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Polish Women Versus Your Local Women ?

pawian 202 | 21,101
18 Apr 2021 #271
I want to make her happy.

I doubt you will be able to. Read Kamasutra about the compatibility between sizes - it is a crucial thing in romantic relation: what if you are a hare male and she is an elephant female? Your sizes will never fit each other. Find yourself a hare female.
20 Apr 2021 #272
I know I will. I just need to understand her better. Does anyone wants to help me to translate something in Polish?

Please translate:
Honey .. we are both no cheaters. Things happen for a reason. We needed to meet in this life. I want to be with you, I want us to take care of the children, I even want to have kids with you. I see it different why bad things happened to you. When you have told me, my heart broke. Maybe bad things happened because we are drifting apart, not because we were in each others life. I love you with my entire heart, with every fiber of my body. You know this, you feel it too. I will do anything to make us and the kids happy. And do you know why? Well, because I love you and because we both deserve it.
pawian 202 | 21,101
20 Apr 2021 #273
Does anyone wants to help me to translate something in polish?

This thread doesn`t allow translations. You can easily do it on your own with Google Translate.
20 Apr 2021 #274
😔 google translate is not the same. It doesn't put in thz feeling as it should be
Novichok 4 | 7,121
21 Apr 2021 #275
Honey .. we are both no cheaters.

Here is my version. Less romantic but just as effective.

Hey, you wanna get married?

Women don't like desperate men and you sound desperate. BTW, that version worked for me 51 years ago.
21 Apr 2021 #276
I know I sound desperate... but saying I want to marry her I can only do when I'm with her. Not via text. She doesn´t want to see me. How does a Polish good girl think? I want to marry her, I want children with her but if I would sent this, she will run away for sure.
pawian 202 | 21,101
21 Apr 2021 #277
How does a Polish good girl think?

That`s an utter mustery. A riddle wrapped in a puzzle. Don`t even try to understand it.

It doesn't put in thz feeling as it should be

Neither will our translation. As we don`t love her, we won`t be able to express necessary passion and desire.
Novichok 4 | 7,121
21 Apr 2021 #278
she will run away for sure.

Tell her you are looking for an engagement ring for the woman you love and that need her advice what to buy. No woman ever refused to go shopping - especially for a ring. She will bite, come over, and you say: would you marry me?
22 Apr 2021 #279
Okay, big changes here. I knew she was seeiing patients late yesterday evening. I've sent a message that I was in the area and if she would like it, I could come over after the last patient. She sended in the evening: just finished, feel free to come. Wow ... we didn't saw each other for almost a year ... She was so nice to me, hugged me and invited me in. It was like we saw each other the day before. We talked, I was honest ... I told her I love her with my entire heart, I wanted to be with her, take care of her children and make more ... She was ... euh ... shaken. She said her relationship was okay now, and that she will sit it out untill her kids are 18. I told her she deserves more and that I'm willing to give it to her. When I asked if she had still feelings for me she looked away and said she didn't. I asked to look me right in the eyes saying this ... and her non-verbal communications were very clear. We've hold hands, hugged ... and she said for sure something will happen the day after for what we were doing. She said all this information was heavy after seeiing patients for 13 hours and that she had to digest it. We said goodbye with a strong hug and I walked her to her car. It felt so so nice. At night she just sended: 'very confusing evening, sleepwell'. This evening we talked few lines. I asked if she had a good day (because she thought bad things would happen because we've met) and she replied 'hmm'. I didnt sent anything. 10 minuted later she sended 'how was your day?' I answered it was good. She said 'good 😁, mine was good too' I replied: you see, nothing bad happend. She said, not that I know of. I still do not know what she will do with my information I want to set her world upside down an want to do anything to make her the most happy girl in the world. I hope she wants to be with me too. I love her sincerely and now I know she understands ...
Cargo pants 3 | 1,486
22 Apr 2021 #280
dammit I was never interested in love stories and I read the whole post.Boring but its ok to vent it out on a free forum on others expense:)
Joker 4 | 2,567
23 Apr 2021 #281
I read the whole post

I always blow those type of posts

Theyre always a bunch of BS or looking for attention, trolls or dumb bimbo..haha
23 Apr 2021 #282
I just wanted to share this for the interested ones. If you don't like it ... ow goed please .. then don't read it. I hope in your lifes there is a lot more positive energy then your needs to answer in negative spirit. I wish you both the best. I'm from the medical sector. Believe me ... talking works. You both can always find a good psychologist. Wish you both the best 🤗
Strzelec35 36 | 988
14 May 2021 #283

The reasons I say Polish women are worse than even western women

they are worse because they sell themselves to american or eastern men visiting or they meet online and wlak around in richy rich places in warsaw as easterners for the taking but then later laugh about getting free dinners every night or the week from a different british or american guy. Basically they try to sell themselves off as eastern naive women to western men but to polish or deported men like me act like western women or russians trying too hard to be west.
Novichok 4 | 7,121
14 May 2021 #284
free dinners every night or the week from a different british or american guy.

It's better than bruises and a bloody nose from a drunk Polak.
Lyzko 40 | 8,739
14 May 2021 #285
Polish women I've known are survivors, left overs from the Black Market days, with few illusions about life.
14 May 2021 #286
In Germany are Polish woman better and most wanted then natives. Why?
Lyzko 40 | 8,739
14 May 2021 #287
Allen, is English your first language? Don't mean to pry-:) As far as your question, I've dated both and found German women on the whole far less golddiggíng as a rule.
14 May 2021 #288
No English is my third tongue and im not fluent, sorry. German woman are mostly more nordic and less slavic. Polish woman are better shaped. But i know the have also negative sides. But many of my german friend finds Polish woman superb.
Strzelec35 36 | 988
14 May 2021 #289
because they are just shallow and dumb. probably young too. once they readh my age or around 36 theyll know im right about them and their ways.

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