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English Men vs Polish Men

sara07 - | 15
8 Mar 2007 #61
I don't have any suggestions... the guys you have been with suck in bed, and that's that lol

You need passion, love, and stamina. That's about it

Some men feel it others don't.

Sweetheart I'll tell you now -don't get me wrong- had 2 polish guys and maybe my bad luck but guys had good stuff and doesn't know exactly how to used it. :) :) :)
Goonie 8 | 242
8 Mar 2007 #62
where do you live and why don't you post a picture lol

my suggestions might be more appropriate with the above
sapphire 22 | 1,241
9 Mar 2007 #63
Sweetheart I'll tell you now -don't get me wrong- had 2 polish guys and maybe my bad luck but guys had good stuff and doesn't know exactly how to used it

Well why didnt you show them what you liked? men are not machines and all women are turned on in different ways.. so you cant only blame the men for being crap.. maybe its you who doesnt know how to guide them to your erogenous zones.

you know what i mean, the ladies have never complained

Most women dont complain... not to the man anyway.. they just moan to their friends or strangers online afterwards.
peterweg 37 | 2,319
9 Mar 2007 #64
not sure we should be generalising about whole nations of guys... after all there are good and bad specimens of mankind (and womankind) in both countries. However, in my own limited experience of these matters my Polish bf has much better manners than many English guys I have been out with, ..

You certainly cannot generalise.Two ex-girlfriends of myself a Polish friend of mine both agreed I was good and he was ho-hum - nice to cuddle. He's better looking then me so its swings and roundabouts, I suppose. But his existing long term girlfriend was very happy with him.

So it not only the man, but the woman that determines how good a man is. You cannot generalise about an entire nation, its ridiculous.

fair enough... I would rather have a good looking guy with a small dick, than an ugly one with a big dick and ego to match.. but maybe thats just me

Oh he has the ego. This was my best friend..
He has a girlfriend at home, one at work and the gall the screw my girlfriend and tell me it was none of my business. I meanwhile had to keep my mouth shut while the three suckers told me how wonderful he was. I sure you would love him.

Thats why have to laugh when some people go on about how trusting, loyal, honest Polish guys are.
sapphire 22 | 1,241
9 Mar 2007 #65
blimey.. well I hope you arent best mates any more. He must have something to have 3 women on the go though. All men (and women) have the capacity to cheat.. I dont think one nation is any more loyal or disloyal than another, its all down to the individual
peterweg 37 | 2,319
9 Mar 2007 #66
I still speak to him, go on holiday and am on friendly terms. He split with the girl he was living with, his mistress at work refered to her as 'his situation'. I think he told the mistress that she was dying with cancer and couldn't leave her for the few years this was going on.

He's a smooth talker, women think he a honest nice guy and will swallow anything. I admit was shocked at his callous disreguard for everyone but himself and I've know him for 15years.

The Mistress now live with him and he doesn't let anybody met her in case his fabricated exitance is exposed. I met her once and mention how much he loved his girlfriend - she freaked, apparently the story that there was love involved hadn't been communicated.

You say I've an ego, well, its more that I'm bullet proof, I need to be. He can say 'I shagged your girlfriend' and I can reply 'yeah, and she came back to me because you were crap'.

We don't talk about it, though...
9 Mar 2007 #67
Ranj - thanks.
I just observe that men often compete with each other when it comes to who is better in this and that and who can perform better. I totally understand that, because women are competetive too.

The only problem is that you should not loose yourself in that competition, you migh win a battle, but in the end of the day, you have lost a war.
peterweg 37 | 2,319
9 Mar 2007 #68
Of course it can be a competition, women make judgements on whats good for them, so they take part in as well.

Personally I can't be bothered with competing anymore. I prefer help my friends, its more effective.
9 Mar 2007 #69
some women do, not all, besides there is also a huge media influance and it effects both sexes when it comes what's expected of them.
peterweg 37 | 2,319
9 Mar 2007 #70
of course. You can''t make statements about anything that apply to all people, men or women of any nationality. Some girls do, some girls don't, as the song goes.
27 Mar 2007 #71
English guys are awful, they are wimpy, ugly and arrogant. I constantly meet different nationalities in London and there manners and emotional intelligence beat english guys hands down.

