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They seem nice, but could Polish girls be "gold diggers"?

Dirk diggler 9 | 4,714
27 May 2017 #181
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I love polish scammers... They think they're sooo freakin slick...

Especially the young pretty girls who walk around town pretending to not know where they are and ask you for directions, then chat you up and ask you to go for a drink with them at their favorite bar where a friend just happens to be the bartender selling $50 shots of vodka.... Or the hotel receptionist who needs to verify your credit card at 3 am..

The surprising thing is that people fall for this stuff

Anyway ill tell you all a funny story. There were two that always use to do that to unsuspecting tourists from abroad. I played their game with my cousins once to teach em a lesson. The locals knew their gig but apparently the police couldn't really do much about it. Anyway Id pretend to be some guy attending a local conference and didn't know a word of polish. Id walk in their direction (they always stood in a certain corner of the rynek) dressed in a suit speaking english. I overheard one of them say 'him.' and so it began they said they were students from jaggellonian and asked if id want to join them for a drink at their 'favorite bar.' one of the girls spoke half decent English but the other only spoke polish. So Id order shot after shot after shot while texting my cousins keeping them posted on the situation. Then came time to pay the bill I said no problem just add on a beer to settle the stomach down. I think the bartender charged me some $400 for like 8 shots and a few beers. Anyway I excused myself to drain the lizard and out the bathroom window I vanished and into my cousins car parked around the corner. About 30 minutes later the girls are staggering out of the bar totally drunk. My cousins and I pull up in one of those mercedes Vito minivans, put the child lock on, they throw em in the cargo door and i start taking pictures of them and pretending to talk to someone on the other end. Now my polish is suddenly perfect and all they can hear is me saying things like 'no i need 7 thousand for the brunette and 10 for the blonde... I don't care if her teeth aren't perfect get her dentures!... Pakistan? ... Okay well put them on the next outbound crate' of course we released then after about 5 mins. Man they ran for their lives and our stomachs are hurting from laughter lol. I've never seen a girl flat out sprinting in heels except for that day. Well my cousins say they've never seen them hanging out in that corner of the rynek since.

The next day I went to the same bar with my cousins mid afternoon while it was dead and asked for the owner. We told him what his bartender was doing and that their scam is exposed. I offered paid the regular menu price for the drinks ($50 or so), and of course told the bartender and owner off politely. The owner fired the bartender on the spot (although I bet he knew what was going on) and offered us comp meals as well as refunding last nights bill. I insisted id pay the fair menu price though and a couple tyskie for us would suffice. While my cousins wanted to take then up on their offer of free food, I explained wait staff will mess with peoples food they don't like. And so that was that..

I imagine these po and pis scams were more elaborate albeit not as funny. Also evicting old ppl from their homes is just messed up. Apparently this has been occurring in Germany and Sweden quite a bit due to a housing shortage to make room for the migrants.
jon357 67 | 16,918
27 May 2017 #182
and so it began they said they were students from jaggellonian and asked if id want to join them for a drink at their 'favorite bar.' one of the girls spoke half decent English but the other only spoke polish

B drinking is getting to be a real problem here now. Happens a lot in Warsaw.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,714
27 May 2017 #183
Ya its unfortunate. It shows desperation amongst these young girls and I don't think they're like some organized group at least in this case it just seemed to be 3 friends.

There were always pick pockets in busy areas like around the train station but now you really have to be careful with your credit card. Staff working at businesses like bars hotels strip clubs taxi drivers will try to get one over on you if they can. Sometimes the owner doesn't know but sometimes the owner gives his or her blessing to do such activity in exchange for a cut. Not just in Poland but almost anywhere throughout the world its just in different forms. Luckily I've never had credit card charges I didn't make or my identity stolen but I know plenty of people who have and it was a huge hassle fixing everything.

I think its like an ingrained thing in many polish people to be a cwaniaczek. If they can get one over on you and you let them, they'll keep doing it all while pretending to be your friend. But if you call them out on it they'll respect you and not try to pull some bs in the future.

Personally I think it's wrong and very short sighted. You can make plenty of money honestly, ethically and over the long term instead of pulling some stupid crap just to make a bit more today. There's a saying for it 'krotkie nogi' meaning such activities have short legs.
jon357 67 | 16,918
27 May 2017 #184
In Warsaw, it's people, usually girls, trying to get people into strip bars, the kind where drinks are incredibly expensive. They can be very persistent and the bars more often than not belong to seriously dodgy people. One reason that they're so persistent is that they don't get many takers, but if they do, they get a cut of the spend.

They try with anyone, but if someone looks foreign and/or is wearing a suit, they really hassle you and don't want to take no for an answer.

It started in one place, the corner of Nowy Swiat and Chmielna/Foksal, however I've seen them doing it in a few places now, so obviously spreading across town. As far as I know, it's legal unfortunately.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,714
27 May 2017 #185
Yes apparently if the card owner is present in the establishment while charges are being added to their card the police can't really do much. I've heard cases where British guys and other males who are travelling for business would get their credit cards charged to the point of being maxed out over the course of a few hours. Also a lot of people aren't too familiar with the exchange rate so they think a 300 zloty drink is fairly priced.

In Miami this practice was very pervasive and the bar owners would hire pretty Russian girls for the specific purpose of overcharging a customer's card. In the us its fairly easy to get the company to refund your money in such a scenario but apparently in Europe its much more difficult to get the card company to issue a refund.

I know for a fact that the girls get a cut of each drink sold in such places. If they can sell say 1 drink an hour on average and make a $12 cut I could see how polish girls could be enticed to do such work especially if they have few other prospects.
unknownuser1 1 | 5
24 Oct 2017 #186
Are all polish girl's gold diggers?

I know this post is really old and kinda irrelevant now. The OP might even have recovered from all this and who knows might have found true love and be really happy today.

Although here OP was naive to let someone take advantage of him so much. A man who doesn't think from his dick knows what the girl is up to more or less. First of all, OP shouldn't be paying every single penny of her education and living. Tons of college student work at different places to support themselves in college OP could have asked her SO to do the same rather than being a sugar daddy. If you did ask her to and she didn't do it then you ignored a red flag there. Also, if you married her when she had no income and you were the breadwinner and had assets you should have done a prenup. If you didn't do it then it's not anyone else fault but yours. I am not a pole neither am I trying to defend one here but you got burnt because of your own mistakes. Man up and accept it rather than playing the "women!" card.
25 Oct 2017 #187
If you were the one buying the flat in Poland how is it under her name or how did she even get it? Wouldnt it be yours technically from the get go unless you both sign or it was taken with alimony? Perosnally I am finding out about all this stuff and finally stepping into the adult world being all my life in the u.s. on probation or in jail.
22 Mar 2021 #188
Yes in no uncertain terms they are gold diggers, it's sad but I met thousands they sleep around and just want guy with cash and to pretend they queen of sheba. It's pretty pathetic and sad, the worst trait I see is pathological lying this seems to be a normal trait from them unfortunately
JacekthePole 1 | 58
22 Mar 2021 #189
Anyway ill tell you all a funny story.

How we're the cornflakes anyway? You know the ones you woke up with your face in.
Crow 147 | 9,317
22 Mar 2021 #190
What does it matter if they are gold diggers. You dig them, they dig you, all are satisfied. Just don`t be fool to fall in love.

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