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Why do so many Polish girls dye their hair BLACK?

Seanus 15 | 19,706
9 Aug 2011 #91
It's quite common to say it, yes.
canadian_girl 1 | 6
9 Aug 2011 #92
erm, BTW,erm, Mousey is a very common term over here hair is Mousey,its only hairdressers that call it blonde.

Where's "here"? Hmm... maybe it's just not common in Canada... I'm not sure. I never heard anyone use that word before I came to this site.
Wroclaw 44 | 5,386
9 Aug 2011 #93
Where's "here"? Hmm... maybe it's just not common in Canada... I'm not sure.

it has widespread use in the uk. that's for sure.
Des Essientes 7 | 1,291
9 Aug 2011 #94
"Mousey" is also used in the USA to signify the light brown shade of hair.
isthatu2 4 | 2,704
10 Aug 2011 #95
So its just Canada then Canadian Girl :)
I was going to say maybe its called something else in Canada,like,I dont know, Beaver coloured,but,ahem,maybe Moosey coloured sounds better ;)

ps,yes, here in England its a very common phrase.
olka11 1 | 3
10 Aug 2011 #96
I am from POland andI used to color my hair black ... not anymore... got bored if this color... prefer my natural.. bronze
isthatu2 4 | 2,704
10 Aug 2011 #97
Bronze?????? ***franticaly tries to re translate that,and fails***

edit,actually, I think I get it, in summer my hair is Golden blonde (apparently ;) ) ,its slightly duller in winter so ,yeah,maybe thats "Bronze"? :)
NomadatNet 1 | 457
11 Aug 2011 #98
Whether you paint it or not.. hair is hair.

(however, some of strands in red in a brunette hair will make you be noticed especially under sunshine.)
PolkaZaGranica 2 | 12
11 Aug 2011 #99
In South Africa it's not just girls dyeing their hair black...I'd actually say it's more the guys now. I absolutely hate it when guys dye their hair like that (unless I suppose you're going grey). I don't understand the black hair craze. I really don't - we just call these kinds of people with the black hair, skinny jeans, piercings, dark clothes- emo's (But I suppose you knew that...). However come to think of it- most of the polish girls I know here have dyed their hair black at one stage or another...I guess being "emo" is cool?

Anyway - here's one Polish girl who hasn't dyed her hair black or any other colour for that matter *raises hand* lol :)
BBman - | 344
12 Aug 2011 #100
Polish women don't look good with dyed black hair.

I sometimes think they are trying to look more mediterranean. Unfortunately it's not working out for them. They need to have darker skin to look good with black hair. Sorry ladies.
Sebastian 6 | 108
12 Aug 2011 #101
Yup. But black hair looks good on some of them, but not all. What I can't stand though is when they dye their hair completely red. and when I mean red, I'm talking about that bright red/orange, like a marker. It looks so fake and stupid. Poor fashion sense imo.

Oh, and women with black hair, green eyes and tan skin= the best :)
southern 75 | 7,096
12 Aug 2011 #102
Black dye hair is used by older women in Mediteranean when their hair gets whitened.It is a trick by Polki to enhance their looks this way because it contrasts to very white skin.Or blonde with very tanned skin from solarium.Slavic women manage to appear sexy in every circumstance.I am surprised how they manage to look different each time and every time sexy.
Natasa 1 | 580
12 Aug 2011 #103
Or blonde with very tanned skin from solarium.

Very popular here. Like Hue Hefner's wives, a recipe how to learn fast counting to 100 ;)

The black dyed hair can also be seen, usually among more rural population, and older women. When the Elviras mistresses of the Dark are living in urban areas that usually means trouble for men, as you say- end of hopes. Or among teenagers tormented by adolescence crises, with lost concept of fun in their lives.

Red hair is interesting, yesterday I was sitting with natural red girl, full of freckles, charming, she turned the 'flaw' into the quality that 'payed' back very very well :)

Do Polish girls like to have raid hair, and are there a lot of them with natural red pigmentation?
southern 75 | 7,096
12 Aug 2011 #104
No,Polki are not fans of red hair.Dark red hair is popular in Hungary since it gives a prnstar appearance close to the local mentality.Soft red hair is applied by Austrian women to show their devotion to austrohungarian perversions.It is also popular among Ceske to enhance the slavic white with a ghost look according to Czech magic traditions.Used in Ukraina only by older babuski but Polki prefer the blackened hair cheap look a straight appeal to senses.They enhance the already enhanced.
Natasa 1 | 580
12 Aug 2011 #105
Dark red hair is popular in Hungary since it gives a prnstar appearance close to the local mentality.

I like Hungarian Weltanschauung. I was in Budapest yearly for a decade (for completely wrong reasons, excursions with friends to see KUK scary monuments);). They are displaying same behavior in Vojvodina too.

My mother told me that while Serbian girls in school were still walking around aimlessly following the strict rules, the Hungarian girls were on their bikes riding very fast to corn fields where dates were waiting. Age 13. Period 60s. Location, Vojvodina town.

