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What do you think of Polish girls?

31 Aug 2017 #1
Hello, foreigner living in Poland here. I've heard different things about Polish girls from different people. Some say they can be cold, demanding and materialistics, and some say they can be loving, warm and fun. I just wanted to hear your opinion. Also I've met with some Polish people(both girls and guys) who were kind of sexist, racist and homophobic. In one instance a Polish girl I just met even told me I should be ashamed of my nation and I should return to my own country because foreigners just steal jobs from Poles and make their country poorer. I would like to know what do you think about this. Do you think these cases were exceptions or majority?
RubasznyRumcajs 5 | 492
31 Aug 2017 #2
overrated princesses, that's what most of them are.
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,818
31 Aug 2017 #3
Most are beautiful and very intelligent and educated but rather high maintenance and always trying to change and mold a guy... Of course I'm generalizing but as a polish man born and raised and having dated and been around numerous pl girls that's been my observation.

Some are overly materialistic to the point of being gold diggers. Not as ruthless as some of the Ukrainian and Russian women though.

I like Latino girls personalities the most in general because they're fun to be around and tend to like you for you... They're very laid back 99% of the time. But when they have a temper tantrum watch out lol

Nonetheless ill.most likely marry a polish girl anyway when I decide to finally settle down n have kids so we can pass the traditions, language, customs etc onto them. Prolly won't be for a while tho..
PolishUltras 7 | 60
31 Aug 2017 #4
One thing Ive noticed is they are more shy than belorussian, ukrainian and russian ones. they wont do nasty stuff as often or as many of them and as quick as those girls. the young ones also wait and there is less play for guys like me I think than if I went east. in general the ones ive been meeting and whoa re open to me are also either ukrainian, russian or belo.
Rw Greenlee
5 Sep 2017 #5
Most of them that I know like the black boys but hide it they say poles aren't big enough
peter_olsztyn 6 | 1,098
5 Sep 2017 #6
Some say they can be cold, demanding and materialistics, and some say they can be loving, warm and fun.

Our country contains both of them. Pick wisely ;)
nothanks - | 640
6 Sep 2017 #7
Since you are a foreigner, the girls that gravitate towards you will most likely contain the negative traits you listed. They are (for countless reasons) looking for a way to the West and you are their easiest and most exciting gateway.

Most of them that I know like the black boys

Don't you have some Blacklivesmatters rally to loiter at?
OwCr 3 | 15
6 Sep 2017 #8
I don't know many Polish girls as I'm from England, but there was one I used to bump into regularly during my visits to Poland for some computer events I went to, and she was a very pretty woman and very friendly. We got on very well, but there was never a love connection between us.

I've never met or come across a really hot Polish woman (gold digger types), but I do know they exist and I would personally stay away from them.

Just a matter of interest... if I want to meet a Polish woman for dating, where would be the best place to go, especially in Poland? And please don't say brothels or strip clubs, I am not a pervert nor a loser.
johnny reb 40 | 7,845
6 Sep 2017 #9
where would be the best place to go, especially in Poland?

Krevesyn - | 12
9 Sep 2017 #11
White but conservative and well educated also and immigrants Nothing different from indians except skin colour
Iff you are looking for casual sex
Go for those from poor background they are easy targets
Iff u go for nice ones you will have to do a lot to get into bed
But you cant run then
Otherwise get ready to face his four 6 foot brothers Well if u think u are macho enough to beat them then do anything u want

Only iff u live long enough
Poles are good guys
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,818
9 Sep 2017 #12
Ya for the most part polish girls (like many polish guys) will hook up w a foreigner to add a flag. However most don't pursue long relationships unless they're going to get some kind of benefit out of it like money citizenship etc.

Some of the best places imo to pick up polish girls are in the city squares markets etc. Clubs too in a way. If you're a young good looking foreigner from us Canada etc you'll have girls themselves asking for a dance no b.s.
15 Sep 2017 #13
Dick Digger - You get what you look for. You must operate in some kind of underworld.
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,818
15 Sep 2017 #14
Nope just being brutally honest sorry if you don't like what you hear
Ironside 51 | 11,310
15 Sep 2017 #15
You're talking about a part of the population of young women. By not mean it representative of the whole. Clubs - please lol

Ya for the most part polish girls (like many polish guys) will hook up w a foreigner to add a flag.

