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Polish Women Versus Your Local Women ?

Natasa 1 | 580
27 Nov 2011 #241
One quality among slavic women they are shameless.

Southern, that is very disrespectful thing to say in my presence. I'm afraid I will have to stop supporting the lies, stigmatization and dissemination of prejudices about Slavic women that flow out of your filthy mouth unstoppably.

I did everything to improve image of firstly Serbian women, secondly some Slavic also benefited from my efforts invested in presentation.
Buahahahahahahaha :)))))))))))))))) (OK, I managed to use dissemination, flow, filth and it was about one burning social phenomenon and that social event was not sex)

OK, apology for still well disciplined Polki here :), although I know (facts, not impressions) that behind some of the well conformed, tuned to western values impressive personas here lies at least the similar potential ;)

yes I am intrested, please upload video.

DON'T. Really, don't.
Southern now I am serious, I want to have exclusive rights to be familiarized with your seduction techniques.

For the sake of Orthodoxy? Hehe.
southern 75 | 7,096
27 Nov 2011 #242
that is very disrespectful thing to say in my presence

Actually one Polka told me it recently.I was not aware of this fact I mean I did not view it this way.

I want to have exclusive rights to be familiarized with your seduction techniques.

It is very important to be in good mood and have proper amount of sleep.When I lack these I usually fail Polki and Ukrainki experience can be exhausting but the results are always rewarding.
Natasa 1 | 580
27 Nov 2011 #243
Actually one Polka told me it recently.I was not aware of this fact I mean I did not view it this way.

I haven't heard that often that shamefulness is desirable in clinch situations.

Even though some might have concluded differently, I also don't have problem with shame :)

I was taught to be shameless :) during my therapeutical education by educators and to make people feel replace the shame with healthy emotion *....?... There is a behavioral exercise we all had to perform in the middle of the busiest walking street in the center of Belgrade, where we were given tasks that should evoke shame, like saying to random people Good afternoon, singing loudly something standing alone, while the rest of the group was watching from the safe distance if the educant is performing what was told.

i chose to read loudly, actually to yell the prologue from the book I had in my bag, it was Nietzsche's Antichrist, standing alone and my group was watching me. The point was to see that nothing happens if you behave oddly, not in accord with social expectations, like people believe. Mostly people passed by not seeing me or hearing at all, but one listened and thought I am one of Jehova's witnesses :) There were two guys who were trying to match my appearance with my behavior, mid 20s, but the feeling their attention evoked wasn't shame. I was close to end the educational process;)

*Shame is according to Cognitive therapies (US origins and development, all of them) one of dysfunctional emotions (causing disproportional suffering, longer lasting, leading to lousy behavioral performance, based on irrational beliefs), its healthy analog is dissatisfaction or disappointment (related to social evaluation). In the category of dysfunctional emotions are also guilt, anger, depressive mood, anxiety, unhealthy jealousy and unhealthy envy. (are they teaching us to be emotionally unresponsive ? and ruthless, seems so, ops)

.When I lack these I usually fail Polki and Ukrainki experience can be exhausting but the results are always rewarding.

Tests of performances in extreme situations are unavoidable. Illness, time pressure, socially inappropriate settings, and so on. We have a proverb similar to US one-When the going gets tough, the tough get going. It sounds better in Serbian, heroes are there ;)
polskice 1 | 4
28 Nov 2011 #244
I didn't take the time to read the entire thread, but I think Polish girls are very attractive, more so than most american women. There are two that go to my school and they are both attractive, and some of my polish friends have attractive sisters.
g60edition 6 | 175
28 Nov 2011 #245
Not looking good for men after an English women.Unless you like the larger lady
28 Nov 2011 #246
There are plenty of fat birds in Poland too!!!!
British women maybe aren't the most glamorous in the world but there's a lot to be said for them.
1. what you see is what you get.
2. Most are reasonably intelligent and have the odd interest or hobby.
3. Sense of humour!
4. At least try to be loyal.
Polish women are okay if you're into playing with Sindy dolls
most are very fake, all make up and tarty clothes.
No interests outside of men,vodka and money
can't go 20secs without a man to be seen with.
Give the men hell once they get one !!!!
Move onto anything they consider better without a moments thought!!!
Got to be some reasonable birds in Poland but bet they never get any airplay on this site.
28 Nov 2011 #248
I think the local women (Dutch in my case) are way more attractive than Polish women. The only attractive Poles I've seen were students studying abroad and flight attendants... The girls in Poland (been in Warsaw and Krakow) just don't cut it for me. Their hair is too thin and their overall complexion lacks contrast. Not very expressive.
g60edition 6 | 175
28 Nov 2011 #249
most are very fake, all make up and tarty clothes.