They just take care of and value their women better
sapphire 22 | 1,241
27 Mar 2007 #72
woooooaaaah.. thats a sweeping statement. Even though I have a Polish boyfriend I feel the need to defend my fellow countrymen. Not all English men are wimpy, ugly, arrogant with no manners and a lack of intelligence.. its probably just the ones that were attracted to you that were like that :)
szarlotka 8 | 2,208
27 Mar 2007 #73
I feel the need to defend my fellow countrymen.

Thanks Sapphire. I am too much of a gentleman to argue with ladies in public and would have been unable to defend myself and other Brit blokes:)
0Adam0 - | 14
7 Oct 2007 #74
I'm an englishman, my name's Adam.
I want to officially say - it doesn't matter on your nationality because as we all know you get gits in every country. I doubt anyone can disagree with that lol.

That being said I must agree that, bar us few nice guys, most english guys aren't quite the gentlemen they should be. But in defense of MOST the western men: it's those few Feminists that were mentioned that have killed Chivalry. Yes this is true. Nearly all the guys I know won't hold a door for one of three reasons:

1: Yes they aren't very gentlemanly (these are the few gits)
2: They don't want to come off as too soppy. Because no matter what you say ladies very few women these days respond to a kind gesture first. Deny it if you wish, but you pick a guy who'll openly make fun of you than hold a door for you. It's been proven over and over again. (because you see it as confidence - which yes it is - but ignoring the guy who's trying to impress you and then complaining later doesn't wash with me I'm afraid :P)

and 3: They are frightened that they'll get their head blown off by some crazed feminist.

Now myself I have the philosophy - If you've got a problem that's what it is - YOUR problem. So I shall continue to hold a door and offer my seat and carry the bags, and if someone doesn't like it clearly they aren't the one for me.

But I do hate it being thrown back in my face all the same haha.

Just to clarify - that wasn't a dig at anyone in particular - that's just how it is.

Personally I love the fact that supposedly the majority of Polish women appreciate the Gentlemanly approach, it allows me to be myself without worry :).
anglikgirl 2 | 11
11 Oct 2007 #75
i think polish men are more polite, romantic, considerate and attentive. i have only had one proper english boyfriend and one polish and the polish guy was by far more romantic and paid me more attention. my english friends only want a shag and will make the minimum effort required to achieve this with girls. i work with lots of Polish people and they are all very polite and take an interest in conversations. I think the difference in culture has alot to do with it. From my expereincve Polish people are generally brought up to be more polite.
Jashiwi - | 16
6 Aug 2008 #76
I was brought-up to act as a *lady* so my goal is to find a *gentlemen* in return. :) I can't stand rude people, whom only care about 'what do I get out of this if I am kind or care?' (thinking about themselves first.)

I just act kind to others, in good-manners to respect and behavior; because that is whom I am. :) (I enjoy being kind to others.) Not for gaining anything in return.

It is a lovely thing to know, that in the UK, men are still being braught-up to treat women as a lady. and I feel that it does not matter if you are a woman or man, you need to treat others as you would like to be treated. (whether you are Polish, English or not.)
Doubtfullove 4 | 28
7 Aug 2008 #78
My polish boyfriend is much more romantic than any British guy I have gone out with. He is much more direct therefore has no problem saying how he feels about me. I think Polish people are more direct in general.

I think they are still a bit more traditional than many young UK guys. So buying flowers, talking romantically etc seems to be very important in how they express themselves.

I notice that his friends are much more romantic towards women generally too. They are in thier mid 20's and actually want to date girls rather than just only picking them up for the one night. In fact I think they find British girls a little confusing as there are a lot who will go out dancing with their friends, snog the face off a guy (or more than one!) and then say see ya! I'm told by his pals that it would be at least polite in Poland to walk the girl home and ask for her number.

