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Polish Women Versus Your Local Women ?

Arien 3 | 721
19 Apr 2010 #181
condemned by our local princesses.

You know, sometimes it doesn't hurt to show that you're sorry about a few things you've said or done. (I'm not telling anyone to beg for anything though!)
Wulkan - | 3,243
19 Apr 2010 #182
and also very bad in bed... she was like a died person, i never know she had pleasure or not

man! you are almost quoting me. I am polish and that's why most of my life have been dating polish women and have the same experience...
Arien 3 | 721
19 Apr 2010 #183
You know what your mistake is? Be open, be honest, discuss your sexlife with your girl, come on! I mean, if you're already doing it with eachother, there's nothing to be shy about anyway?

We all have to learn, ladies too!
19 Apr 2010 #184
Hey, Arien, who told you i didnt talk with her? I talked, and one day she was a litle better, but in the next day, she comes in the same way... Its in the blood you can not do nothing... She was a very atractive woman, very nice woman, pay lot of attention to her appereance, but when comes to bed, she was like a died person, dont move, dont take iniciative, very cold... just open there armas, and come to me, baby..... and very silence
19 Apr 2010 #185
sry i am a polish man and no polish women are not better then american woman. pollack woman or nasty .
southern 75 | 7,096
19 Apr 2010 #186
Polish women are just cheaper,it is like saying I don't have money for an Autobianki so I will buy a Mercedes in budget.Of course the prime you pay is just low because when the bill comes,you have paid Mercedes for Lamborghini.
Arien 3 | 721
19 Apr 2010 #187
Hey Posco, who told you I was talking to you? Anyway, you can blame everything on the girls, but I'm just going to say - wether you like it or not - that if you have had this experience with a lot of women, then you're clearly doing something wrong, or you simply don't turn her on..

It's funny, because the ones I've met were pretty wild.
20 Apr 2010 #188
Well Arien, fortunally i had been in bed with diferent girls, and from diferent countrys, and this polish it was the worsen in bed, she didnt move, like a died person, not even a litle scream when she came :) she was more cold than a ice cube... Try a brazilian,spanish,portuguese or Italian, and you will know what i am talking about... maybe i didnt had lucky with this my girl, i will try to meet another polish girl... And she was also vey gealous, and try to control me, all the polish are like this, extream geaulous?

Hey Fuzzyduck, upset you so much my experiencie? Maybe you have one like that in your bed next you :) so thats you feel so upset with the passiveness of that girl :) Change for a latin girl, and you see the diference in bed.... I must admit that the Polish are beautifull and more carefull with there own appereance, but they are more cold in relations, and special more calculating persons...they always plan very well what they doing...
king polkacanon - | 57
20 Apr 2010 #189
To increase the hotness level of Polki I try to bring two or three of them together into action.But Ukrainkas are lions in bed.Russian are tigers.
Arien 3 | 721
20 Apr 2010 #190
maybe i didnt had lucky with this my girl

It's probably that.

And she was also vey gealous, and try to control me, all the polish are like this, extream geaulous?

I don't think so, but I'm certainly not the expert.

Wayman 3 | 36
20 Apr 2010 #191
So it,s down to sex ' Ok

Girlfriends Polish ' but have to say i have no issues with are sex life maybe your not quite hitting the right button for her or maybe u have been watching to much prn an think they all scream for a large one :)

As for taste buds Tried many different flavours an been to many countries ' Being a brit ' stopped seeing english girls when i was around 21 'dated all kinds since but english girls well there something else so lets not go there 'been with my current partner around 3 years maybe longer ' she is sexy sensuous very beautiful i think it,s more about comfort if there comfortable with u then getting naked or sex should not be an issue its all down to how u make her feel 'as i said some of u watch to much pûrn try being a gentleman an see if thats floats her boat .
theonlydevil 2 | 6
20 Apr 2010 #192
POSCO just a lil correction its dead person not died

