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Do Polish Women age well?

Strzelec35 34 | 904
23 Aug 2021 #151
Also what is up with so many polish women having veiny legs like even in early 40s having all these veins on their legs popping out? what is that from the air in poland being bad during communist times? Also how is it they are like 45 and look 55 on average? I am sick of it guys. I am sick of being in such a country and having no other options but these females here. just sick of it.
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,861
24 Aug 2021 #152
Well maybe these middle aged 'females ' are sick of being regarded as your w'@nk fodder.
Just a thought.
Women get those veins usually after childbirth.
In magazines they would be airbrushed out.
Strzelec35 34 | 904
24 Aug 2021 #153
not the hot ones like courtney coz look a likes are wank fodder. most especially in Poland look like crap and 10 yrs older than they are. heck most 44 yr olds in Poland look like Latina or Asian 54s. they have a lot of zmarszczki already it seems and sometimes those veins. ive never seen foreign women or at least as many with such veins. i mean building out not just visible regular veins.

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