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Dating a Polish guy. Do they cheat and have multiple women?

5 Jan 2012 #1
see im dating a guy that polish ive read on most things about polish men but do they constantly cheat and have multiple women they date ?
5 Jan 2012 #2
I would say they try to cheat although not successful all the time.Not that different from other categories off men though.As for Polki they for sure facilitate cheating.
5 Jan 2012 #3
it is not a polish thing- it is a male thing. my husband is loyal, his father is loyal- my husbands brother is a cheater. just a male thing.
5 Jan 2012 #5
5 Jan 2012 #6
The man who remains faithful in Polki environment deserves feminist congratulations.
5 Jan 2012 #7
ive read on most things about polish men but do they constiantly cheat and have multiple women they date ?

No, Polish men are just men like any other some cheat and some don't

I would say they try to cheat although not successful all the time.

Yes ofcourse, unlike the balkan power mixed with turkish blood lol, if I was single I'd go to Greece for holiday to bed a few slappers but unfortunatelly Greek women are almost as ugly as Greek men...
19 Jan 2012 #8
I doubt that polish men cheat any more than any other nation, where the stories come from are usually people who have heard stories about the immigrant community.

Unfortunately if you are away from the wife and family for months (sometimes years) you do get lonely and add alcohol to the equaton, things happen. I did know someone who after not seeing his family for two years and downing a whole bottle of vodka succumbed to one of the local 'Kur-as (who was on the look out for a better financial proposition), the man was absolutely disraught about the incident and didn't touch vodka again, hardly the world's worst philanderer! Happily the guy returned to his family and has probably never looked at another woman bar his wife again. I saw similar things happen in the British expat community whilst I was working abroad.

As for multiple women. well lots of people will date more than one person at a time providing they aren't sleeping with any of them. If you are in a relationship with someone you just have to make it clear that fidelity is an absolute condition of the relationship, bin them if they can't keep to it!

Also beware preditory females who might decide they like your bloke and try the old Kur-a trick on him, alcohol has a lot to answer for and some people will use it for bad purposes,

these days going out with anyone has it's risks! That said life would be boring if we all played safe!
19 Jan 2012 #9
my husband is loyal

you hope...... ;)
12 Feb 2012 #10
Nationality has nothing to do with cheating. He will cheat on you regardless of his race, skin color and nationality. If he's going to do it, there's nothing you can do to prevent him from doing it, NOTHING as in NADA!!!
3 Jun 2014 #11
It'd be a discrase to all Polish people if someone tried cheating. It is deffinetly not a Polish thing to cheat. Wow I'm posting this late...
15 Jun 2014 #12
It is deffinetly not a Polish thing to cheat.

... come on ...
15 Jun 2014 #13
They can have many wives, yes.
26 Jun 2014 #14

I know this question sounds stupid,but cant stop asking-because my friend told me that Polish guy tend to cheat on their gf or wife(She has been in Poland for 3 years for study).Is it true? I doubt that you can tell about it because of nationality.She also said divorce rate of polish married couple is high too.Her friends who married to polish guy get divorce a lot because he cheated.

I do not like having such preconception that is why I decided to ask here,where I can hear many voices of poles.By the way we are Japanese,our divorce rate is getting higher,one married couple in 3 married couple get divorced these days.

Thank you for reading :)
27 Jun 2014 #15
She also said divorce rate of polish married couple is high too.

She was wrong, it's one of the lowest in Europe.

I doubt that you can tell about it because of nationality.

Exactly, you have cheaters in every country.
29 Jun 2014 #16
Thank you for your reply,Wulkan :) I am kinda relieved to hear that,because I am moving to Poland and there would be possibility I would married to Polish-I dont take her seriously anyway,just wanted to make sure I am right.dziękuję!!
30 Jun 2014 #17
it's one of the lowest in Europe.

In reality Poland doesn't even make the top ten European countries for low divorce to marriage ratio.
30 Jun 2014 #18
it does
30 Jun 2014 #19
Divorce to marriage ratio (lowest first):
1. Malta (divorce is not even legal in Malta)
2. B&H
3. Macedonia
4. Montenegro
5. Ireland
6. Albania
7. Georgia
8. Serbia
9. Croatia
10. Greece
11. Italy
12. Poland

Poland drops to 13 on the list if one considers Turkey to be a European country.
2 Jul 2014 #20
This rank does not mean couples in these countries are good or bad,they just can not choose "divorce" because of religious reason even if they wanted to?
2 Jul 2014 #21
As far as I'm aware, the only country on that list where divorce is simply not available (because it is illegal) is Malta.
1 Feb 2018 #22
This will depend on the particular Polish man you're dating. Some cheat, some don't. But Polish dating culture largely disapproves of cheating.
22 Apr 2018 #23
Hi, I am new in this chat, it is nice to read all the comments.
I had a polish friend a while ago, he was well educated and had big aspirations. We went out and then he invited me to go to Poland. I got kind of scare..... this happened in the early 90s, I am Mexican and I thought that people over there were going to treat me bad, so I refused. And I heard later on that he married a cuban girl. Arghhhh! If I shouldn't have been a scary cat I would have had the opportunity to visit Europe.

And, I have always this thing about going to Poland. Some of can tell me about prices, hotels, hostels etc... I would like to go to Warsaw first.
22 Apr 2018 #24
Humans as a species are promiscuous. Don`t expect Polish guy to differ from other humans or from you.
Mr Grunwaldski
22 Apr 2018 #25
What... can't handle the heat Crowie boy?
22 Apr 2018 #26
Just rational and objective.
Mr Grunwaldski
24 Apr 2018 #27
Heartless and rational more like it
24 Apr 2018 #28
I am Mexican and I thought that people over there were going to treat me bad

25 Apr 2018 #29
I was young and I didn't have any traveling experience and Poland seemed kind of far away. Now, times have changed, we are connected with many people and we can watch videos about other counties and cultures.

But, if I could have chance to go back in time, I would choose to be back when I met my Polish friend, and travel.
26 Apr 2018 #30
Idk Polish guys but I know lots of Polish women are cheating their bf. They dont have any dignity and they are seeing this like ''Its normal at Europe. Its happening in relationships'' I would write longer but anyway.

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