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Polish girls vs Ukrainian girls: Who do you think is hotter?

Alx123 - | 180
25 Mar 2010 #121
I don't know who is hotter Ukrainian or Polish. Certainly, on first impressions, it seems that Ukrainians are, but that could be deception because Ukrainians dress a hundred times sluttier than Polish girls, especially in spring and summer, exposing more of their bodies (I once met a girl in a Ukrainian club who was wearing a bra as a top!)

Also, it has been commented before on Polish girls' dodgy taste in men, but this is nothing compared to Ukrainian girls. I remember seeing some pretty girls in one nightclub in Lviv going for these really unfashionable, cheesy-looking horny young Turkish guys who wouldn't have a chance even in Poland.
king polkagamon
25 Mar 2010 #122
Bra as a top is common in Ukraine.I once saw a girl with fishnet blouse with no bra with her nipples protruding from the fishnet.She was also in club in Lvov.But what you see in Kiev exceeds every imagination.Everything out literarilly.
Alx123 - | 180
25 Mar 2010 #123
I have to admit that Poland although interesting is worse playground than CR or Ukraine but if you don\'t mind dating average looking girls it is a heaven.

I agree with that up to a point. But what I didn't like about Ukrainian girls was their transactional mentality ('you do this for me, I do that' etc.) Polish girls are more interested in you as person - your upbringing, your likes/dislikes, hobbies etc., not just how many hot dogs you can buy them. I don't mean to judge all Ukrainian girls - I'm just comparing the girls you meet in clubs.
king polkagamon
25 Mar 2010 #124
Unfortunately I have to assure you that polish girls also care about how many hot dogs you will provide.The difference is that they also want to know how many you are able to provide in the future and that they tend to cheat you instead of keeping the mutual agreement(if you do this for me,I will do this for you) while Czech and Ukrainian girls keep the agreement.(especially Czech).
Alx123 - | 180
25 Mar 2010 #125
This is strange. Perhaps you play a different game to me or you go for a certain type of Polish girl. Or maybe it works differently in Greece. In my experience, it tends to be girls in Warsaw who are more financially demanding. In Krakow, a girl may even end up providing the hot dogs for you if she likes you that much and has the financial means. However, it is interesting that the Polish girls on this forum don't seem to be objecting much to your claims.

It's also my experience that girls in Ukrainian clubs make it very obvious what they expect from you - a place to stay, hot dog, drinks, whatever. They have no problem demanding it in straight forward terms, the same way many girls in Poland would 10 years ago. As I wrote, I really didn't like this primitive, transactional mentality. Occassionally, though, you meet a more decent girl who offers to pay her way or refuses a drink so that you don't think she's a "typical Ukrainian".
king polkagamon
25 Mar 2010 #126
In Ukraine what happens is always beneficial to you.It is hard to explain.I mean whether the girl asks for money or whether she does not ask for money you win.In Poland it is the opposite.You always lose whatever happens.It is the benefit to damage ratio too low in Poland that is why.

So why then go for polish girls?I don\'t know.They just appear when I start the hunting they are simply there and eager to take advantage.
Seanus 15 | 19,706
26 Mar 2010 #127
Why is that, KP? In my experience, Polish girls will happily take your charity and not reciprocate with anything of their own. They are also bad at taking the initiative in almost anything. Sexually, in decision making etc etc.
Tartar 1 | 22
13 Nov 2015 #128
It would involve years of studying the naked bodies of women from both countries to truly answer this question; it sounds an impossible task, but there are a lot of men and a few women that have signed up to answer this question.
Ktos 16 | 440
13 Nov 2015 #129
Western foreigners can only dream on about Polish or Ukrainian girls. The only reason smart Polish or Ukrainian woman would be vaguely interested in the man from the West is because he was rich. There is nothing wrong with that, women want security and at times a Polish men and I'd say Ukrainian men can not offer that, so the women may be inclined to take the opportunity and accept advances from a westerner, but it is not because he is a "better" man, just his pockets offer more financially secure lifestyle, that is all. So whether one is hotter than the other it does not matter, they do not want you westerners, they just need your money for survival and even despite that, those women still reject most western men hahaha, who think get the surprise of their lives hehe.
13 Nov 2015 #130
Western foreigners can only dream on about Polish or Ukrainian girls.

I've got a couple of decades in Poland that prove you 100% wrong.
Tartar 1 | 22
15 Dec 2015 #131
Ktos - I asked around and they like my smile & my waistline :-)
26 Jan 2016 #132
Ukrainian girls are extremely hot. I am traveling to Ukraine time to time because of my work and i'm proving that they are the best. Sometimes i even talking with them on dating sites such as but i didin't find my bride there yet.
26 Jan 2016 #133
Ukrainian girls are extremely

hot, easy, money driven and obscene.
czech_canadian 8 | 32
26 Jan 2016 #134
Czech girls are nicer. If you look at most of the Top Fashion Models from the Central + Eastern European region...Czechs lead the way. There are a few notable Polish girls, but overall Czechs lead this.
26 Jan 2016 #135
Top Fashion Models

Well it's actually wrong example since those models are mostly walking skeletons :)
Wulkan - | 3,243
27 Jan 2016 #136
Sometimes i even talking with them on dating sites such as but i didin't find my bride there yet.

Get your wallet ready and I hope you'll find one.
Ktos 16 | 440
27 Jan 2016 #137
This question has paralysed my mind.

This is the most idiotic thread question I have seen here so far.
Wulkan - | 3,243
27 Jan 2016 #138
This guy is a long gone troll from Greece. He had some mental issues too.
16 Aug 2016 #139
Western foreigners can only dream about Polish and Ukrainian women? I have news for you buddy. There are SO MANY Polish/Ukrainian women dating foreign men.

