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English Men vs Polish Men

1 Oct 2006 #31

polish boys are hot cute and sexy

would luv to meet some to
2 Oct 2006 #32
I feel that i should apologise for that prick Steve because he really is the kind of person that gives us English men a bad name. But like has been mentioned on this forum many times since i have been here is that you cannot generalise a whole country due to one person or groups of people. There is good and bad in all societies around the world. Also threads like polish men are better than english men do not make any sense because it is the same principle in operation, some men may be less desirable than others but beauty is in the eye of the beholder and beauty can come in many diffrent shapes and sizes. And to be honest i dont think there is any truth in that statement, we have our fair share of good looking guys. One thing i will admit to is that polish women are evidently more attractive than british women, maybe this is due to the staple diet in Poland but i think you polish women have inherited a grade a gene pool. Currently i am friends and with a number of polish people and one thing that stands out is your girls eyes. The Polish girl i am particuarly close to has Green eyes with a yellow tinge on the outside, something i have never seen befire, but they are extremely beautiful and a really nice girl.
24 Oct 2006 #33
I am in a relationship with a Polish man who has just moved to England having worked for an English company for 23 years.

Come on that's a bit of bs, it works both ways. I'm English myself and I know how much hard work English girls can be. You can't be romantic with them, it's impossible.

If you brought them flowers they'd moan about the wraping, if you took them to the maldives they'd moan about the weather, if you brought them a new car they'd moan about the colour. :-D
dziwna_gruszka - | 197
25 Oct 2006 #34
DearL: Lee_Shagwell.... maybe you are hooking up with the wrong english lady... i mean not everyone woman is like that ... believe me i'm Polish Canadian and it's hard to get a boyfriend... But seriously try going out with a few different girls and see which one suits what you have to offer the most.

Lol that's so sweet like a lot of people in this forum are from the UK or live there...!!! that is so cool...
Bartolome 2 | 1,085
26 Oct 2006 #35
It's not cool at all. I moved out of Poland to find a job here. I would rather stay at home, but I just thought it's better to move to GB and work for little money and learn some English (of course I'm looking for a better job all the time), than stay in Poland, work for a little money and get more and more frustrated with lack of perspectives there.
3 Mar 2007 #36
I really don't think you can say conclusively that all men from a certain country act the same way. I'm from the US and I find English men to be generally more romantic and gentlemanly than American men, but both have their own ways of treating a women right.

And sure, women can live without men, but how happy would you be? I'd much rather have a man there.

And if you're worried about a guy paying for things, maybe you should marry money instead. Sure it's nice for the guy to pay, but it's something they should WANT to do, not something you make them do. And it depends on the guy. You can't judge guys on one factor; you can only judge him as a whole---weigh the costs and benefits in a way.

Men who only pay when they think they'll get a shag and women who only like men who pay deserve each other, I say.

I think when you've got a good man, you'll just know you do. Maybe you shouldn't judge a guy too fast. After all, there's the golden rule. Treat him right, and he'll most likely reciprocate; and if not, maybe you should move on and find someone better.
Lee_England 4 | 51
3 Mar 2007 #37
English men are getting to be such a pain in the neck. They don't romance women any more. They invite you out to Dinner, or the Theatre - then expect you to pay for your own meals, tickets and drinks. What do they think it is!

I've never in my life met an English bloke that makes girls pay half for the meal. I've got a lot of friends and they ALL pay for their girlfriends.

Either you're dating complete loosers, students or unemployed tramps.

Seriously, why do people write such crap on here. I can understand you like Polish men, I like Polish girls but there's no need to make up lies about English blokes.

The man pays for the women, this is engrained in English culture, hence the reason why we all do it without even batting an eyelid. This is the reason why we pay the mortgage, give you your own credit card and buy you your own car and then take you shopping to buy bags full of pointless makeup so that you can sit in front of a mirror for 2 hours refurbishing yourselfs.

Then when we try to be romantic you'll shy away in case it damages your "independant women" image.

English girls need to appreciate what we do for them. Considering the average English guy only earns between £20,000 - £25,000 per year, what you girls get out of us is a lot more than we get out of our own income.
peterweg 37 | 2,309
4 Mar 2007 #38
Well said Lee. Having a girlfriend is an very expensive hobby, its an exceptional one who will actually insist on paying her own way. Ok, I earn a lot of money so i don't expect a woman earning half as much to pay, but I don't know of any English man who would not do the same.
daffy 23 | 1,500
4 Mar 2007 #39
i wouldnt call gf an expensive hobby :)

if it is love - neither care who pays really

peter i agree if you earn twice as much thats only fair.

i am a gentleman and like to pay out of politeness but the etiquette is simple. if you ask for the date you pay - if she asks she pays. if you mutually agree to met up, suggest you will pay and she will either let you or prob say pay our own way.

personally, once in a rel'ship i like to pay fully one time and let her pay in full the next. it works for us and it avoids reading the bill :)
4 Mar 2007 #40
gentelman is a gentelman and it has nothing to do with nationality.
With women earning more money, so is the responisbility to be equal.
I think that it depends on the stage of realationship. If the prson is making more, she or he should pay more often, but that doesn't mean that the other person is not contributing to realtionship in other ways.

