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In your opinion, what do Polish men think of slightly larger women?

16 Apr 2015 #1
I don't mean obese women. Just women with a little more meat on their bones, (US) size 12 highest. In the U.S. you find a variety of preferences, and the popularity of thick women is rising. But, being over weight is more than common nationwide.

In a fairly slim country as a whole, what do Polish men think of women like this? I know you can't generalize preference, and especially not by ones nationality, but keeping the culture in mind I'd just like to hear your opinions.

Does it matter or is even noticed? Are they considered very beautiful as in some other countries? Are they considered glutenous and undesirable as in other cultures? Thanks for the input.
Veles - | 164
16 Apr 2015 #2
I don't know what does "size 12" mean.
OP Redrobin1989
16 Apr 2015 #3
Ah, sorry for the confusion Veles. In Poland it is size 44.
16 Apr 2015 #4
Polish women get fat with huge waist when getting menopause. When young most are quasi anorexic (hence their usual bad breath because of empty stomach ;()).
Veles - | 164
16 Apr 2015 #5
It doesn't help me, I'm not good in all those "sizes". I don't even know anything about breast sizes, but somehow other people understand this... system. I would have to see an example to tell. :p

However, I am not a fan of women whose weight is bigger than mine.
Wulkan - | 3,251
17 Apr 2015 #6
I'm sure I read this post few hours ago and the op was asking what Polish men think about "thick" women.

anyway, thick or large, none of those are Polish men's favourites, I have met only one Polish chubby chaser in my life.
beckski 12 | 1,617
17 Apr 2015 #7
Ashley Graham is a size 16, plus size model. She was featured in Sports Illustrated magazine.
Don't think she's Polish though

17 Apr 2015 #8
I know that the average age of PF's members is around 22 years old but be aware that in Poland (like everywhere else), most people are well over their twenties ;). Do travel around Poland and we'll see that most women (outside of Warsaw's Nowy Swiat and the like) are overweight when they reach menopause age. A lot of them have impressive waists and their "fashion" is to wear blouses on top of their (tent-looking) skirts as they cannot tuck them in. I am really shocked when I see some Polish women are they can be so huge. Move to real Poland and you'll see. Anorexic style skinny women are among very Young girls and in very rich circles. Otherwise, the typical Polish woman in her 50's for instance is very fat (huge boobs, huge waist, huge stomach, and double chins). Also visit women's clothing (Polish, NOT H&M, Zara and consorts..) stores and you'll see that they often offer only huge sizes... Not far from Pl. Konstytucji in Warsaw, there is a store offering up to size.... 60 (for women) ;).

Discover real Poland!
Mr. Grunwald
18 Apr 2015 #9
it's about them curves like a hourglass, a man would want spend an eternity with that kind of woman that can take care of herself and has self respect ;)

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