But hey I don't speak the lingo so maybe thats what they tell me...(-;
BubbaWoo 33 | 3,510
7 Aug 2008 #79
My polish boyfriend is much more romantic than any British guy I have gone out with

aint being funny or nuffin like but werent you saying, ooh just a couple of days ago, that you thought he might be cheating on you...?
Doubtfullove 4 | 28
7 Aug 2008 #80
....yes thats very true.. but that doesn't mean to say he's not romantic! and Romance is the topic here, not in/fidelity!

I knew I should have changed my name! (-; !!!
tomekcatkins 8 | 130
25 Feb 2009 #81
British men not romantic? And what about James Bond then?! ;)
MrBubbles 10 | 614
25 Feb 2009 #82
British men not romantic?

Exactly - some of the most romantic words in the polish language come from English: Sex shop, Video cabinet, sex film, hamburger, live sex chat...

Ah! chansons d'amour eh?
tomekcatkins 8 | 130
25 Feb 2009 #83
Oh I wish there would be laws to forbid to spoil such a pure and innocent people as the Polish, with such vulgar words!

Maybe Poland should be made a wild park with only romantic and sensitive people in it. And the ugly Brits may only visit when they keep inside their safari-jeeps. ;)
cjjc 29 | 408
25 Feb 2009 #84
How funny was this thread!

My experience is that Polish guys have no problems cheating on their gf's (probably because Polish girls are generally prettier that English) English men can seem to keep it in their pants more.

lexi 1 | 176
25 Feb 2009 #85
British men not romantic? And what about James Bond then?! ;)

I know not everyone is like James Bond. I think that british men are alot more sincere than other nationalities( by this I mean Irish Welsh and Scottish included). They may not bring bundles of flowers and an excessive amount of chocs, and tell you how beautiful you look everyday, even if you DON'T but they support you when times are hard and they are there when you need them. Surely this proceeds romance or am I wrong?
ShelleyS 14 | 2,893
25 Feb 2009 #86
I know not everyone is like James Bond.

He's a fictional character, he's also a womanising fictional character, not exactly the kind of man any decent woman would want to 'fall' for!

Men are men some English men are romantic and kind, some are arseholes, Im sure the same can be said for Polish men!

Big of stupid debate really!
lexi 1 | 176
25 Feb 2009 #87
Yes I know everyone is different. British men do tend to be less emotional until it is really needed. I remember what Madonna said about Guy Ritchie being an "emotional retard". In a few years time when she has been "dumped" by the 20some lovers she will be falling in to the arms of Guy, stating that he is the only one that understands me. Believe me this will happen. He will become her sole mate, best friend the only person who ever really knew me. All these young "wannabees" will have found there young wanabee lovers.

Thus proviing British is best! sorry.
Sokrates 8 | 3,346
25 Feb 2009 #88
Well last time i tried to give ze lady a bunch of flowers i was rewarded with "man they're trees!" so this year she got a dead pigs head in a cheap cardboard box filled with used condoms and a card "thats for fucking with my ego woman".

While i dont like Harry, generalizations and dirty socks i need to concur, Poland is one of the last places in Europe where offering a woman a seat or opening door for her is common.
ShelleyS 14 | 2,893
27 Feb 2009 #89
Thus proving British is best! sorry.

Wrong, it proves nothing about British men but does it prove she's a old slag who couldn't get another bloke and you thinking Guy is going to have her back is wrong, he'll have a new woman in his bed quicker than you can say "I'm on the front page of Hello with my new bird" As for British men being less emotional, you're talking shite, some are some are not. It's worthless debate.

Anyone who honestly believes you can determine someone's character/sexual preference etc. based on their nationality is an idiot. Plain and simple.

Hmm Italian men seem to be a bit more randy, every time my mate goes to Milan for meetings she gets her bum pinched ;0) Funnily enought it doesn't happen when she goes to Germany!
merlia - | 3
27 Feb 2009 #90
Polish guys are good.

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