From my experiance it's good to date somebody who makes similar money to yours:).
Bartolome 2 | 1,085
4 Mar 2007 #41
...but let's face it: Polish man is no match to British man in any way - most of us can't speak English fluently, we're from different culture and last but non least, we don't stand half a chance to earn as much as them.
4 Mar 2007 #42
From what I have seen on the forum, why would a Polish man want to date an English woman since Polish women have it all :)
4 Mar 2007 #44
Ive got to say that ive been working in Poland for around 8 months and I'm a good looking guy who drssess well with some good chat. I'm English and I can honestly say I've found the best looking woman in Gdynia. If Poland was full of great looking chaps with lots to say I'm sure she would have been taken a long time along. In short Polish men do not have a clue when it comes to women.
peterweg 37 | 2,309
4 Mar 2007 #45
I agree that polish men are so much better than english men, loads of reasons in fact too many to list lol

And English Women are even worse. According to a lot of comments made in this forum :)

I honestly don't think men or women are much different in either country. If you have the delusion that Polish men and women are angels then you are a fool.
4 Mar 2007 #46

At last someone who speaks with some sense!!!
4 Mar 2007 #47
Ania, but usually this kind of discussions on the forum are started by Engladers themselves...

I know honey, all very very silly, I dont know any Polish men personally so I cant comment, I know that English men can be very charming and extremely well mannered but they can be the opposite of that too, Im almost sure that its the same for Polish men. No one is perfect :)

Tamara 9 | 202
5 Mar 2007 #48
I am married to a Polish man after being married to an American and there is no comparison!
sapphire 22 | 1,241
5 Mar 2007 #49
not sure we should be generalising about whole nations of guys... after all there are good and bad specimens of mankind (and womankind) in both countries. However, in my own limited experience of these matters my Polish bf has much better manners than many English guys I have been out with, but there is a flipside to those traditional values, eg) in terms of male attitudes towards women...
FISZ 24 | 2,116
5 Mar 2007 #50
not sure we should be generalising about whole nations of guys

Yeah....probably not :)
krysia 23 | 3,058
5 Mar 2007 #51
I am married to a Polish man after being married to an American and there is no comparison

Polish guys always think how to repair something, how to improve things, etc, that's why they got big foreheads.

Hi Sledz. A lot depends on up-bringing and the person. I don't want to generalize one nation over the other because you can't.
sapphire 22 | 1,241
8 Mar 2007 #52
thats funny... i often wonder why mine likes to move the furniture around almost every month.. he seems to get bored with it easily, so I never know what Im going come home to... anyone else had that experience, or is he just weird?

Polish guys always think how to repair something, how to improve things,

sorry, forgot to say I was responding to this..
sara07 - | 15
8 Mar 2007 #53
here's coming the huge differences:

#1 polish guys have a stuff but they don't know how to use it (they thinking only - be inside) never turn on a woman first

#2 they thinking that -woman have to stay home and they know only how to do more kids
#1 american guys huge difference they know how to turn on a women so time spending together is really really good.
#2 they not expecting a lot you not feeling like for all the time someone checking you- what you doing and where you going and for.

#3Polish guys thinking that: when they are with the woman - he's already ‘’the owner of her’’- which is so disgusting.
Goonie 8 | 242
8 Mar 2007 #54
sara I'll have to disagree with your post based on my experiences :)

although I kinda consider myself more american than polish, even though I was born in Poland.
peterweg 37 | 2,309
8 Mar 2007 #55
So Polish guys are crap lovers?
shewolf 5 | 1,077
8 Mar 2007 #56
sara I'll have to disagree with your post based on my experiences

What? Do you mean experiences with men?!
Goonie 8 | 242
8 Mar 2007 #57

i knew i would get crap for the way i wrote it

you know what i mean, the ladies have never complained :)
shewolf 5 | 1,077
8 Mar 2007 #58
you know what i mean, the ladies have never complained

Oh! I get what you mean now. :)
sara07 - | 15
8 Mar 2007 #59
assuming yeap- crab lovers!
good stuff but if they could better use it -could be really good time.
peterweg 37 | 2,309
8 Mar 2007 #60
So, Polish guys - if I'm understanding what you are saying - are well endowed but don't know how to used it?

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