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Polish Pet Names For Girls.

CoinDran 1 | 1
29 Oct 2008 #1
Hey, My Girlfriend is really hates how american PetNames are so dull unlike the ones in poland. Anyone got a list of names? i know i call her

Motylku all the time xD can someone help a guy out xD.. I was born here so i forgot most of my polish when i started going to school when i was little.
29 Oct 2008 #2
try the regular ones first: żabko, kotku, rybko, kwiatuszku.
plk123 8 | 4,148
29 Oct 2008 #3
cipko. :D
gtd 3 | 639
29 Oct 2008 #4
Don't ever call her this...not even in a joking way. I don't see how anyone could suggest this and think it was funny. Polish girls do NOT take such names lightly even if it is clearly a joke.
OP CoinDran 1 | 1
29 Oct 2008 #5
lol hey im polish and i know not to call her that. i mean i understand polish very well its just i dont normally speak it im always at her place so its nothing but polish. i just need help thinking of a really cute pet name for her. kinda hard since i played the the simple ones out.
krazy krawiec 4 | 27
3 Nov 2008 #6
My boyfriend calls me bombel..... i like it! So sweet! :)
Krakowianka 1 | 243
3 Nov 2008 #7
my husband calls me aniolek... and i love it :)
Sofie 1 | 10
17 Nov 2008 #8
Anybody knows, what gipziara means?
alinka - | 13
24 Nov 2008 #9
It should be "gipsiara", not "gipziara" and definitely never be used to call a woman you like. A pejorative name to call a girl, I guess comes from "gips" = "plaster", which means she is wearing makeup as heavy and thick as a plaster.
skyeyez - | 7
17 Dec 2008 #10
Could somebody translate the words that have been mentioned? Always good to know what my bf is calling me..!;)
Krzysztof 2 | 973
17 Dec 2008 #11
Could somebody translate the words that have been mentioned?

Do you mean those?

try the regular ones first: żabko, kotku, rybko, kwiatuszku.

my husband calls me aniolek... and i love it :)

Well, all of them are diminutive forms, in the Vocative case.
żabko - little frog,
kotku - kitty? (little cat),
rybko - little fish,
kwiatuszku - little flower
aniołku (aniołek is Nominative case) - little angel.

There's also "misiu" (little bear, teddy bear) - I hate it, but I've heard many couples using it.
Pomorzanka - | 28
18 Mar 2009 #13
Myszko - little mouse
Muszko - little fly
Misiaczku -

(little bear, teddy bear)

Kociaku, Kiciusiu, Kicio -

kitty? (little cat)

Króliczku - bunny

and maybe other than small pets:
Cukiereczku - small candy
Stokrotko - daisy
Gwiazdeczko - little star
SzwedwPolsce 11 | 1,595
18 Mar 2009 #14
Hehe... I can't understand that anyone would want to be called liitle frog, fish, fly or mouse.
niejestemcapita 2 | 561
18 Mar 2009 #15
frog, fish, fly or mouse.

Interesting....all tiny things that u could swat or hold in your hand and crush....also slightly revolting. weird.
whyikit 6 | 102
18 Mar 2009 #16
OK probably a stupid question here I know of most of the above but why in the translations above are they all little? I thought there was another word in front to make it little, like moja?
SzwedwPolsce 11 | 1,595
19 Mar 2009 #17
It's the ending of the word that makes it "a little" (for example -ko). In Polish much more things are determined by which ending being used on the word than in English. Moja means "my" (for nouns of feminine gender in the nominative case).

The words above are used as "nicknames". But in normal language if you see a small cat on the street you say "mały kot", in this case the word mały (=small) determines that it's a small cat.
pgtx 30 | 3,156
19 Mar 2009 #18
Polish Pet Names For Girls.

call her 'maleńka'...
dtaylor 9 | 823
19 Mar 2009 #19
just end every name that ends in a, and replace it with ku
dtaylor 9 | 823
19 Mar 2009 #21
why not, its wha i and every polish guy calls them. ewa...ewsku, paulina...paulinku.... agata....agatku.
joland 4 | 86
30 Mar 2009 #22
from ewa actually it goes to ewka

aleksandra goes to ola and not aleksandraku...

can people that are posting BS be banned by the moderators?

i mean, someone can really believe that it is good to call her girlfriend "cipko"
and then she will get offended and will not speak to him anymore...

such stupid jokes are not allright at all
jennlynn - | 3
10 Apr 2009 #23
My ex called me myloda(?)-the young one?
thearchitect - | 1
5 May 2009 #24
I want to be able to call her "my beautiful enigma". Or "My shining star".

Also, I don't speak much Polish yet and don't know how to pronounce any of the words above. Could someone write a few of the phonetically?
McCoy 27 | 1,269
5 May 2009 #25
I want to be able to call her "my beautiful enigma". Or "My shining star".

or morning glory
anubis - | 35
5 May 2009 #26
Compilation of polish pet names for girls by the poet/satirist Andrzej Waligórski:

Kotuś, Pieseczek, Chrabąszczyk, Myszka,
Pchełka, Jagniątko, £asiczka, Liszka,
Chrząszczyk, Motylek, Krówka, Biedronka,
Kureczka, Kózka, Wróbelek, Stonka,
Jeżyk, Słowiczek, Słoniczka, Muszka,
Miś, Karaluszek, Świerszczyk, Papużka,
Pszczółka, Jabłuszko, Agrest, Malinka,
Jagódka, Gruszka, Śliwka, Jeżynka,
Różyczka, Bratek, Goździk, Lilijka,
Chaber, Stokrotka, Bzik, Konwalijka,
Burak, Buraczek, Groszek, Marchewka,
Seler, Pietruszka, Por i Brukiewka,
Dzionek, Dzioneczek, Gwiazda, Gwiazdeczka,
Słonko, Słoneczko, Drożynka Mleczna,
Psipsia, Kruszynka i jeszcze parę
- to są imiona Mojej Starej.
sadieann 2 | 205
5 May 2009 #28
My Polish husband refers to our daughter as "moya myszka," and in english my pet name is baby or sunshine. Interesting, that he doesn't have a polish nick name for me? He believes that this is the most endearing. I'm curious- he seems to and I've seen his family use his name in different ways and end his name with (tius), women's names seem to end in "ao". My name is unique and it doesn't translate in Polish. This is also, interesting because in US, your name is your name-no translation. For name day-my children have requested a polish calendar which translates their name. I like the fact, that this website shows this at top of page. It was funny last night my son got a new hat (it looks like a hunting,long straps around ears,from his dad) and my husband was calling him Andruszka. So, I have no polish pet name and my name doesn't translate in Polish? Whatever, one calls you close to you is special.
angelika04 - | 4
13 May 2009 #29
Hehe... I can't understand that anyone would want to be called liitle frog, fish, fly or mouse.

It sounds very weird translated into English but in Polish it actually sounds very cute.

Hehe one of my friends even calls me "robaczku" which means litle worm, and as weird and insulting as that sounds in English, it sounds cute in Polish.

On the other hand if you were to translate the English way of saying "Hunny" to your gf or bf ... that would sound very weird in Polish
hdmiman 2 | 12
14 Jun 2009 #30
What does cipko mean in english?
I understand now it's an offense, but I can't find it in my dictionary or in google translation D:

Please explain to me, and I agree that if someone asks something seriously like a petname, is too abusive to post a bad word that may actually offend someone.

I hope you answer.

My best regards to everyone truly helping people like me :D

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