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Why Polish girl is very easy to approach and be in relationship?

9 Jun 2016 #61
They love it because it makes up for what they don't get at home.
Strzelec35 26 | 848
10 May 2022 #62
I dont know what it is but I just feel uncomfortable in Poland approaching or hitting on women. I even feel uncomfortable sitting near one on the bench and this is normal in Poland where people sit on opposite sides on a bench of when I do I do it so unsmoothly and ask for permission unlike local polish people in say Warsaw where Im at. I just feel weird here. In other countries its easy or natural for me to talk to women or hit on them but this could be due to being new or excited there and not sure if it would last either. the marazm or down comes back or lack of motivation to try possibly but it could be Poland and their coldness. For instance just now I felt so uncomfortable sitting next to this redhead woman who i thought was good looking and she was middle aged or older and i couldn't utter anything to her and ive done this so many times in Malta which is weird. In Malta I met this Lithuanian woman who looked similar to her was also a redhead and just by walking near her is tarted commenting on the weather. I can never do this in Poland or at least anymore and in fact females do it more than i to them thats how bad it is thats how bad i am doing in this culture or around the people.
Strzelec35 26 | 848
10 May 2022 #63
WHen it comes to the opposite sex or women even mature women here it seems in poland they wont make eye contact and are constantly busy which makes it impossible to me to try with my personality. I always deep down need permission or have to feel she wants me to try.

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