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The most popular job (and not only) advertising sites in Poland?

Invictus 1 | 1
28 Apr 2010 #1
Hello, could someone provide me most popular sites in Poland, where people search for a job?
As an international agency, we would like to post some advertisements offering jobs for polish people in EU.
Thank You in advance.
Englishpoznan 4 | 102
28 Apr 2010 #2
A good place to start would be
OP Invictus 1 | 1
3 May 2010 #3
So, aren't there any free websites to post the advertisements in poland???
WhizzKid - | 9
4 Jun 2010 #4
Hello, could someone provide me most popular sites in Poland, where people search for a job?

Try some of these:

Also, in THE EU. As you are an international agency, I suggest you polish your English :-)
Serenity - | 1
2 Oct 2010 #5
[Moved from]: Papers in Wroclaw with ads for job offers?

Hey, everyone!

I am new in Wroclaw, but I would like to get a job for the 6 months I'll be spending here. The trouble is I have no idea what are the newspapers that have adds for job offers in Wroclaw...Moreover, are there any special newspapers that have only advertisements of all sorts, particularly with job offers? Could anyone give me some examples, please?

Many thanks!
3 Oct 2010 #6
Hello Serenity, check gazeta wroclawska. We might help you, please contact us. wroclaw expats.
jeanrah - | 1
4 Oct 2010 #7
[Moved from]: Best newspaper for Poland architecture jobs. What are the chances to find one?

Hello, what's the best polish newspaper to advertise architecture jobs thanks
4 Oct 2010 #8
For a tech-savvy job, better to use the Web:

(Google 'praca architektura' for others)
oszterhuber73 1 | 2
25 Jan 2012 #9

Which are the best websites worth to put up job advertisments? We would like to get sales people working in our new Krakow office! Recommend me pls free and not free websites!


astrea - | 2
31 Jan 2012 #10
I think best website for recruitment is
smurf 39 | 1,971
2 Mar 2012 #11
[Moved from]: Car websites in Poland?

Ok, so I only know of allegro and

Are there any other car buying website that you know of?

izabelxxx - | 1
14 Aug 2012 #15

You might avail of my website

There is no charge to post jobs to this site and we have created a version of our jobs posting page in English so non-Polish employers can advertise jobs -

1 Nov 2013 #16
Hi there , posting on some of the websites in Poland can be a challenge half translated in English, half you start completing half you get lost imediately because of a bad translation .

26 Nov 2013 #17
Merged: Poland job boards - Are there a lot more about and are they successful?


I was looking for jobs recently and i keep using alot of job pages like pl.indeed, monster, info praca, gazeta

I was wondering if there are alot more about and if they are successful.

If anybody can pass on these pages, i will greatly appreciate this

A big thanks in advance
12 Jan 2014 #18
Hi :) very good website it's or

In my opinion you can place ads in English, a lot of people in Poland speak in English ;)
ODAN - | 1
2 Mar 2014 #19
[Moved from]: Advertising agencies in Poland?


I am a senior designer/Art director living in Dubai and looking forward to relocate to poland.. I was wonder if there are advertising companies in Poland??? what are the salaries and all???

Waiting replies
5 Mar 2014 #20
pls try this one pracanateraz pl

Related: Where to place a job advert in specialists Polish magazines

Not sure which forum to put this in ( I have already put it in job offers) we are wanting a highly experience person for building of campervans in Northern England. As this is such a specialised profession I am wanting to advertise this job in Poland and if possible in specialist caravan or camper van magazines. If anyone can advise us of any websites in Poland where it would be good to advertise for this sort of job? Also does anyone know of any dedicated magazines in Poland for campers or caravans. We would rather try and avoid using agencies if possible. The job is as below.
in england
I hope this helps
Best of luck
14 Oct 2014 #21
There are many of them, especially in the big cities. But the competition is tough, so you need to use your creativity and skills to the fullest to be successful in this area in Poland.
2 Nov 2014 #22
Merged: Can I find a job concerning Architecture in Poland ?

Hi everyone, I'm an Egyptian architect, just graduated this year and I wonder if I can find a job in Poland concerning my studies.
jon357 74 | 22,054
2 Nov 2014 #23
probably not as a new graduate - there's a surplus in Poland and many work elsewhere.
anemonee - | 7
4 Dec 2014 #24
Merged: Website for foreigners interested in undertaking a job in Poland

Hey everyone,

I am writing to inform you about a new website about making a career in Poland - Careers in Poland.

It is the site aimed at foreigners looking for jobs in Poland. You can find there hundreds of job offers with various languages where Polish language is not required. Among the companies placing their advertisements on the website are major international corporations such as Shell, Capgemini, Philips or HEINEKEN.

I hope that you will find it useful in your career development in Poland.


jancxhr - | 1
18 Dec 2014 #25
Merged: Job boards in Poland

Hi Poland!

We are planning to start a company in Krakow and we need highly skilled programmers, graphic designers and project managers. We have found a few job boards so far, but which are the more popular ones to look?

Thank you!
Monitor 14 | 1,818
18 Dec 2014 #26
According to google position:

Related: How to place an ad in a newspaper in Katowice or on the Internet?

Can someone tell me how to place an ad in a newspaper in Katowice? Or which websites are best for this?
28 Mar 2015 #27
Merged: English speaking 18-21s for a temp summer job in Warsaw - where to advertise? Good pay for young people.

We are a startup company based out of poland, considering to hold field test in Warsaw this summer. We will need some local temp employees, 18-21, who *must* speak English at a good conversation level, look representative and have basic online/mobile skills.

My questions:

a) Where can we advertise such a job? Online free options with high reach within target 18-21 audience will be best, of course, but we will consider also print/paid options.

b) I've understood that the minimum hourly wage is ~12.5 Zloty. What, to your view, would be considered a *very good* hourly pay for a person at this age in Warsaw, during a temporary summer job?

Help will be highly appreciated (:

Thanks in advance
Looker - | 1,134
28 Mar 2015 #28
In regard to question about where to advertise your job offer, see this thread:

Good salary for a temporary summer job? Every job with above the minimum pay is sometimes considered as a 'good' one when there's no job at all. I think 20PLN/h and above should be definitely a very good pay for students in Warsaw.
28 Mar 2015 #29
Looker - thanks.
10 Apr 2015 #30
Merged: Any good websites to hire Polish students?

We are looking to hire a couple of girls(students) with very good English to write articles for our fashion site any suggestions on where to post ads/look for them? Any websites/services ?

And what kind of salary is usually expected ?

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