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Are the Polish the most suspicious people in Europe?

Lyzko 24 | 6,761
10 Oct 2019 #61
Suspicion of outsiders, in my experience, is most common among tightly homogeneous communities, scarcely limited to the Poles:-)

An incident which happened to me, oh about fifteen odd years ago, was in a Polish bookstore I happened to be visiting in Greenpoint.

I'd been going to specialty foreign language bookshops for years, for various languages, German, French, Swedish in the New York area, but at this particular book dealer (my first time there), the store owner greeted me, in Polish, and I returned the greeting. The gentleman asked if I was looking for something in particular, at which point I responded that I was simply browsing.

It then occurred to me that, although there were other customers in the store, he began to follow me about, as though checking up on me to make certain I wasn't going to steal something. He then called a co-worker on the store phone, and asked them to please come down to the showroom as there was a customer browsing among the books.

Politely of course, I reiterated in Polish that I was merely looking around. Finally, I did in fact make a purchase of a rather expensive dictionary 'Slownik Polszczyzny' (PFN) and bid the owner farewell.

Even though well-attired that day and clearly able to pay for my purchase, the man remained constantly suspicious of my presence in his shop.
pawian 161 | 9,971
10 Oct 2019 #62
he began to follow me about, as though checking up on me to make certain

Anything is possible but in that case I wouldn`t attribute the bookshop owner`s behaviour to Polish suspiciousness. You might have simply reminded him of sb he had met in life and had a problem with. I also feel uneasy when I meet people who look and behave like the ones who bothered me in the past. I think it is natural.
Lyzko 24 | 6,761
10 Oct 2019 #63
Granted, pawian.

However, neither in an exclusively French, German nor Swedish bookseller, first time customer as well, did I ever encounter the
degree of undisguised suspicion which I did in Greenpoint.

Furthermore, in the former three language bookshops, the owner/manager knew immediately that I was neither a native Frenchman,
German nor Swede, yet with never the slightest inkling of wariness which I can recall:-)
Kemsa - | 3
20 Oct 2019 #64
I think poles don't trust anyone
pawian 161 | 9,971
21 Oct 2019 #65
Exactly. E.g., I don`t trust you when you say so. :))
johnny reb 18 | 3,753
21 Oct 2019 #66
Don't trust anything you hear and only half what you see.
Even salt looks like sugar.
Lyzko 24 | 6,761
21 Oct 2019 #67
Erich Honecker "Trust is fine, but control is better."
pawian 161 | 9,971
21 Oct 2019 #68
Sorry, Łyżko - it was one of Stalin`s fav slogans.
Lyzko 24 | 6,761
21 Oct 2019 #69
Where d'you think ol' Parteigenosse Honecker got it from, dude?
pawian 161 | 9,971
21 Oct 2019 #70
Of course, from his favourite master, The Sun of The Nations, the Beloved Leader, Great Stalin himself. :)
Lyzko 24 | 6,761
21 Oct 2019 #71
No doubt. Those East German apparatchiki, Ulbricht, Willi Stopf, Honecker included, were often even more rigid, "linientreu" (hardliners) than
their bosses in Moscow:-) They kissed ass royally just to curry favor, and told 'em it smells like roses!

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