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What do Polish woman think about Latinos (dating, relationship)

Carlitos003 1 | 2
14 May 2022 #1
I'm Carlos, I was born and raised in Caracas Venezuela, but moved to the UK a couple years ago to study business.

Im current dating a polish girl at the moment. we both met through tinder a couple months ago. However before her, I was getting a lot of matches with other girls from Poland living in the UK. The polish girls being soo beautiful as they are , I couldn't help resist, but went on dates with nearly all of them lol what was crazy about it was that all them love the Latino culture. They love the language (Spanish) some of them even knew how to sing in Spanish when certain songs came up! some even knew how to dance salsa/bachata which really caught my eye! Speaking to all of them, I can tell they make good wives and mother's just by the values they have as people. Respectful, kind and caring, loyal and committed when it comes to relationships. They date to marry which is what I noticed. They also ain't easy to get in bed with. it's takes much more then good looks and a couple of tequila shots, but even then they are very fun people, know how to have fun without getting sloppy drunk. My opinion is that polish girls are very attractive and intelligent and super hard working. They make good wives which is what every man needs.

Soo I was wondering what people from Poland that are currently living there think? Do polish woman like latino men then they do for Arabs, Indians and other ethnicities?. I know a lot of you would say "I don't discriminate and I don't care" but if you can choose a Ethnicity that you would date, what would it be? Also Are they accepting when it comes to foreign men coming over to study and live, potentially steal their woman's? lol I want to go Poland one day to see for my self but for now, I wanna see what you guys think? Thank you guys
Bobko 14 | 931
14 May 2022 #2

Poles prefer Mongols.
pawian 202 | 21,101
14 May 2022 #3
Poles prefer Mongols

stay in Asia and keep away from Europe.
Alien 12 | 2,770
15 May 2022 #4
It's nice that you like Polish women, but don't forget that they have requirements and there are only few nations in the world with more attractive women. Mayby you better stay with your own people.
mafketis 35 | 11,673
15 May 2022 #5
Do polish woman like latino me

Depends on what you mean by "latino".....

Southern Europe (Spanish Italian Greek looks) yeah a lot of Polish women love that.

Latin America.... more mixed.
OP Carlitos003 1 | 2
15 May 2022 #6
Hi Alien, what do you mean by requirements? And that's their more attractive females, and that I should stick to my own people? Didn't understand the comments
Alien 12 | 2,770
15 May 2022 #7
He was born in Venezuela.

Look in the mirror. Do you look like the young Antonio Banderas? If so, you have a chance.
OP Carlitos003 1 | 2
15 May 2022 #8
Then that's a yes! Cheers
28 Sep 2022 #9
The **** you mean stick to my own ppl. Shut your mouth before the next pole I date is your mom.
Kashub1410 5 | 591
28 Sep 2022 #10
Cultural differences creates excitement but, also instability and misunderstandings. As long as both sides they love each other it's easily to overcome, but the second the love language and doubts creeps in there is a lot of ammonuition to hurt the other person. No matter in which direction it goes

Life isn't a soap opera
Alien 12 | 2,770
28 Sep 2022 #11
It would be quite difficult because she is already 5 years dead.......although on the other hand, with your apperance...
Alien 12 | 2,770
28 Sep 2022 #12
By the way, Latinos are lovely people.
mafketis 35 | 11,673
28 Sep 2022 #13
Latinos are lovely people.

Agreed! At the personal level they're amazing... it's too bad they don't have much of an idea about how to run a country....
Lyzko 40 | 8,739
29 Sep 2022 #14
Often opposites attract! Take Pole and Latinos, the bland vs. the spicy:-)
Don't you agree?
Miloslaw 15 | 4,668
29 Sep 2022 #15
Often opposites attract! Take Pole and Latinos, the bland vs. the spicy:-

You really do sterotypes.
I know a Pole married to a Portuguese woman.
She is spicy, but he is even spicier.But I think their relationship should survive.
You are far too quick to make.assumptions mate.
Lyzko 40 | 8,739
30 Sep 2022 #16
Assumptions are often based on prior knowledge acquired from relationships, both romantic as well as professional:-)

Naturally, one cannot speak for each individual Pole or Brazilian!
My comments are not meant to be patronizing, merely to observe that our exchanges here are a two-way street, that's all.

You're entitled to be wrong too, you know!

Latins in general are known to be hot-tempered and impulsive, owing as much to their diet as to the weather. Their history too was defined for numerous decades by grinding poverty. Certainly this will leave its stamp on a nation's character, won't it?
mafketis 35 | 11,673
1 Oct 2022 #17
hot-tempered and impulsive, owing as much to their diet as to the weather

dunno about that, Colombian food is pretty bland by all accounts (also Paraguayan)
mafketis 35 | 11,673
1 Oct 2022 #18
Google Latino food and educate yourself.

No such thing... Mexican food is different from Colombian which is different from Peruvian which is different from Argentinian etc etc etc

Even Mexican food is very different in different regions... I loved the food in Oaxaca but a bit less in Chiapas (though a simple meal of fresh avocado and blue corn tortillas was very nice).

as for Colombian food....

Even people that like Colombian food (I've had some very nice dishes) aknowledge that Colombians aren't into spiciness
johnny reb 40 | 7,725
1 Oct 2022 #19
Colombian food is pretty bland by all accounts

Not true, they are just not the hot spices so much as other Latino countries use.
They use tons of garlic, ginger, cumin and pepper seeds.
You may have googled the wrong page.

By the way, Latinos are lovely people.

This is true and also much shorter than most Polish women which could be an issue in dating.

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