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How do Polish boys feel about foreign girls?

22 Dec 2010 #151
Polishcanuck, I wanted to send you an email but you don't accept them. I have a question to ask you, it is so stupid and I feel like a moron but I am trying to get some insight on someone.

wildrover 98 | 4,441
22 Dec 2010 #152
I have a question to ask you,

The answer is , yes , he is in love with you , but suffers from a dominating mother....

I hope this helps....
Nickidewbear 23 | 609
20 Aug 2011 #153
I think it's more common for PL girls to date non-polish guys than for PL guys to date non-polish girls.

And if you're an Ashkenazic Jew from Poland, chalilah o b'tzlacha-- it doesn't happen or you're out of luck! My Lipsk nad Biebrz─ů-born Anusi great-granddad learned the hard way when his Bose-born ima Anusi'ah, Aleksjondria Alicja Andrulewicza Chernetska, almost sent my American, Slovakian-Polish-American-born great-grandma to the mental institution. Long story short, he got Mary M. Trudniak of Ashley, PA pregnant and chalilah that he would marry that Kacwiner's daughter (Her dad was born in Kacwin as, as far as we know, a goy m'Slavavakh.).
southern 74 | 7,074
20 Aug 2011 #154
woman might think she's very clear on what's important to her but all we "hear" is a bunch of innuendos, tons of thoughts, many ideas, abundant amount of feelings

Women usually imply things indirectlyand want you to be always coordinated and guess what they mean.I usually know what they mean.Then you have to be subtle and smooth and talk in the same manner but not totally gay otherwise she will have suspicions.Anyway there is constant excitement caused by women but without the possibility of a serious banging their company is worthless.Most men I think suppose the same.
BigBrownEyes 3 | 20
2 Sep 2011 #155
Lady_Love. Why do you say that latin girls are dumb? What do we do to you?. Why are u offending? You're generalizing. Too bad and sad you and some other people think that about latin, asian, european, etc people and don't have respect. That's really dumb.
Dreamergirl 4 | 273
19 May 2016 #156
Merged: Travel to Poland

If I was to travel to Poland to meet polish boys what would I need?
johnny reb 47 | 7,049
19 May 2016 #157
After reading many of your previous post that were all aimed at creative sex I am sure you wouldn't have a hard time using your imagination to answer your own question.

This thread can now be deleted as it has no chance of going anywhere intelligent.
10 Feb 2019 #159

What do Poles think of staying with a foreign girl?

I'm a girl raised in a conservative way, I'm humble and I work hard to reach my dreams. I have a huge crush ( for the very first in my life) for a Pole who works with me. He is kind of why and sometimes he behaves good to me, wants to help, and sometimes he shouts something in Polish that I Don't understand.i like him but he seems to preferito polish girls (at work he often talks to 2 Polish girls). I'm jealous and I try to hide my feelings but it hurts. I was wondering if I'll never have a chance with him cause I'm not Polish. Do Polish guys only want to talk and date Polish girls and ignore other girls?
The quiet one
8 Dec 2023 #160
So an old friend of mine is polish and he keeps confessing his feelings and I am African - American so to answer your question

Interracial love depends upon ideals and personalities as well as family pressure to be with the same ethnicity.
Alien 18 | 4,671
9 Dec 2023 #161
Do Polish guys only want to talk and date Polish girls and ignore other girls?

Certainly not, something new is always exciting. However, mixed marriages are unpopular in Poland.
jon357 74 | 21,696
9 Dec 2023 #162
mixed marriages are unpopular

More rare than unpopular. Due to demographics. Things do change though.
Novichok 5 | 7,508
9 Dec 2023 #163
How do Polish boys feel about foreign girls?

That depends on two things: age and when the girl took her last shower.

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