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Is rape so common in Poland?

31 Jan 2021 #91
women want to be treated as equals.

Guys also make poor decisions and get murdered , probably they are in the majority of those murdered every year.

Both sexes fall victim to crime

Women do not always trust neither do they always forgive, ask my wife

I dunno what your obsession is here always trying to point out women are the lesser sex and are subservient to men.

Cannot you just settle with the fact men and women are actually complementary to one another in life, and the best relationships are those where partners treat and respect each other equally.
31 Jan 2021 #92
Guys also make poor decisions and get murdered,

...but not because they are trusting and naive.

I watched thousands of shows like Dateline, 20/20, 48 Hours, Snapped, and Forensic Files so nobody here can match my database. In 90% of cases, the victims were women and girls and always because they were naive, stupid, or reckless. Typical scene: 3 a.m. and drunk. What can possibly go wrong...hmm...

Bottom line: crime happens when stupid meets evil.

Did you tell your daughter to never leave her car, even if it's a cop?

Women do not always

"Do not always" is an argument with zero weight. Even Hitler had his good moments.
johnny reb
31 Jan 2021 #93
Bottom line: there is no legal obligation to step out of the car during a routine traffic stop.

All cops are very creative if they want you out of your car.
All they would have to say is that they smelled marijuana or eyes are not focusing or some other made up bull sht.
And you WILL step out of the car right then and there without being given time to call anyone.
You may win in the courtroom but you will never win out on the street with a cop.
31 Jan 2021 #94
but not because they are trusting and naive.

I have come across plenty of guys who trust in their own egotistical prowess, and in their own naivety have come a cropper.

You cant just say that women are naive, there will always be a woman much smarter fitter and a better shot than you or me.
1 Feb 2021 #95
All they would have to say is that they smelled marijuana or eyes are not focusing or some other made up bull sht.

You are still missing the main point. This is not about you or me. This is about women who are at risk of being raped and murdered. That is why they, women, should never, ever get out of the car when they would be one-on-one with a man - even if it is a cop. Cops rape too or demand special favors for letting women go.

Your point that cops can do whatever they want is bs. I spoke to the Illinois State Police and the local cops three times to verify that what I am told is correct. They gave me exactly the same answers to my question which was:

How can a woman legally protect herself from harm when is she pulled for a routine traffic violation?.

These are the steps those cops - state and local - told me she should take:

1. Keep the doors locked and windows up.
2. Call 911 to verify if it's one of them, not an imposter.
3. If it's one of them, she should show her license through the window and, AT HER DISCRETION, say: I will follow you to the nearest police station.

Her other option is to request a backup squad car to make sure she is not alone.

Would I do all of that?
No, I wouldn't because I am not a cute girl with a vagina.

I have come across plenty of guys

I have zero interest in guys. My interest is only in women because women are victims in the majority of cases. There is a reason why Congress passed the VAWA, not VAMA act, so stop deflecting with "guys" or "my wife".

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