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Do Polish Women age well?

moonlight 6 | 103
17 Dec 2008 #31
the lack of pretty women in Ireland

and lack of good looking men :)
some people just have to try harder:)

when you look after yourself in the early part of your life I think it will carry through to the later part of your life. If you have beauty in your youth, you may think it lasts forever and become passive about looking after yourself, but outer beauty fades. You must care for your inner and outer self.
Babinich 1 | 455
17 Dec 2008 #32
I've noticed immature people look at what the person looks like on the outside, while the mature ones see the beauty from within that person.

Maybe the times and the expectations of people have changed over time.

These days there does seem to be a greater focus on the superficial.

Love: It's not a matter of convenience; it's a matter of commitment.
Patrycja19 63 | 2,699
18 Dec 2008 #33
but i don't see here any Polish girl jumping to the defence of Irish or British women when it is suggested that Polish women are far better looking - if birthright doesnt come into it )

ive defended all women many times over and I have many members on this forum who can back me up including the admin..

again my above post still stands and I tend to agree with krysia, its always a matter of whats on the outside,not whats on the inside

and maty also pointed out a good reason as well
again I think its pretty selfish to feel this way, if your blind there shouldnt be any questions or doubts..

and think about it this way, what if some old fart is looking at your sweet innocent glowing little girl the same way.. hmmmmmmmmmm now things change dont they.
Joker 4 | 2,590
18 Dec 2008 #34
Polish women age very gracefully, Have you ever seen a old Paki woman with those dark circles around thier eyes?
They look like Uncle Fester from the Addams family
Patrycja19 63 | 2,699
18 Dec 2008 #35
why would you say this about a woman who has to put up with how many years of a life with a man who takes on ten fricken wives? how many times do you think she was beaten by him? maybe those dark circles are permanent from his beatings?

all women grow old gracefully, and we do it alot better if our men croak before we do!! if we croak before them its because they drove us there!!
scorpio 20 | 188
18 Dec 2008 #36
again my above post still stands and I tend to agree with krysia, its always a matter of whats on the outside,not whats on the inside

As RebelOReilly mentioned previously, our comments are only simple general observations and not conclusive statements. Naturally, an individual's personality and heart count more than anything, but that's not what the topic was about. The topic questioned, "Do Polish Women Age Well?". I provided my opinion based on the population of a small village where I live. The women here can hardly be representative of the entire country of Poland, at least I think it can't be. When answering the question which the topic puts forward, one looks at the physical aspect of the Polish women, if she ages well beyond 40 years old. My interpretation of the question of this topic was more about physical appearance, and not the good nature, personality, or heart of the person in question.

Patrycja19, there is another topic on Polish Forums entitled "Polish men vs german men:Who is hotter?". From what I have seen of the postings which have taken place there, it is full of 'pin ups' of the physical appearance of men, and comments of men how they look on the outide. I haven't seen any woman on that forum coming to the defense of a man's personality or heart there, as has been done on this forum. Why? So it seems, it's ok to lust after and judge a man's physical appearance, but not talk about a women's appearance? Food for thought. :-)
ShelleyS 14 | 2,893
18 Dec 2008 #37
like, how well do british men or irish men age?

Some very well, some not so well.

should we take on a young stud who has ripples of muscles or keep the man we married because hes the one we love?

I'll opt for the stud, Im quite shallow, life's too short to end your days with some big fat loser ;)

Do you know any stunning women in their 40/50's that have been working their whole life in a factory? Well there weren't many business women in communist times around here.