Also, if you visit all sorts of sites all over the net, you will find that Polish/Ukrainian men are considered the ugliest men in Europe.
28 Apr 2017 #140
Poles are so beautiful. My wife is Polish and for a reason! I dated an Ukrainian, she looked flawless at her photos but in reality not that beautiful.

My wife posted poor pictures but when I saw her first time, I was amazed... I still am. Her body is perfect, she has angel face and curly hair, everybody say she's perfect beauty.

Definitely Polish women!
12 Apr 2019 #141

One thing Ive noticed about Ukrainian ladies in Poland/Warsaw

Is that they really embrace the male patriarchy or hierarchy. Its like they would even fight to keep it in existence and even the Polish girls or women are super feminist compared to them and theyre not even as bad as those in the west particularly the U.S. these days with that metoo movement, feminism, extreme liberalism, etc. being popular there (just listen to Jordan peterson). But theyre bad. Warsaw is basically west now with similar free women talking **** and using men to buy them food literally daily while they spin them around their finger.

Come on admit it anyone foreign youre just they're mule here. Anyway, the Ukrainians are so into finding a man to cook for, do laundry for and its like they want to be a slave or embrace that traditional role. Anyone agree? That 48 yo ukrainian chick I dated a bit and fuked once or twice claims shes like married now. Like she barely met some Polish dude probably just to marry him and she still is doing what she was doing anyway n terms of work. She worked at home crafting clothes and seems to be doing the exact same yet still claims to be married now. That's just one example of how Ukrainians are.
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,138
12 Apr 2019 #142
Why do young women look like trailer trash lately? There is something terribly wrong with women you see at the malls when it's the prostitutes who dress and look well and never wear those stupid pre-ripped jeans. I mean, how would you sell your services looking like you will f*** for food?

No, I never looked for one. I just see them on TV being arrested.
28 Apr 2019 #143
Hard to say. I am Irish and I lived in Kraków twice, for 27 months the first time, followed by 6 months in Gdańsk, 4 months in Kiev, 7 more months in Kraków and I am in Katowice for one month now-I prefer Katowice for work, much higher pay and a lower cost of living as well as less tourists.

I speak Polish reasonably well with a strong Irish accent but okay pronunciation. Unlike in the past when I was living in France Abd Austria, this made no difference when dating. In fact, it probably hindered me. The only place someone speaking Polish well with an accent often mistaken for Ukrainian or Czech can get into a nightclub alone or spark up a random conversation in my experience was in Sopot. I have been refused entry to many nightclubs by ochrona or Young student girls because I was mistaken for a Ukrainian.

My thoughts on this as brief as I can:

-Many Polish women I was attracted to earlier in my 20s were already taken. Many of them married men who cannot even read a simple umowa zlecenia or else they already had a Polish man. Naturally enough, most attractive women are not single.

-Poland has a relatively high divorce rate . I actually prefer women aged 27-36 but even the single women in this group are often not serious about dating. The word for this is often a 'flake' in English-I have up dating ages ago because I have been stood up on dates by Polish women countless times.

-I had a great summer in Kiev. I went there to get a break from the misery of life in Poland where weekends often amounted to me going to Czech Republic(Ostrawa great) or Lwow in Ukraine for some basic human interaction and just to talk to people or even dance with a girl. It was a great holiday and I went around Kiev all summer speaking Polish and German and terrible Russian, never got refused from clubs for being alone, dated two women, hard sex with three women, who I met online or in Karaoke bars. That may sound pathetic but as a man who has spent years in Poland trying to be a productive immigrant and learning enough Polish to seem well integrated, I felt Kiev people, men and women, were more humble, less overly patriotic than in Kraków for example and more genuine.

-Ukrainian women often speak 5-6 languages. I cannot deny I dream of marrying a woman Like that. Some of my best conversations were on dates with duch women in Poland. Sadly the few I dated here were not for me, but unlike all my Polish dates, these remain pleasant memories of positive human interactions.

-I should also add that in Ireland it is abnormal for a Young man to approach women in public except at a club or pub and rejection in Ireland is pretty brutal and pretty abusive at times, even though Irish women are often very fun, smart and witty.

-I do not approach women in Poland anymore as they are almost always taken and it is similar to North Austria-people sit at their little tables and give off this vibe that any man approaching is a patalogia.

-I am pretty much socially inept due to my years in Kraków. I sit down alone for hours in public places when i go out. I go out a lot less now than in the past but twice a month I sit at a bar for 12 or 13 hours, try to drink myself to death and do a little Polish Karaoke then go home at 9 am. Rinse and repeat. That sounds pathetic but I have spent years in Poland Like this and as dating is point less, and clubs refuse single foreign men, its normal behaviour for me cos I prefer to deal with my problems myself than aggressively annoy local people.

-I see much more exotic foreign men harass women on the street even in Katowice. I am not a psycho and I find this sort of thing to be bordering on harassment so it may explain my above behaviour-I almost expect to be accused of something IF I say hello to strangers.

-I came to Poland to learn Polish. I guess I prefer Ukrainian women somewhat but they are hard to meet as well.
29 Apr 2019 #144
Can we see pictures to learn the difference im certain poles are very hottest so far. I definitely would kidnap a pole if the world end
Vlad1234 18 | 1,058
3 May 2019 #145
Ukrainians dress a hundred times sluttier than Polish girls

A Catholic primness.
Strzelec35 36 | 988
3 Jul 2021 #147
maybe the Polish and Ukrainian chicks have a lot more common than people realize or they themselves wanna admit?

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