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Girl from Poland - how to bring her back

kitten 8 | 65
24 Dec 2006 #31
i m not helpful with legal part of moving from country to country but...

Bombayisgreat - | 2
12 Jun 2008 #32
Sorry just forget to tell you that currently i am in London London and Flying to Warsaw on 16/01/08.
I need good girl friend.
Anybody can help me to find nice bubbly girl.
Kinimod 2 | 8
28 Jun 2008 #33
Sir, what i've learned is to never take advice about relationships.. from anybody. It's all subjective. If you think this is what you want, and your morals are true, then do so. You have to be willing to sacrifice everything for this person. You also have know that it's shared the other way around.
19 Jan 2010 #34
if u are in love with her just merry her in poland and bring her back they have to honor that to make it veryyyy easy just get her prenant, u for sure will not have 1 problem chrisbednarczyk@hotmail

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