So the girls waiting outside a club near me at the weekend with their fake orange tan,peroxide blonde hair and wearing skirts 2 sizes to small which just covers their ass must be Polish then?

[quote=ReservoirDog]Give the men hell once they get one !!!!
Bad experience then?
ReservoirDog - | 132
28 Nov 2011 #250
I think polish women are the best in every case, because. hehehe...this topic is awsome , lol :D. Brits women have nice sense of humour, I mean those who likes Monty. Dutch women live in nice modern houses, I like their architecture. Germans always know better :) Russian women have funny men, like dancing Miedwiediew. Thats all about women, lol.
28 Nov 2011 #251
Said british woman.

No said a bloke who employs 7 polish men, who get totally p------d off with their women.
Also employs 2 polish women who think about nothing but men and booze, have a lot of trouble with hangovers from them
and they try flirting with anything remotely male .

their fake orange tan,peroxide blonde hair and wearing skirts 2 sizes to small

Point taken. bit of a shame cos they'd probably look much nicer if they were natural.
ReservoirDog - | 132
28 Nov 2011 #252
Hahahaha, man they don't flirt, they are just briliant ;) ...I don't know what's your problem...maybe try to smile sometimes bore. Instead of backbite your employees better do something for yourself. Employer who does not know what to do with employees with hangovers, hehehe.

I though flirting is o.k. and funny, well I guess I was wrong :D
7 Jun 2012 #253
I love my Polish girlfriend more than anything, I am Canadian. I have dated Canadian girls and they just don't come close. She is sensitive, insightful, intelligent, beautiful, and the kindest person I have ever met. She is also very modest and humble, and very self-advocating and independent. She is that kind of person who will help someone and leave without accepting thanks; she is very proud. I will admit she is a bit pessimistic, and I am optimistic, but I think this complements well, and also the fact that we are both realists. She does worry about money a bit more than the average person, but more in a worrying way (like not having enough money for food or rent) because she is not materialistic at all. She has a thing for old and second hand things an is very practical with fixing things like cabinets and clothing. She is literally amazing and I've never met anyone else like her, I know I've already been raving about her, but she is also the most accepting person I know, and she doesn't judge people for anything. She loves kids, and really nice to my sister who is 17 years younger than me :) (we are both 20 by the way).

In conclusion local women can't even compare, I'm not saying this is true about every Polish woman, but she is the greatest person I know, and she will never admit it when I tell her she is :) (which only makes me love her more :D). She has changed me for the better in every way... if you see this... love you ;)
11 Jun 2018 #254
[moved from]

Yes but on the other hand I can deffinitely see (as a Southern slav outsider) that most Polish women look different than Czech ones. Even Czech and Slovak ones are not that similar. The guys on the other hand are very similar so I think the mytochondrial DNA differes between the 3 while the Ydna is largely the same. Polkas have less Germanic influence than Czech women for one thing but they have more Baltid feautures and pure Slavic as well. Slovaks especially in the Capital have some Magyar elements.

Also culturally there are lots of differences. Czech women dress the frumpiest of the three Western Slavs, then the Slovaks and the Polish women are usually the most sexy dressed. Also Czech women on average wear much less make up and are more feminized (lots of crazy hsir colors like green, blue etc). Slovak women are always in the middle lol but you see much less blue hsired girls in Bratislava than in Prague. Of course there are frumpy looking Polkas and smoking hot/maintained Czech women but I'm talking about in general. Another difference is that Czech and Slovak women flirt less.
pawian 176 | 13,997
20 Aug 2020 #255
if you come from or live in the UK or USA, what is it about Polish women that makes them better than your local women?

They are prettier.

They are better mothers.

They are better cooks.

They are sexier wives.

They are more hard-working.

They are more intelligent.

All in all, they are perfecter.

PS. The order of traits is completely random.
21 Aug 2020 #256
I'll say it like this: if I had to date only a few nationalities and no others my whole life I would chose Polish and Swedish.

I like many other cultures but do not feel that drawn to them that I wish to date them. I don't care for dating fellow Bulgarian women, I find them boring. They're also hot but too snotty. I find Polkas more open. Bulgarian women are more like Russian ones - princess complexes and stupid games.

Oh and it helps both Polkas and Swedish girls are hotter than most. My perfect wife's a Swedish/Polish mix, one can wish no? :D
pawian 176 | 13,997
22 Aug 2020 #257
I would chose Polish and Swedish.

Then you need to call Izabella Skorupco, actress, Poland born but moved to Sweden in childhood.

kaprys 3 | 2,502
23 Aug 2020 #258
There's nothing wrong with Bulgarian women.
25 Aug 2020 #259
I've never dated one.

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