As usual you hit the nail on the head :)


Nothing wrong with giving nature a little bit of help :)

This might not be such a big problem for you. Most of these old women that you see, buried their husbands years earlier. :)

:) :) :)

i've had plenty of conversations elsewhere about the lack of pretty women in Ireland too

How rude!
Dziady - | 50
18 Dec 2008 #38
I'll opt for the stud, Im quite shallow, life's too short to end your days with some big fat loser ;)

Ha ha ha, I love how this thread went from something approaching misogynistic to dumping on big, fat losers.
ShelleyS 14 | 2,893
18 Dec 2008 #39
Women are opting for younger men these days, since women take care of themselves they can bag a younger man - why date some big fat old loser when you get a someone in their prime whose sex drive still works ;)
scorpio 20 | 188
18 Dec 2008 #40
I love how this thread went from something approaching misogynistic

This thread never seemed to approach 'women hating' at all. Now you seem to be revising the theme of the topic. Do you consider judging a women's appearance as 'misogynistic'? It's only allowble to say, 'she is beautiful', but not "she is not attractive at all'? Provide some facts on your analysis? Again, look at the topic, and try to answer the question which was posed, instead of playing Mr. Neutral Diplomat.

There seem to be other forums which focus on the 'appearance' of individials. Take a good look at the "Polish Men versus German Men" thread. It asks 'who is hotter', which is quite similar to how a person ages. It's an 'appearance' question, and not an issue on personality traits or who has a good heart.
sapphire 22 | 1,241
18 Dec 2008 #41
1. Geography of a Woman

Between the ages of 18 - 21 a woman is like Africa or Australia.
She is half discovered, half wild and naturally beautiful with bushland
around the fertile deltas.

Between the ages of 21 - 30 a woman is like America or Japan.
Completely discovered, very well developed and open to trade especially with
countries with cash or cars.

Between the ages of 30 - 35, she is like India or Spain. Very hot, relaxed
and convinced of its own beauty.

Between the ages of 35 - 40 a woman is like France or Argentina. She may
have been half destroyed during the war but can still be a warm and
desirable place to visit.

Between the ages of 40 - 50 she is like Bosnia or Iraq. She lost the war
and is haunted by past mistakes. Massive reconstruction is now necessary.

Between the ages of 50 - 60 she is like Russia or Canada. Very wide, quiet
and the borders are practically unpatrolled but the frigid climate keeps
people away.

Between the ages of 60 - 70 a woman is like England or Mongolia.
With a glorious and all conquering past but alas no future.

After 70, they become Albania or Afghanistan. Everyone knows where
it is, but no one wants to go there.

2. The Geography of a Man

Between the ages of 15 - 70 a man is like Zimbabwe - ruled by a dick.
Rakky 9 | 217
18 Dec 2008 #42
My experience - for what it's worth - I grew up in a town with a lot of Polish and other Slavic people. Now that we're all well into adulthood, the women seem to have fallen into one of two camps: either (the majority) look a lot like they did back then (and I'm STILL hot for them) or have transformed into fat loud boorish people. I traveled in Poland this year and was VERY attracted to women who were my age or very nearly there and found the old baba's I met to shine with beauty from within their withered bodies. Anyone who is fortunate enough to share their senior years with a Slavic woman with whom they have shared a lifetime should count themselves among those they consider to be truly fortunate.
18 Dec 2008 #43
1. Geography of a Woman

2. The Geography of a Man

Patrycja19 63 | 2,699
19 Dec 2008 #44
Food for thought. :-)

I dont know if you read the whole thread, but my point was same as yours
the focus being on polish women.. physical ..

to me the thread is stupid. his point is polish women not aging well.
this can apply to any nationality.. my point is, why is it so important to worry about how women age when they do so much. your mother ages. are you going to call her imperfect because this is a natural form the body takes as we get older?

again, I think its negative.. we know our own destiny do men think we look forward to getting old and being looked upon by younger eyes as disgusting? and should they treat older women as such because this is how human nature works? is it that important to think so many years ahead of how your wife may look so you can decide to dump her after bearing your children, washing your smelly clothes. cooking ,cleaning, and doing all the crap men dont want to do while they sit on their fat rumps and gain weight and look at all the prn mags and then come hom one day to say hey.. guess what.. I found a slinky little hot woman who I am dumping you for.. then they go.. but guess what. that slinky little hot girl was only after your wallet.. so you divorce and end up in a one room apt with nothing but a single chair and a mattress to lay on.. your clothes will stink, so will you and your children will despise you for being such a prick and leaving the one person you had taken vows with so long ago.. who actually loved you and thats life!! and karma!!

hey its up to for thought!!