Where? In Poland? What are you talking about some slums in Chicago, Poland's small town in lubuskie or pomorskie ? Clubs, you are confused.
Most girls or dudes in Poland doesn't give a hoot about adding a flag.
They might find a good looking foreigner interesting and exotic but that works the same elsewhere.
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,818
15 Sep 2017 #16

Well yes I am talking about younger women as I tend to date around my age and yes clubs bars raves parties concerts etc is where younger people generally congregate and hook up... And I'm talking about places like wroclaw Krakow Gdansk, the towns n suburbs around those places, as well as Chicago which has hundreds of thousands of poles many who came within the past decade or two. Actually in some of the smaller towns around wroclaw like prusice oborniki slaskie trzembnica etc there's maybe 2 or 3 spots for night life so on weekends almost all the youth congregate there get drunk, show off their cars, a few will get a lil too drunk or eat some beans and hook up w strangers, do whatever everyone does their own thing but that's generally where the people in the 20s n early 30s come around whether its to get drunk or high, hook up, show off ur ride n race down the strip, whatever.. Everyone comes for different reasons..

As far as Chicago in some areas you can get by with only knowing polish and never learning English and I know a few people that have. I implore them to learn at least basic English but there's little incentive if they have a good paging job already and only associate with other poles. But that's another story.. The clubs n bars here are awesome tho and there's quite a few where poles Russians Lithuanian like to hang out. Altho a bunch of non Slavic guys r now showing up trying to hook up with the east euro girls but the girls don't seem too interested in them for the most part..

And yes many polish girls purposely dump their bf in summertime so they can be uninhibited esp if they're travelling abroad
15 Sep 2017 #17
You do get what you look for. But maybe you will come to understand when you are a bit older and boasting about having a credit card on the forum will no longer be such fun.
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,818
15 Sep 2017 #18

You are right in a way tho there's a polish saying that goes przykim przystajesz takim sie stajesz which means basically you become the people you hang around. Most the people I hang around aren't too interested in the more traditional things like getting married in their 20s. People are deciding to get married later and later bc they want to enjoy their careers, have fun, meet people and just live their life without having to worry about a nagging spouse. Personally I doubt ill ever get married bc I couldn't be with just 1 woman for the rest of my life and a lot of younger people including poles feel that way too. Some of them change their mind later in life due to influence from family members or if they meet someone truly unique but nonetheless people are getting married later and later and there's more divorce than ever. People want choices and freedom now that the world's way more open. And yes part of that includes dating people that would be deemed exotic.

Also I never boasted about any credit card... Idk where you got that from. Honestly I don't even own a credit card (aside from the one my work gives me) as I pay for everything with cash check or debit.
17 Sep 2017 #19
-Most foreigners here are men aged from late twenties to late forties. It's pretty pathetic how many of them behave and being an average-income native English speaker is likely to get you a lot of bad press for no reason at all. Brits and Italians have definitely made local women very cold and closed off to foreign relationships. However, there are many women attracted to this type of arsehole short arse man, and so local complaints about 'that type of man' probably should be taken with a huge pinch of salt. They have a bad reputation for a reason, but curiously the local women who always complain about them seem to be the ones who ride them the most-I have actually left dates on the spot over such weird warning signs.

-Most of them, upwards of 70% of them, in my view are and will be taken before they reach their mid/late twenties. There are a lot of Ukrainians and some Belarusians, God knows where they're hiding you might think on a night out as they don't seem to spend the same money or head out as much as other foreigners or Poles.

-Divorce rates are running at 42%(this is at least 15% more than similar stats I have read about Ireland) and single mothers are widespread. Social problems here are predictably high given the dominating ideology.

-A slight majority of foreign men seem to be single. I would put this down to them being foreign, having high enough split rates with locals, and things like the above.

-If you live in a relatively large city and you came to this country purely looking for women you will be disappointed. There are more and more Europeans and others living in the cities now. Those of us who came here purely for work and cheaper rent seem to be in the minority as many people followed their girlfriend/wife or their hordes of Italian/Spanish/Erasmus mates back to 'paradise'.

