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Best, safe Polish dating sites?

Polonius3 986 | 12,343
20 May 2017 #91

Any reliable Polish matrimonial sites?

A reader from the US wanted to know whether there were any reliable Polish matrimonial sites? Preferably in English because, although of Polish ancestry, the enquiring party's 36-year-old son speaks no Polish. I checked out edarling who advertise on television but their site is all in Polish. Any Polish sites available in English? I presume by "reliable" the father meants no ladies looking for a sucker to fleece nor a one-way ticket to America.
18 Dec 2017 #92
Tried and met a few girls actually... they have now new platform I guess. There is website
Strzelec35 28 | 876
1 May 2021 #93
why is there such patologia on Polish dating sites or apps? why are they so wybredne yet so uneducated and so right wing and claim vaccinnes are fake or that covid isnt real and act rude and like white trash and no one ever wnats them and they sit on those sites years on end? im mostly talking about the cougars or older ladies past 50 or in their early 50s as i dont even try to talk to 20 yr olds as theyre all gold diggers in pollackistan and the 30 somethings are all looking to have kids or wre boring and just not exciting in any way. but damm this country has a white trash and pathology problem.
pawian 225 | 24,601
1 May 2021 #94
Dating sites have always been full of pathology. That is why it is useless to visit them. If sb wants to meet a good decent intellectual girl, they should frequent such places as museums, galleries, libraries, culture events, historic festivals etc etc.
Strzelec35 28 | 876
1 May 2021 #95
yea sure... during covid or for the last two years in Poland...

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