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Is rape so common in Poland?

4 Apr 2011 #61
Is rape so common in Poland?

As a Polish-American, or 'plastic pole' I cannot speak with authority on this issue, but from what I hear in the USA, there is an absolute epidemic of rape in Poland...It is so bad that a decent Polish woman cannot go outside!...Polish men have been caught raping dogs, other domestic animals, even humping trash cans and fireplugs because of their insatiable sexual drive.
5 Apr 2011 #62
The explanation of this problem is given in English Law

Racism! We want explanation in Arabian Law!
5 Apr 2011 #63
It is game with words.What is more dangerous?A penetration by an english punk or an english woman elephant dildo?
5 Apr 2011 #64
Why is it that Southern is always all over the rape threads...
5 Apr 2011 #66
The word "rape" is tossed around much too freely. For instance, comments such as "he raped me with his eyes" etc are epidemic. Yet, some women (feminists) count these types of insinuations as rape and freely plug them into their jaundiced statistics.

There is a type of rape which has been under reported. Female teachers have been getting away with sexual abuse and rape with their students in part because the focus has always been on men. Anyone under 18 years of age, be they male or female is considered raped if someone who has 'authority' over them is also sexual with them.

Here is a partial list;
5 Apr 2011 #67
RAPE is not so much a crime. Humans are basically animals too, and have you heard animal rape another animal? It is called mating, and I think no reason to blow it off so big.

according to science humans are also animals.

Thus if you can justify liveins, if you can justify the modern world and consensual sex without social barriers, if everything else is ok with you in defense of science and that humans are also animals, then there is no reason to say that there is smth called RAPE (is it a man made oppressive word).

I've seen men and women walk or run naked. When there are no such chaos of rape because eventually they allow sex in a very common way. But Im happy that things are gradually changing with media playing a very smart role with soft education, soon which will shape the new generation there.


Once at a time if i said same about liveins or gay love - people would kill me, but look now its celebrated laughed and practiced :).

Culture or religion or moral codes are man-made BS to oppress and it always clash with science which i or any modern Indian girl increasingly worship VISIBLY , if u cannot bear it then stay away but look around and into yourself now many things you must also accept , ur next generation will accept more

Tell me have you ever heard of a bird rape a bird or a deer rape a deer? NO ... why??? because it is called mating not rape. When we claim for science then the term rape will disappear because science and nature have no place of rape in it, this is a social and man made term, nothing else, no roots in nature you can find for it. Go and give a thorough search on it.

the term rape in itself is flawed. it shouldnt even matter if women and men are ok with consensual or induced sex, why the woman have to over react so much when a man induces some sex? its stupid????!!!.

They supress feelings and thus this is the result. Society builds stereotypes, all this to oppress women, why not men get raped in same way? NO - none of mating can be rape ...

5 Apr 2011 #68
u must have spent time inside to come up with this bullshite.
5 Apr 2011 #69
This thread is not appropriate and certainly should not exist.

There is no such thing as violent and frequent or higher number of rapes in Poland compared to others. I always felt that this thread had to be dumped ... but then the moderators are better equipped.
5 Apr 2011 #70
but then the moderators are better equipped.

How do you know?
5 Apr 2011 #72
I have some ideas about some PF members that might possess the superior equipment.
6 Apr 2011 #73
All sex with men is rape.
6 Apr 2011 #74
That's why I prefer to have sex with women.
I am on the safe side, right?
No sex with men. Not at all. I don't want to be an rapists.
19 Apr 2011 #75
A Polish American who believes in rape?
14 Jul 2013 #76
No maybe its the dirty **** guys out there and foreigners! Not all girls act as if they deserve to be raped! Are you of ethnic origin by any chance?
14 Jul 2013 #77
No maybe its the dirty

keep your temper in check. otherwise all your posts will end up in the bin. thank you.
14 Jul 2013 #78
@ rajczykuk the last post is more than 2 years old mate. Why did you feel the need to wake this thread up? Just let this nonsense die.

No maybe its the dirty **** guys out there and foreigners!

Am I wrong to think you're a Polish in the UK ence a foreigner yourself? Way to go perpetuating bigotry and stereotypes.

Not all girls act as if they deserve to be raped!

"Not all"? You're saying some of them deserve it? o_O

I don't know what's creepier, the op's question or your necropost.
14 Jul 2013 #79
1. Yes you are wrong, im not polish, I'm English and of polish decent.
2. As i can see you revel in the fact that you have the opportunity to seem witty and intelligent being the keyboard warrior that you are, however as we all know there are good girls and there are the promiscuous type. No girls deserve to be raped yet some and only some act in a way that provokes the scum that crawl out from dirt to act in such an evil and devious manner. For your information, the reason i am so vocal about this is because my polish fiance was drugged and raped last night, by what the polish people would call a foreigner (A person born in or coming from a country other than one's own) Take a second to think about why someone is angry or in pain. Mate.
14 Jul 2013 #80
I'm very sorry about what happened, would you like to share the nationality of the attacker with us?
14 Jul 2013 #81
as we all know there are good girls and there are the promiscuous type

Says everything we need to know about you.
14 Jul 2013 #82
1. Yes you are wrong, im not polish, I'm English and of polish decent.

