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Best, safe Polish dating sites?

adamfg - | 2
2 Jan 2014 #61
Try Singles Polish which is 100% free

no hidden cost or anything, all free
Jacek_K - | 1
5 Jan 2014 #62
If you are looking for fun in Poland, I mean "no strings attached dating" (Sex randki), then I recommend - but it is only available in Polish language! This site might NOT be the perfect site to find your future wife, but sure to have a little fun ;-)

If this is not for you, rather use google and search for normal dating sites. You will find out that most large european dating sites already have a Polsih version of it.

Good luck!
rakram - | 1
8 Jan 2014 #63
Hey Jacek_K,

I have been a long time follower of this website but didn't open an account till now. And kind of strange first post, but am visiting Poland soon and was looking at some dating websites mentioned on this thread. And I want to know whether is a compulsory paid website? I registered yesterday and have received couple of messages from girls already (or is that just automated thing to entice you to pay membership fee?) but not able to read them. I am redirected to payment page.
22 Mar 2014 #64
email me at
12 May 2014 #65
Merged: Most popular Polish dating site?


whats the dating site with most users in poland?
26 May 2014 #66
The most Popular is Pajeczyna - Pajeczyna . pl
16 Dec 2014 #67
Merged: Best Online Dating Site - Poland

I live in Wroclaw, what are the best and most popular sites to meet singles in Poland?

Any suggestions?

14 Apr 2015 #68
I know something about Polish girls.

First of all, better avoid sites like Sympatia, and similar sites. There are a lot girls, but most of them are not really focused on getting to know anyone on the Internet. Better try video chat, like this:

Mostly for free, but you must paid for private chats. The good side is that you pay in the local, very chip currency.
In sites like this you can meet real easy girls (even prostitutes, also chip).

Cheaper and easier are perhaps the only Ukrainian girls ;)
gymbrown - | 1
25 May 2015 #69
Polish dating uk is a con received a number of emails fro women but as soon as i paid so that i could reply to these emails i have never had another

correspondence obviously these emails are sent out from the site owners just to get you to pay..i should have know but just thought i would give it a try for one month, i will now change my card details so that they wont be able to take more monies from my account
Princess505 - | 2
29 Jul 2015 #70
Try polishdates.datingbuddies

It is the best, safe Polish dating site I know. It has a good number of Polish singles and many awesome features. I hope it helps; I wish you the very best!
16 Oct 2015 #71
Merged: Hardcore dating apps in Poland?

Anybody knows of genuine dating apps that work in Poland?
PippoZ 2 | 10
21 Oct 2015 #72
I met my Lithuanian/Polish girlfriend three years ago on (free messaging + paid premium features + pretty app).
Next May our first child will be born :)
InPolska 11 | 1,821
21 Oct 2015 #73
Great for you! However, it's very rare since the vast majority of people on dating sites are people with problems and/or just want to play around.
21 Oct 2015 #74
testuser 1 | 3
16 Sep 2016 #75
Merged: Online Free dating websites for expat

Hi Guys,

I am moving to Poland in few months. As I want to understand more about Poland thinking to date some polish girls. can someone let me know any polish dating or chatting website, preferably free.
DominicB - | 2,709
16 Sep 2016 #76
Do you mean to say that you are too ugly or obnoxious to meet people in real life like normal human beings do? Internet dating sites are for creeps, losers, wonkers, scam artists and, last but not least, trolls.
Dreamergirl 4 | 276
16 Sep 2016 #77
Is there any need for stupid comments like that Dominic? He wants to know more about Poland and polish girls being probably where he lives there aren't any ? He wants to meet and chat to them before he lives there so was there any need for that
adsalk 1 | 17
16 Sep 2016 #78
Polish girls are for Whites!
Dreamergirl 4 | 276
16 Sep 2016 #79
Don't be so stupid they can have who they want
16 Sep 2016 #80
@DominicB. I ain't said I am ugly. The reason I am asking for Dating or chatting sites is, I am not yet in Poland, otherwise I would have made some friends.

@adsalk how can you say this.
adsalk 1 | 17
16 Sep 2016 #81
We need to preserve white race which is decreasing rapidly. Why do most men on earth want a white girl?
adsalk 1 | 17
16 Sep 2016 #83
I'm German born in Poland. I don't hate people of other races but I care very much about my own.
nothanks - | 640
16 Sep 2016 #84
Why do most men on earth want a white girl?

3 main reasons
- global media is White. Whites are showcased as "the norm"
- young & fertile is subconsciously attractive and light features are viewed as young/angelic
- White/light is rare on this planet
21 Sep 2016 #85
I tried following few websites and it's paid. Does anyone know any free website for either chatting or dating polish woman.

best paid sites:
danitron - | 4
23 Oct 2016 #86
Anyone have any luck on ""?
23 Oct 2016 #87
On dating websites, the sex ratios are:

98% men

2% ugly old prostitutes putting photos from their youth

If you really want to waste your money, your sanity and your time - go ahead
Alexa - | 1
8 Nov 2016 #88
Merged: need free dating sites

i need free dating sites please who can help me with some sites?
DominicB - | 2,709
8 Nov 2016 #89
You are aware that free dating sites are populated practically entirely by creeps, losers, con artists and psychopaths?
3 Jan 2017 #90
Hi is there anyone who can tell me some sites to find polish girl for dating...i live in Norway and i have no problem to get girlfreind but i have fallen for polish Girls..they are so attractiv...hope to get some serious answer thanks...

Hi again if there is a girl who want to know me or have information for me how i could get in touch With polish Girls plzzzz let me know on my mail sham.hotice@yahoo thanks only serious answer plz and yes i will travel to Poland i feb so i hope to have girl to show me around :)

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