-Overall, if you are young and reasonably intelligent, you may decide that 90% of the time it is not worth the effort at all pursuing city women who are mostly attracted to older men or local men or money. As people behave very coldly here in general, no matter how much effort you put into the language, and if you eventually get tired of formal pubs and overpriced clubs, expect to even forget about it. Something inside many of them doesn't find younger foreign men particularly attractive.

- The only people I know who have the patience for the mind games of single instagram head careeristic women are usually those who go hunting in packs and who see it as an ego trip.
17 Sep 2017 #20
Generally I prefer older women now anyways-the instagram child like, extremely narcisstic mentality of many women in their twenties is very off-putting.

They will be the ones who never shut up about their holidays and gossip at work while never showing interest in other people.
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,818
18 Sep 2017 #21

I wouldn't agree with that totally. Its just that polish girls tend to be a bit more prude and enjoy a longer chase a more than western girls. Classier imo. The ones who spend most their lives in Poland as opposed to those who lived abroad tend to go for polish guys. However the ones who lived or even spent a bit of time in places like uk Germany us etc tend to be more open to dating non poles. Generally polish girls from what I've seen go for white guys although there is more relationships now where the guys Indian north African west African Italian Spanish etc. This was extremely rare even like 10.20 years and and still fairly rare but it is more commonplace in the larger cities. I wonder though if For me personally I've never had an issue with meeting women in Poland. Also there's many single polish girls in their 20s but generally mid/late 20s appears to be when they get hitched. I have noticed esp in the cities that more and more young people get married and have kids later much like the us bc they want to enjoy their careers travel explore different options meet people etc
18 Sep 2017 #22
'Mid/late twenties' tends to be engaged by 21/22 and even married by 23/24/25 with 1 in 3 of them from what I have seen.

No wonder so many of them end up as single parents and divorced by 30/31.

What I find shocking is that anyone would let their family pressure them into early marriage. A lot of young Polish men have told me about how that annoys them-the 5/6 year college courses seem to be the end of youth for many people in their own minds too.
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,818
18 Sep 2017 #23

That's about right. Even the poles that go to college often meet someone while they're doing their degree and will get engaged. From what I've seen though most get married after they finish. Again just my experience everyone's different. In the countryside its not unusual for a woman to be married and have 2 or 3 kids by the time she's in her mid 20s.There's a lot more divorce than there use to be in the west as well as in Poland. Yeah my parents pretty much gave up on the idea of me getting married anytime soon. My extended family still bugs me about it though lol. I tell them I'm not interested in settling down till I'm where I want to be with my career and till I find a girl that I could actually see myself with for a long time. Up to this point it hasn't happened. Even in the past when I've had longer relationships after the 1 year mark I get antsy and bored. I can see myself sooner having a kid than a wife
18 Mar 2021 #24
Can anyone advise me what to look out for in a polish man if you are a relatively successful female?
johnny reb 40 | 7,845
18 Mar 2021 #25
What do consider to be "relatively successful" female ?
Or it could be what the Polish guy should be looking out for in a relatively successful female.
19 Mar 2021 #26
What I mean is... What radars must a female switch on (well off) or behaviours to watch out from in order to spot if her boyfriend is a gold digger?
Novichok 4 | 7,305
19 Mar 2021 #27
Easy. No radars. Ask directly what you want to know.

See what he drives, where he lives, and if he rents or owns both. If he passes that one, hire a PI to check the rest: criminal record, marital status, assets vs debt, and any judgment if he was sued. This will be the best investment you ever made.

Show stoppers: more than two drinks per day, illegal drugs, smoking, bad weight, and how he reacts to animals and kids. Before you get him into bed, demand an AIDS test.

Invent a fake crisis where he would have to choose sides. If he goes with his mother, run.

Above all: assume that everything he says is a lie until proven otherwise.
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,818
19 Mar 2021 #28
Just date someone wealthier than you if you plan to have a serious relationship... then you don't have to worry about a guy using you for your money. Personally, I don't know why anyone would be involved with someone outside their social class, ethnicity, worldview, etc. if they're pursuing a serious relationship. It's bound to just cause problems down the line.
Miloslaw 15 | 4,732
19 Mar 2021 #29
Just date someone wealthier than you

Blimey, it is all about money and status with you.... it is truly pathetic to see...
Love happens.... sometimes it can cause problems.... get over it....
KasiaP - | 7
20 Mar 2021 #30
I am disappointed how low is level of this conversation...

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