It really makes no difference now does it? Or do you see your non-english parents/grandparents/whatever as "dirty scum" too? And what the hell are you doing here anyway, an englishman fighting a holy war for Poland? You sound VERY confused... buddy.

As i can see you revel in the fact that you have the opportunity to seem witty and intelligent being the keyboard warrior that you are

I revel on the "opportunity to seem witty and intelligent"? Why? Because I don't resort to insults or txt talk? Or because I'm not l33t h4x0r? And I'm a "keyboard warrior"? I have like 60 posts... chum.

No girls deserve to be raped

Well good! Too bad it took you a couple of jabs against my person to answer that. You obviously lack focus... pal.

the reason i am so vocal about this is because my polish fiance was drugged and raped last night

Then why the heck would you be in a Polish forum venting?!? Why wouldn't you be comforting her?? Why would an englishman join a Polish forum less than 24 hours after his fiance's rape and lecture us about the dangers of <insert random nationality here>? I'll gladly stop being "witty and intelligent" to tell you this: go and get your head checked... dude.
14 Jul 2013 #83
Says everything we need to know about you.

thank you for the kind words to a person that has just experienced tragedy...
14 Jul 2013 #84
Don't be so silly.
Everything suggests he's another pond-dwelling racist trolling the internet, and in any case why post it on a forum about Poland?
14 Jul 2013 #85
There's just nothing there in your head is there fella. Let me tell you a little something as i can see you just read then write not knowing the full facts. Are you ready smart guy? I came back from Poland just over 2 months ago to earn money to get a home so she can come here and study for which i will be paying for. Got that one kidda? Next fact oh warrior! I have booked a flight but everything is fully booked until tomorrow smart man! got that one?? Also i would not see my grandad as dirty scum because he had morals (nothing to do with the colour of his skin or where he came from) which is more than i can say for some. And wow 60 posts (someone needs a life) i bet that right arms is massive! unless you're left handed.You must be so proud of yourself (or very sad and lonely) Focus has nothing to do with my comments on raping and i certainly don't require any "jabs" from you champ! Do you require focus when replying? i suggest a little more as it seems as though you're really not any good at this. To be honest I'm struggling to answer most of your questions as they really don't make much sense. You certainly sounded on the ball when you began but i feel as though you just think you're clever but actually you're not....Ok i read the rest and to be honest it hurts my eyes,you're dumb and it's really difficult to sound smart against idiocracy. It's probably not your fault and i do feel a little bit sorry for you. I hope you get better soon! Oh and by the way Champ you may have the last word. Its my pleasure :)
14 Jul 2013 #86
go and make your gf a cup of tea or something.
14 Jul 2013 #87
Every word of that smells of bull ****, doesn't it. Especially the very fact that it's being spewed all over here. If there were a grain of truth, the guy would have better things to do.
14 Jul 2013 #89
Hard to see much beauty. Just a troll and they're ten a penny.
31 Jan 2021 #90
Women are victims not because they are physically weaker but because they trust and are always ready to forgive, excuse, and explain away. If you ask them why, the first thing you will hear is "because I love him" - the day after they leave the ER with bruises that cannot be explained with "I fell down the stairs" anymore.

Here is a classic. Old but nothing really has changed.

In October of 1984, at 2 a.m., Angie Samota was raped and stabbed by a stranger who knocked on her door and asked to use the phone and the bathroom. Angie, a 20-year-old double graduate in computer science and engineering, as brilliant as she was, was not smart enough to know that the only proper response to a knock in the dead of night is to dial 911. Instead, the naive do-gooder - unable to say f*uck off - let him in and, within minutes, was raped and stabbed eighteen times; ten through the heart.

Another one:

On October 26, 2014, at 3 a.m., Karla Bruck left a Halloween party with a local guy to get a ride home. Ignoring the biological fact that men, drunk or sober, are always on the prowl when alone with a woman, Karla didn't suspect that this ride would be her last. Predictably, after she was found raped and murdered, her friends would say that she was outgoing, optimistic, and had a"big heart." To my knowledge, no one had suggested that she also had bad parents who never told her that being out there at 3 a.m. - drunk with a bunch of horny a-holes - would be suicidal.

One more:

On June 20, 1996, Aimee Willard leaves a bar at about 1:30 in the morning. Within minutes, she gets bumped. Predictably, her politically correct good manners do not allow her to just hit the gas as soon as she realizes she was bumped by a young male Neegro. Besides, the Rules of the Road manual says not to leave the scene, to pull over and exchange information, doesn't it? So she gets out of the car because that's what the trusting morons normally do. As a reward, she gets raped and murdered. Later, the Neegro gets a death sentence. It is not clear if her parents are proud that she was not a racist.

All that notwithstanding, women want to be treated as equals. Sure. When you demonstrate that you are adults, not children. The scary part is that women can be mothers and vote.

The above examples are what I wrote in the past, hence, no links.

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