asian guys than you think, especially Polish girls, like me ;)
24 Mar 2011 #60
Why would i need to move there? Theres plenty of hot asian guys all over the world.....Grubasie.

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