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Sexual appetites of Polki (in the 21st century)

Strzelec35 36 | 988
8 Dec 2021 #31
Guys watch the show You on Netflix the first episode. This is how women in America are and how people meet over there. So much better and easier than Poland. You have women flirting with you at a library even if youre just working at the store or a librarian or whatever. no one judges you and women are way more into sex or understand their needs and sexuality than these mongrels you call Polish women here. People meet without being part of any group or groupies. Women go out alone to cocktail bars. it is nothing like this traditional backward and catholic country or its women called Poland. I literally can walk around all day go everywhere do everything and will never meet or have anyone interested in fuking me or even getting to know me without money or some personal benefit they see in having an interaction with me here. Theyre all asexual robot communists and lames and users of men. And the men beat women here I bet. It is a sick country. Like sick man of asia china used to be Poland is like sick man of europe.

Home / Love / Sexual appetites of Polki (in the 21st century)
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