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How to find Asian Girlfriend in Poland

BBman - | 344
2 Dec 2012 #31
There aren't very many asian woman in Wroclaw. There is a vietnamese community in warszawa numbering in the 10s of thousands though.
But you would be better off going to asia or western europe.
ShawnH 8 | 1,507
3 Dec 2012 #32
PM lodz the boat. He married a nice Korean girl. Maybe she has a friend or a sister.
Adi - | 12
16 Jan 2015 #33
Merged: Is there any Asian girl in Silesia?

Hello, I'm looking for an Asian girl in Silesia voivodeship who is interested to meet a Polish man.
HIM4413 - | 2
21 Jun 2016 #34
Merged: A Polish Guy Seeks Asian Girlfriend in Poland

Hi there All, I live in Poland, I was born here, i am Single 24 years old male, didn't know how to so i am making a thread here.

I am looking for an Asian girl, an yes i am seeking for a gf of an Asian type. I haven't got any luck on finding one.

This is a serious thing(Not a joke sort)... i can't stop staring on this Asian eyes, please do write to me somehow i can give a skype contact, send a photo no problem, all you need is ASK FOR IT.
20 Feb 2017 #35
Eh? Why Asians tho? Though poles hate us asians?
Ironside 51 | 11,310
20 Feb 2017 #36
Though poles hate us asians?

Who the hell told you that? Those are just dumb generalisations.

I am looking for an Asian girl, an yes i am seeking for a gf of an Asian type.

Huh? Is that some kind of a fantasy or you just seen Asians girls somewhere and that beauty type apples to you?
Coming from someone who doesn't discriminate when it comes to women. Asian, African, European and whatnot makes no difference to me as long as they are pretty and nice.
HIM4413 - | 2
25 Feb 2017 #37
well its not true that all the poles hate Asians, most Polish people the smart ones, already moved to england and other prospecting countries, so all thats left is stupid racists, most of them bold...

Im no racist, in fact an Asian eyes are most beautiful in all god forsaken world.
so if you ask why i just cant help myself and i find Asians cute girls most beautiful...
Well if someone want to get in touch with me heres my skype HIM4413, my name is Mikolaj.
2 Mar 2020 #38
Hello! Does anyone have to propose how to date an Asian girl in Krakow?
pawian 202 | 21,196
6 Mar 2020 #39
Why do you want to date girls?

Why Asian girls?

Why in Krakow?

PS. We need this info to know how to advise you.
7 Mar 2020 #40
Why do you want to date girls?

What kind of question is that?
Because I am a straight guy and i am attracted to girls.

Why Asian girls?

Because I find Asian girls more attractive than Europeans. The name of this thread is "How to find Asian Girlfriend in Poland"

Why in Krakow?

Because I live in Krakow. I am not interested for long distance relationship.
pawian 202 | 21,196
7 Mar 2020 #41
What kind of question is that?

It was a very appropriate question to find out about your intentions. E..g, you could be interested in discussing Asian culture, history, traditions, literature.

Because I am a straight guy and i am attracted to girls.

Oh, I see. So it is not literature but erotic contexts.

I can`t help you, then. If you were interested in language exchange or cultural discussions, I would advise you to register at
MatthewB - | 4
25 Oct 2021 #42
Hello. Names Matthew and Im from Poland/Olsztyn. Im looking for asian girlfriend but I dont know where to find one. I hope you can help me or maybe even one girl will talk to me here. You can PM here or on discord

Geralt z Rivii#0915
Strzelec35 36 | 988
25 Oct 2021 #43
Ive recently met a cute tartar girl from lodz on a teen chat but she has been quiet and not talking to me lately. She is about to turn 17.
Cargo pants 3 | 1,503
25 Oct 2021 #44
asian girlfriend

There are couple here I think,if you look around there nick starts with"P" & "L",sorry cant post there full nicks or Ill be gagged.
MatthewB - | 4
25 Oct 2021 #45
I dont want make mistake so i would prefer to wait till one of them will talk to me. I dreamed about asian gf. I want this to happen.
MatthewB - | 4
30 Oct 2021 #46
Is there any asian girl here which is single ? I know that this question sounds weird its just i cant find any asian girls anywhere. Please help me.
cms neuf - | 2,111
30 Oct 2021 #47
You mean an Indian or a Chinese ?

There are plenty of Indian students for sure in most big towns and some of them must be single. Just hang out near some university and you can chat one up
Alien 12 | 2,820
30 Oct 2021 #48
In Rome, I heard from the locals that Africa begins south of Rome. Similarly, in Poland, Asia must begin east of Warsow. Leave Warsaw and look for...
MatthewB - | 4
31 Oct 2021 #49
The thing is Im from Olsztyn and I dont have time to go to Warsaw cause I study. Besides I doubt any girl would like to have boyfriend so far away. I dont know what to do. Maybe you know some asian girls (all countries not only Chinese or Japanese). If not asian girls then maybe some black skin girl (i hope it doesnt sound wrong). It should be Olsztyn or cities close to it unless some girl would agree to move to Olsztyn in future (Im sorry but Im a little afraid of moving to other house plus I dont want leave place where i lived my whole pife). I really count on you. I was even trying to lool on dating sites but without luck. I hope there is someone who can help.
Bobko 14 | 1,005
1 Nov 2021 #50
I dreamed about asian gf. I want this to happen.

Step one - become very educated. Step two - enter into and succeed in a prestigious profession. Step three - perform fellatio on her parents. You're welcome.

This come from experience.
pawian 202 | 21,196
1 Nov 2021 #51
on her parents. This come from experience.

Did you also do it for her grandparents????
Bobko 14 | 1,005
2 Nov 2021 #52

Have you ever heard the expression, "true love knows no bounds"? One day, you too will become a grandfather.
pawian 202 | 21,196
2 Nov 2021 #53
One day, you too will become a grandfather.

and you will do to me what you did to other grandparents??? Yuk!
Bobko 14 | 1,005
3 Nov 2021 #54

Don't say "yuk" before you have a chance to say "fuk"!
Novichok 4 | 7,305
3 Nov 2021 #55
Step three - perform fellatio on her parents.

Based on Step 1 and Step 2, I thought what the hell happened to Bobko. Then came Step 3 and the nightmare was over. What a relief...
You didn't mention their boyish butts and missing eyelashes.
Allanmz1 2 | 5
25 Nov 2021 #56
Hey I like your reply. How are you?

@AlicjaK hi


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