I didnt create that thread of the men whos hotter. that was created by a man
and I guess meant to be a joke, why would someone come rescue the guys when they clearly like being exploited ? why didnt you do it?

hey food for thought again!!
Rakky 9 | 217
19 Dec 2008 #45
bearing your children, washing your smelly clothes. cooking ,cleaning,

Let's not forget that these are also HER kids, clothes, food and household, so it's not just the man who benefits from the labor of the woman.

I get your point, but it's a bit harsh on males. We're not all pûrn-watching youth-chasing leches. We can't help that we're genetically programmed to be compelled to impregnate as many women as we can, and therefore attracted to young and fertile ones. However, we've also evolved to be respectful and honoring of our partners, so many of us mate for life and love our wives through thick and thin. I'm honest enough to admit when I appreciate and am even excited by a younger woman, but I'd never for a minute considering leaving or even cheating on my wife for one of them. She knows this, which makes everything much more relaxed and fun for us as we grow older.
OP RebelOReilly 3 | 10
19 Dec 2008 #46
Gee theres a lot of insecurity on here ;o)

Firstly this is site with Poland as its main theme right, so therefore its pretty reasonable that any subject could be about Polish people.

Second, for me its a relevant observation because Poland is considered to have so many beautiful women and as i said its quite a dramatic occurence if natural ageing tends to accentuate some physical traits in a less flattering way as the years pass.

Thirdly, i had no interest in replies about personalities etc as it wasn't relevant to topic on a physical event, however fourth, mea culpa, i should have posted this in a different thread as by posting it under relationships i should have known that people wouldn't have kept personalities out of it.

Oh and by the way i brought this theory to my wifes attention ages ago and since then she has been more aware of her surroundings and has told me that there is something to my observation.

I also noticed something about Polish (well slavic really) womens hip shapes versus Irish womens and she agrees with me on that too. We both knew these were just physical observations.

But hey if you think i'm Polish women bashing.........
PolskaDoll 28 | 2,104
19 Dec 2008 #47
I think if you post a thread questioning whether women age well or not you're going to outrage...well, women. ;)

I sometimes look at older women (I'll be one soon ;) and compare those who've had major surgery and those who've just left nature to it's own devices. It's all very well looking at celebs who have hit their 40's, 50's, 60's and don't have wrinkles, have no facial sagging, no sagging of their chests but most likely they had a lot of surgery and then that's what we end up comparing our "ordinary" older women to. Plus women age differently due to their genes, their diet and lifestyles etc.
Patrycja19 63 | 2,699
19 Dec 2008 #48
many of the older variety i.e. 40+ weren't so pleasing on the eye, so ipso facto i realised that Polish women must not age very well.

But hey if you think i'm Polish women bashing.........

I prob wouldnt if you didnt actually do it.. and just made light talk of it,, saying like polska doll did about diet, lifestyles etc.. while I am aware some women can look much older then their actual age.. due to hard lifes or drinking etc.. it applys to all women, not just women from poland. as it would apply to all men who might have the same issues of aging and not looking like they did at the age of twenty and something to look at right :)

I tend to agree with shelley on some of her comments above..
VaFunkoolo 6 | 654
20 Dec 2008 #49
get a someone in their prime whose sex drive still works ;)

Older men dont have problems with sex drives, its just that they stop fancying whats on offer
Lodz_The_Boat 32 | 1,535
29 Nov 2009 #50
like models from heaven.

Oh well...

Alright then..
Eurola 4 | 1,909
29 Nov 2009 #51
My impression is that Asian/oriental women age pretty well. I'm not good in telling ages, but I'm really lost with oriental women. I can never guess their age.

