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Dating Polish Women I'm attracted to. Any Advice?

24 Feb 2013 #1
I live in the UK and few days ago worked with a Polish woman who I found myself very attracted to! She is older than me, 43 and I'm 36.

I asked her out for a coffee or something (not decided yet) and she agreed. I'm chuffed but am now just wondering: Is there anything I should know about dating a polish woman? Does a polish woman have a different expectation of what a good date should be, is there a different etiquette expected etc etc. Thanks in advance :)
24 Feb 2013 #2
43? That's out of my comfort zone, but I think the positive qualities of the younger generation were probably learned from the older one. If that's the case, they're pretty old school. Open the door for her, pull out her chair, stand when she enters or leaves the room/table. Buy her flowers (in odd numbers, never even)! You'll find Polish women are very responsible as a whole, and take their relationships as seriously as their jobs or homes. Be a good guy.
beckski 12 | 1,617
25 Feb 2013 #3
Seven years age difference isn't too much. Your both in your 30's & 40's. I could see a problem, if you were only 18 & she age 25.

So... when she's 100 years old, you'll still be be a youthful 93
Ahusain 3 | 12
25 Feb 2013 #4
Chivalry is the way. I have ten years on my Polish gf (she's 27, I'm 37) but she is still quite traditional. Flowers, doors held open, waiting till you're both ready to eat before eating, etc. What I have found is that Polish woman seem to be pretty serious about their relationships. At 43, the object of your attentions will not be wanting to mess about...just be prepared to get quite serious quite quick.

And whatever else you do on your coffee-or-something date, be early or at least on time! Punctuality is highly regarded.

3 Jun 2014 #5
Most Polish people (I know since I'm Polish) are very traditional, maybe learn a few traditions? Also, us Polish people are very big on holidays you might have not even heard of, all Polish friends and I celebrate Mother's Day on the Polish day, not any other day. And lastly, if she speaks Polish, learn a couple of words. I always felt good when someone tried to impress me by saying a couple of words in Polish.
Bulgaria_681 - | 1
29 Aug 2016 #6
Merged: Polish women are parasite

I hate polish women they are dirty *******, polish men are dirty alcoholics who feel pride that every man in London finishes in their women. I'm Bulgarian and so is my boyfriend we have pictures together on facebook and this polish women can see but she is just trying to seduce my boyfriend, which she did she slept with him and couldn't keep their relationship stable so she just stopped seeing him. My boyfriend is with me again, but why do polish women think that a man from the Balkans would love and marry them ?
dolnoslask 6 | 3,074
29 Aug 2016 #7
"so she just stopped seeing him"

Bulgaria is a wonderful place for a vacation , very cheap to visit, maybe the Polish girl was on holiday and wanted to have a bit of fun so she hooked up with a Bulgarian guy. I think you need to keep a close eye on your boyfriend he is no good if he cheats on you.
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,849
29 Aug 2016 #8
My boyfriend is with me again

he is really a catch isn't he?
Dreamergirl 4 | 273
30 Aug 2016 #9
It's got nothing to do with polish or Bulgarians. It's everything to do with the fact your boy can't keep himself in his pants.
Mike Hoot
31 Aug 2016 #10
This is always the problem they cant keep it in their pants

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