Very liberal. Typical complaint of Hungarian mother (Vojvodina area): ' I don't have money. I can't buy my daughter a new dress. No dress, no sex (lover, švaler) for my Erszebet' ;)

My mother's childhood memories.

So, back to black hair. If I would be a man I would run after brunettes. They are blond, black and red at the same time, depending on the intensity of light and shades ;)

Although I understand your preference toward blond tanned, and pale dark hair girls.
ZIMMY 6 | 1,601
12 Aug 2011 #106
austrohungarian perversions.

Would you care to elaborate on that?

Oh, and women with black hair, green eyes and tan skin= the best :)

Yes, and maybe with a thin line pencil mustache :)
20 Jun 2013 #107
Polish girls dye their hair black because they are too attractive as blondes and want lower levels of looks and jealousy
28 Jan 2015 #109
I know many polish men I've dated dyed their hair black. One was a professor at univ of Warsaw and he had darker skin, eyes and hair, he said the women went crazy over him for it. They told me that many poles prefer darker features, I am Black and from South America. Many polish men have said to me they like my dark features and body. If the men say that so openly maybe the women become self conscious and start thinking the men will be more attractes to them if they had darker features. Sontheybdye their hair. All women play with hair and makeup aonits no big deal to try and look appealing. Also in sure many of them just like dark hair as well 😊
22 Jun 2016 #110
Im Spaniard and I love blonde women. Here, dark haired woman and considered the common women while Blondes are considered like a princess. In other words, exclusive for high-class men.

This is my experience with two polish women:
1º Dark haired woman: Really rude, tremendously controller and always spoke with loud voice. Nothing!!!!
2º Blonde haired woman: Polite, beautiful and I could resist that face. She stared at me in the face asking for help and I couldnt resist. Not to say, that if she go ahead and try to kiss me I couldnt resist her. Even I would have knelt down in front of her. However, she had a polish boyfriend so I did not try anything and respect her. Even I have her in facebook.
12 Sep 2018 #111
[moved from]

Even the black chicks amd latinos dye their hair blonde and end up looking like duracell batteries

Because no white women dye their hair dark, suntan etc...
Do you give even 5 seconds thought to what you write here?
Atch 17 | 3,427
12 Sep 2018 #112
white women dye their hair dark, suntan etc..

And it's' very common in Poland ironically. Dying the hair jet black is very popular with young Polish women, sunbeds and fake tan are big business. There's a beauty salon in my neighbourhood and the girls who work there range from orange to teak in colour. I'm not joking, they are the colour of a leather bag! Polish people do tend to have sallow skin that tans naturally during summer but they very much like to be brown and make every effort to go as dark as possible.
Crow 146 | 9,109
12 Sep 2018 #113
What was/is hair color of Baba Yaga in Polish myths? Maybe that`s the answer. Maybe Baba Yaga is copied or girls tend to use exactly opposite color then she have. It also depend on mothers. What mothers prefer, to be witches like Baba Yaga or to differ
rumination 2 | 6
15 Sep 2018 #114
The polish woman over in the UK i have met or seen usually dye their hair various shades of blonde thought i think its more likely their darkens as the dye fades then they recolor light blonde again. It's seems very popular even with the older woman i think they considered more exotic and attractive color. I can't blame them most of blonde polish woman i have seen have be absolute stunners it just brightens up their look and they look so natural as blondes its easy to forget they dye it. Its black haired and brunettes that seem to be most likely to go blonde as well. I am a big fan of blondes myself so i really like it but its nice seeing woman with a less bright shade of hair sometimes. I also noticed that polish guys seem oblivious to it unless you actually mention it to them.
johnny reb 28 | 5,291
16 Sep 2018 #115
Dying the hair jet black is very popular with young Polish women

Confucius say, girl who have blonde hair have black hair by cracky.
jon357 66 | 16,977
18 Sep 2018 #116
The handbag doesn't always match the shoes...
Miloslaw 8 | 3,165
18 Sep 2018 #117
This is a dumb UK most girls are not blonde,so blonde is seen as attractive and girls dye hair blonde.
In Poland,blonde hair is common,so black hair is seen as attractive and girls dye hair black.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,718
5 Oct 2018 #118
[moved from]

Neo Natzi Man Hating Wide Bottom Feminists that never smile, have a boys haircut, can't take a compliment

Dont forget the unnaturally andyed hair, numerous piercing, hipster glasses, etc

Thankfully theyre a rare sight in the Slavic world.
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,950
7 Oct 2018 #119
unnaturally andyed hair

Thankfully theyre a rare sight in the Slavic world.

LOL are you blind? When I see a woman with dyed bright red/burgundy hair, she is invariably Polish...
mafketis 24 | 9,361
7 Oct 2018 #120
And very likely to be from Wrocław (supposedly the part of Poland Dirk knows best...)

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