I don't think polish women age badly. As said above, work, family chores, smoking, drinking etc has a big effect on aging. Having so called good genes helps a lot too, no matter what your life style is.

American women age pretty good, regardless of their stressful life style, junk food etc.
Some of my cousins in Poland in their 30's or 40's look pretty chick, and some pretty worn's the attitude as well. Oh, well sooner or later we all end up in the same place...just don't worry about it. Live your life the best you can.
stevew 2 | 29
29 Nov 2009 #52
My impression is that Asian/oriental women age pretty well. I'm not good in telling ages, but I'm really lost with oriental women. I can never guess their age.

Polynesian women are almost the opposite. In their teens they are just drop dead gorgeous. By the time they are in their 20s they are showing their age. Once they hit their 30s...
29 Nov 2009 #53
I'm Polish woman and just today somebody at the party assumed that I was 12 years younger than I really am.

So I'm very happy today! And since it's 4 o'clock in the morning here I'm going to bed now.
ChrisPoland 2 | 123
29 Nov 2009 #54
When I compare my mother (American) and my mother-in-law (Polish), I always estimate my m-i-l as older although they are the same age. Part of it is (as someone mentioned before) the fact that my m-i-l got married and started her family as a teen. By the time she was 34 (my age group) she was a grandmother. Now she is a great-grandmother and has grandchildren and a great-grandchild the same age. She looks and behaves older than she is. She also doesn't take care of herself, seems unaware of what a healthy diet is, never goes to the doctor and she smokes.

Once when I couldn't find her at home, I began searching for her at the neighbor's (morning coffee). I found her at one neighbor's place. My m-i-l and the neighbor for me were identical in style and age. The same "shades of autumn" hair color cut in a short and practical style. The same blouse and skirt with fartuch regardless of activity or weather. Total lack of grooming except for the hair coloring. The same obligatory killer cup of coffee and cigarette in hand. I was shocked to later find out that the neighbor was my age - in her 30's not in her 60's. Maybe it is a village thing too. I think income can be part of it as well.

About some of the young, attractive women of today -Let's just wait 30 years to see the effects of all the solarium use of today.
southern 75 | 7,096
29 Nov 2009 #55
There is a point about 32-34 years of age when slavic women totally collapse in terms of appearance and in one night they turn from hot girls into babcias.

I also advise against too much sponsoring in these ages because they use it to eat and smoke more.
SzwedwPolsce 11 | 1,595
29 Nov 2009 #56
I actually think that the young generation will age better than the older ones did/do. For several reasons that are not strictly biological.
southern 75 | 7,096
29 Nov 2009 #57
For several reasons that are not strictly biological.

More natural fluids on skin?
SzwedwPolsce 11 | 1,595
29 Nov 2009 #58
Primarily because they seem care more about their appearance than the older generations did.
The older generations had more important things to care about to survive.
29 Nov 2009 #59
it's true. i remember years ago i went to Germany and i was impressed with fashionably and neatly dressed women , even if they weren't beautiful they looked very mom's generation of women tend to wear outdated clothes and hairstyles,dye their hair red or violet but it's changing. nowadays there are beauticians in every city, town and village, women can afford to go to beautician or hairdresser once a month. they don't use the cheapest available cosmetics anymore and they are more fashion conscious,and i'm talking about women who are now 35-40 years least it's what i notice in my town
PolishNutjob 1 | 74
6 Feb 2010 #60
There is a point about 32-34 years of age when slavic women totally collapse in terms of appearance and in one night they turn from hot girls into babcias.
I also advise against too much sponsoring in these ages because they use it to eat and smoke more.

Of course this is plain and evident to even the most casual observer. Sponsoring of women in this demographic category does more harm than good. The considerate gentleman will invest his sponsorship funds in womenfolk who are not so prone to gluttony and smoking.

By not providing these short-sighted women with the means to abuse themselves, we, the people, can mitigate a national disaster.

These women must be stopped.

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