Hmm so maybe she just wasnt in the mood then and you didnt press her buttons?
20 Apr 2010 #193
by looks probably right up there, give them a 10, by personality, mentality? 4 or 5. I'd rate the locals higher. I'd rate the local goldfish higher in that department.
southern 75 | 7,096
20 Apr 2010 #194
Polish looks are clearly superior.This heavily compensates for any other deficits,I mean as a package Polki are cool,you don't get a pig in the sack as we say in my country.
21 Apr 2010 #195
bar 2008, i agree in 100% with you...and also with you king Polkacanon... Wayman, my friend, first i dont watch prno, i dont need...About be gentleman, you dont teach me how is to be a gentleman, she never sayed that i was no gentleman, she always sayed that i am gentleman, specially when i payed for every she wanted, and in any place we went, be a gentleman is that? pay and pay all time? no, FOR ME ITS BE A IDIOT... and i was a idiot for a while... Back again to the prno, you must try the Latin girls, special Portuguese and Brazilian, and you will know what i am talking about....Know to everyone she didnt have buttons.... :) She not even say a word during the sex, and she refuse to do oral sex, she thought it was a nasty thing....She lives in modern days? Or she came from the past? :)
shush 1 | 212
21 Apr 2010 #196
POSCO, you clearly did not respect her. Probably she needed more than just sex for itself and you were not able to give it to her.

And rest of you who say that polish or american or whatever nationality are bad in bed/bad gf etc after sleeping with one girl - no comment.
Wayman 3 | 36
22 Apr 2010 #197
Wayman, my friend, first i dont watch prn

Hold on u just said u don't watch pûrno 'quote you must try the Latin girls ,special Portuguese and Brasilian, yes i understand what your trying to say ' some have less hang up's about sex and are more relaxed

Everyone watches pûrno mate nothing wrong in that unless it's the sick stuff ' Must admit i have dated one or two girls who have been a little tame in the sack myself so i do understand what u are saying ' if it,s not working out in the sack then it,s either time to be patient an teach her or just move on till u find miss right :)
king polkacanon - | 57
22 Apr 2010 #198
I just picked up a Slovak modelka in Athens,everyone looked at me while I was picking her up,pity she has a boyfriend.And before her I got to know a beautiful girl from Latvia on vaccations in Athens but she told me Greek men are liars and cheaters.So our reputation has even reached Latvia I would like to know the Greeks who fuckk it up for the rest of us.

But Czechoslovaks still seem to like jizny temperament.Tomorrow I will have again to pay the cheque to Polki and Ukrainky.
slick578 11 | 16
25 Apr 2010 #199
Going way back to the original question, I found this on...

I think the writer is right on the mark. I have been married to a Pole for two years and I agree with every point. More so cos I'm an English teacher aswell...
king polkacanon - | 57
25 Apr 2010 #200
There are many kinds of polish women.If we did what they said eh,hm I don't think we would survive for long.
21 May 2010 #201
It is considered morally wrong to have sex before marriage in Poland because of the catholic upbringing.

what a rubbish! ABSOLUTELY MYTH!
SzwedwPolsce 11 | 1,595
21 May 2010 #202
Depends on where in Poland you are, age, parents etc. It differs a lot.
southern 75 | 7,096
22 May 2010 #203
When I hear polish accent in the club or beach I know it will be fun this night.
urszula 1 | 253
23 May 2010 #204
what a rubbish! ABSOLUTELY MYTH!

Then you don't understand the catholic religion.
richasis 1 | 420
23 May 2010 #205
not even a litle scream when she came :)

hmm...maybe 'cause she didn't...? :/
king polkakamon - | 544
23 May 2010 #206
Polish women are much easier and more naive than our local women.They lack this specific slyness anyway.
23 May 2010 #207
hen you don't understand the catholic religion.

Well I know lots of ppl who are Catholics (wierzącymi i praktykującymi!) and not virgins. Its irresponsible to not have pre-marrige sex...
urszula 1 | 253
23 May 2010 #208
Well I know lots of people who are catholic and are virgins.
You attrack what you are and know nothing about those who don't have sex before marriage.
MareGaea 29 | 2,752
23 May 2010 #209
You attrack what you are and know nothing about those who don't have sex before marriage.

While I respect ppl who don't want sex until marriage, I also think it's a concept that's not of this age anymore. What if ppl don't get married, but sign a partnership contract? They sleep in seperate bedrooms? Face it, the majority of nowadays' ppl have sex before (and after) marriage and there is nothing wrong with that. Everybody is their own person and if a person is an adult he/she should be able to do what they want themselves and if they decide to have sex, then that is ok. If they decide not to have sex, it's ok too. Mighty boring being in a relationship without sex, but so be it.


M-G (noticed that mostly there is sth wrong with women who only want sex after they've got married - usually they then want sex with the plumber or the milkman)
king polkakamon - | 544
23 May 2010 #210
Yes,I had polish gfs who told me they are virgins and they waited for the marriage.However this was not a real problem since the virginity regarded one or two holes.

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